The Mummy (2017) – Nostalgia Critic

The Angry Video Game Nerd joins Nostalgia Critic in looking at one of the most botched horror remakes. Monster Madness continues!

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  1. This movie got it’s mythology wrong, Set isnt the god of death, it’s Anubis!

  2. I love the fake out at the end. You automatically think it’s going to be Ghost in the Shell (2017), but it turns out to be Dragonball Evolution.

  3. Remember Dracula untold or I, Frankentein? Yeah… those happened too.

  4. The Angry Video Game Nerd seemed weirdly calm in this. He’s usually more profane. I do love how you’re going to review “Dragonball Evolution”. Is it going to be a crossover? Well, it was already reviewed here as a crossover before. Hope it’s not like Sailor Moon.

  5. Yeah it was a mess, still hope they make the rest though.

    Actually I just realized their biggest mistake; of the classic monsters, Dracula should be the most powerfull one. He’s immortal, he uses hypnosis, he can transform etc. but here, “What can’t the Mummy do?” is a genuine question. Even the Brendan Frasiar version mitigated the Mummy’s power by making him scared of cats.

    So, they either have to stick to Dracula’s usual powers/weaknesses or make Dracula rediculous just to outdo the mummy.

    Or, 3rd option, the Wolfman can controll all dogs and can acually move the Earth itself so the Full Moon happens more often and he summons Cerebus, and Frankenstein is a cross between a necromancer and Thor and the creature from the black lagoon can control water or something.

    In horror, it’s good to downplay the fantastic elements. They should be there, of course, but downplay them. Godzilla is not scary, Godzilla is too big, to distant, he doesn’t attack YOU, he attacks cities. Velociraptors are way scarier than godzilla.

    • In fact, a lot of the powers the Mummy displays in this movie probably would’ve worked a lot better with Dracula. Creating and controlling storms, making people hallucinate, weird-ass telepathy, being on speaking terms with what is essentially Satan, speaking English fluently…. those are all already things Dracula has always been canonically able to do, all the way back to Stoker.

      One could possibly even make a case for the thing with the bugs. Orlok (who is Dracula) could control rats in Nosferatu, which is… kinda similar-ish (I never said it was a /good/ case).

  6. And here I was thinking the end would be deathnote… but that’s not on DVD.

  7. (4:54) Wait… wait… wait… I’m gonna stop you right there, movie. Did you just say “Set… the god of death”? Set? THE GOD OF DEATH? I was gonna try to at least give you the benefit of the doubt until the story actually started, but now you’ve gone and made it personal. Set IS NOT the god of death! Set is the god of the desert, chaos, storms, and scary foreigners. OSIRIS is the god of death, and he’s ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS! Probably one of them most revered gods in the entire Egyptian pantheon. Actually, the Egyptians had ten or more different gods who ruled over death in some context or other (they were kinda weirdly preoccupied with death), and NONE OF THEM WERE SET!

    You’re actually making The Mummy Returns’s garbled version of Egyptian mythology look ACCURATE in comparison. Sure, they incorrectly portrayed Anubis as a villain because our modern Christianized Western society can’t wrap its tiny little collective consciousness around the idea that a religion can exist without having a clear Satan-analogue and thus has a habit of trying to force death and/or trickster gods into that role for no good reason, but at least they knew what he was the frigging god of. Anubis ACTUALLY IS a god of death, SPECIFICALLY DEALING WITH MUMMIES. Just fricking say “Anubis”. You’d still be wrong, and stupid, but at least I’d know you cared enough to just check Wiki-fucking-pedia, you incondite blowmongers. Bad movie! No treat!

    Got that? Very well, you may continue.

  8. Honore de Ballsack

    Glam rock was the ’70s, not the ’80s.

  9. I’m sorry, but screw the army. It is over-glorified in itself in so much media. I know this is an American thing to fully respect the army and all it represents but it is overly done and becomes problematic.

    Also yeah, a fair representation of Army guys are horny bastards, I’ve even been told my military peeps that it is Illegal for a single man from the army to go to any districts where married army men are, in fear they will fuck their wives.

    Also there were always problems, sparrs and trouble when military guys returned home in pups and bars, generally causing fights and trying to get other peoples women. Places where military bases are, are typically described as scummy. Hell, even know an ex canadian airforce who informed that part of the problem is that the lowest educated denominators are the most recruited in countries like America. So yeah actually, horny disobedient scum are also typically found in the army.

  10. At the end there, I REALLY thought they were going to do Death Note. That’d be great to see him rip apart the movie that attempted to destroy such a great anime.

  11. Wait wait wait, are you fucking kidding me the movie talks about the Egyptian gods but the writers clearly don’t know what they’re talking about. Set is the god of Chaos not death, if they want the god of death, except its not death its the dead (as in mummification and the afterlife) they would need to use Anubis. God of Death does not mean evil, why do writers automatically assume that death means evil, death is a part of life there’s nothing evil about it. I really don’t know why they couldn’t just say Set is the god of chaos

  12. AVGN won’t review the new GB, but a garbage remake of The Mummy he’s fine with. Oh if he weren’t so damn charming…

    Don’t @ me.

  13. little rascals review please

  14. Creamcheesealchemist

    Watching this review, I can’t help but think of this mummy being a crappy version of the Gargoyles episode “grief” where the villains were trying to channel Anubis

  15. That picture of Freddy menacing that girl… where is it from and why don’t I know? I don’t recognise it (or her) from any of the movies; is it the TV series? Have I lost my touch?

    (It’s clearly not the remake – look at the glove.)

  16. Very nice
    This movie is not horrible its just nothing special
    I am surprised that there is no FapArt of the Mummy

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