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It’s high swinging adventure, but does the Brendan Fraser hit hold up after all these years? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at The Mummy.

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  1. Hey what the hell, I though you would rip the Top Cruise one apart not the actually fun 1999 remake.

  2. Honestly, it’s late 90’s CGI. Did you really expect Return of the King or Avatar?

  3. The 1999 movie is a classic indeed, for modern day audiences. I’m sure the ole’ b&w movie and Hammer movie are classics too. But c’mon, Brendan Fraser made the Mummy movies, even that 3rd one with “Chinese mummies.” As an Asian, even I find that too hard of a stretch.

    But holy shit, you’re going to do the 2017 movie? And with AVGN!? On Halloween!?!?!? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS!!!!

  4. Who was the bald guy with the beard? He’s in damn near everything! This, Mr. Deeds, Daredevil, Planet of the Apes…

  5. Honestly, when I watched the 1999 The Mummy, I was very young; only about 10-12-years-old. I, personally, found it scary. And I hated it, because Benny dies in the end (and he was my favorite character). Looking at it today…I STILL find it scary; guess I just get more easily scared, even by “bad effects”. But, honestly, I think it’s fine. Nothing amazing, but it’s fun.

    And yay! It’s James Rolfe (AKA The Angry Video Game Nerd). I love it when these two old buddies do reviews together.

  6. That was one of the funniest reviews I’ve seen in a while and was the kind of review I’d hope would be! I see most of the problems Doug had with it, but I still love Brendan Fraser and the film itself for its pulp adventure goodness and as a personal favorite that I grew up with. I love the Boris Karloff version as well, as a classic horror masterpiece and am looking forward to watching both for Halloween. Also looking forward to seeing your review next week, which should be a lot of fun. I definitely agree, the Tom Cruise version is pretty awful.

  7. “The good ones have already been talked to death”

    oh so the new one wasn’t? It’s been talked to death and considered one of the year’s worst films. a bad universe starter instead of an actual movie. I enjoyed it for what it was, but come on. You can’t say the others have been talked to death and not have some kind of irony in saying “the new one needs to be talked about more!”

    like, no it doesn’t.

  8. I actually enjoy the first two, didn’t bother with the third one. They feel like somewhat goofier Indiana Jones films, which is fine by me. And the giant face in the sand storm has become pretty iconic, so much so that it seems they even aped it for the recent remake.

  9. @-7:55

    Aw man! I was hoping he would make this joke.

  10. Doug, stop saying the word “you know”. I’m not against anything, it just that you keep saying as I if I know what you’re talking about. You use that in every video and it annoying for me. There some things I don’t know or sometime you keep come saying or talking about older shows or movies that I might never get a chance to see. That all I’m asking please.
    Kenneth Stoddard.

  11. The sand thing? We could have got a lot of wacky films like this of the same director, if Van Helsing hadn’t plumbered.
    It’s very unfair that this movie succeded and Van Helsing didn’t. They have the same style and tone!

    • This movie was silly fun. Van Helsing was a big ol pile of disappointing shit.

    • I actually enjoyed Van Helsing when I saw it, admittedly I haven’t seen it in years, but I think the problem with that movie and why it’s not a good comparison to this is the fact that while The Mummy is campy and fun it never takes itself too seriously it knows what it is. Van Helsing on the other hand had its moments of camp but on the whole it took itself way too seriously. So style yes but in tone they differ greatly.

  12. Soooooo half of the review is critic against 90’s CGI being kinda outdated ? Well… yeah. That’s it ? That’s… very interesting… I guess ?
    Kurt Russel in a movie about egypt ? Stargate wasn’t enough ?

    • Well.. because there is a reason for that. General rule is if you can’t make it better practically then use CGI. And most CGI in 90’ties ignore it what make it outdated even back then (and broadly criticized like in case of Star Wars).

      Also that is why no one mention CGI in Jurassic Park what was in fact decent or flash effects which despite bad look couldn’t be better at the time.


  14. So in essence, “blah blah blah I like a fake looking costume more than fake looking CGI, blah blah blah I don’t like Brendan Fraser.”

  15. This is a very good video, but doing the Boris Karloff movie for an entire episode would have been amazing.

  16. Awesome review. I’m addticed to your vids

  17. Tamara hasn’t seen a black and white movie.

  18. Loved that movie and i love those tombstones

  19. I didn’t even KNOW that there was a 30’s Mummy movie. O.O Also, next Tuesday WOULD still be October.

  20. Honestly, I think this was a weak review. Yes. We get it. The CGI doesn’t hold up. Repeating it over a dozen times doesn’t make the joke funnier. And yes, you dont like Brendan Fraser. Again, no need to repeat that constantly.
    I dont know if its that you couldn’t think of more material, or just laziness. Either way, I’m disappointed in the lack of creativity with the review.
    I hope we get more effort in the upcoming review.

  21. Those effects were groundbreaking and half the time those “actually there” mummies are cg.

    Also, everybody shitted an eiffel tower over the new mummy, but there’s close to no videos about the old one. First I was excited, and second time I was excited. But you tricked me twice. Shame on me.

  22. I’d actually like to hear your thoughts on the 1932 film. Next to Claude Raines’s Phantom, it’s my favorite of the Universal Monsters.

  23. The implication you were going to do a clipless review of a 1930s movie really chafes me something fierce.

  24. There is an even older “The Mummy” than the 1932 one, the 1911 short silent film made by the Thanhouser Company.

  25. Critic? I’m having problems withe the audio repeatedly cutting out at random points and i can’t skip to any point in the video after reloading. its happened before on your videos but i can’t find a way o report the issue. i just want to let you know in case you’re not aware. thank you for the videos, i really enjoy them 🙂

  26. I do feel like even as a adventure movie, you still get the same feel and vibe that you got watching the Boris Karloff Mummy movie, than you would watching the Tom Cruise Mummy movie.

    The Tom Cruise one was way more modernized to really give you a sense it was respecting the 1930s source material, and putting it in a modern day setting kinda threw off the original plot and storyline because they come up with new ways to figure out how The Mummy got from Point A to Point B so to speak.

    I think the fact that setting Brandon Fraiser’s Mummy in the 1920 gave it a huge advantage for older generation “The Mummy” fans in my opinion.

  27. Once again, you manage to put a smile on my face when I needed one. Thank you so much. 🙂

  28. Egyptian is not a language. They speak Arabic

  29. Honestly, I would’ve liked to see a review of the black and white movie

  30. Aw man, The Mummy trilogy was some of my favorite movies as a kid 🙁

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