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It’s high swinging adventure, but does the Brendan Fraser hit hold up after all these years? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at The Mummy.

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  1. The 1990 remake is a fun movie to watch. The movie doesn’t compare to the 1932 original.

  2. I would’ve voted for the Boris Karloff one. I want Doug to review it and other old movies I grew up watching so badly.

    And personally I would’ve gone with a Dr. Bombay (Bewitched) reference over The Rescue Rangers. But I’m weird like that.

    Also I disagree with AVGN, you can never have enough reviews of classic movies with awesome people like Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Sr, Lon Chaney Jr, and of course Vincent Price.

  3. A review of the original one COULD be interesting…

    But this is probably still the funnier of the possible “Mummy” reviews

  4. I think we have to put the Boris Karloff movie on the Tamara’s Never Seen to do list

  5. Quick poll… Anyone else feel Doug should just stop and retire the critic except for cameo and special crossover reviews? I mean he use to have a point to his bickering and much better humor when he started. Even the quality of his reviews were amazing compared to now. It’s like he’s reviewed all his childhood favorites and nothing is left for him to like. Just more bickering and stupid overused jokes and gestures. I know he’s been doing this awhile but it’s no excuse how poorly it has gotten lately. AVGN has been doing this awhile as well but his stuff is still the same quality it was when he first started. His character has stayed true to what James Rolfe established since his first episode. Doug however has changed Nostalgia Critic into a complaining basket case. Like all he does is complain now. I just feel some people should know when to retire a dying character is all… maybe he still has enough fans to stay around, but Doug should really move on and have an ending strategy.

  6. -This is a really god movie the second one was good but they did made mistakes like giving them a son and the third one the villain and Brendan Fraser were really good in it
    -Critic listen i do wanna see what you have to say about this movie but do make a video about the original that you are talking about i am interested
    -The Mummy is cool
    -The Princess is so beautiful

  7. Dang, I felt for sure the stinger would be “Very slowly”! You used it so many times! This movie is just okay. The sequels are easily worse. Hmm, maybe you’ll do them sometime. Nope, the next review won’t be on Halloween.

  8. It’s slightly hypocritical to scold people for not remembering the actual original Mummy, and then proceed to completely disregard the fact that 1999 Mummy is pretty much a straightforward pastiche of adventure movies in the 60s, which outright explains a vast majority of its “flaws”…

  9. What’s with the Swan Lake ballet music as Rotbart taunting Princess Odette as she turns into a swan at dawn? Is that a reference to its (As in P.I. Tchaikovsky’s ballet score) use as a opening credits prelude or overture to the very first Dracula film in 1931?

  10. And how dare you mention just released Assassin’s Creed: Origins? Just for the saturated CGI heck of it I guess.

  11. I loved this version, but I knew as I was watching it that it was a bit silly. This was a fair review.

    Next week’s reveal is fun (and I wonder if it will reference AVGN’s recent Polybius review where he apparently both lost his mind and disappeared from Earth itself in canon) but what’s even more exciting is that it will almost certainly be followed by another commercials special. I can’t wait.

  12. I think the movie is a great dumb fun adventure that never gets old, does it have some problems yeah sure of course but it never ruins my enjoyment of it. ALSO BRENDAN FRASER IS A GOD AND IS A TREASURE TO LIFE AND NEEDS ALL OUR LOVE. I also can’t believe I beat Senpai Critic to the punch with this review so I can officially use the Simpsons meme for me so JUNIOR DID IT JUNIOR DID IT XD XD check out what I had to say aboot this movie!!! Please I’ll lead you the real hamunaptra

    • I think that your review was more inline with the general opinion that movie is dumb fun entertaining action movie and is not supposed to be a scary or serious movie also yes, BRENDAN FRASER IS NATIONAL TREASURE AND NEEDS ALL OUR LOVE IN HIS TIME OF CRISIS

  13. I just realized that this version of Imhotep has basically the same origin story as the Arrowverse version of Vandal Savage

  14. Personally, I’d like to see where you were going with the 1930’s skit. Why, yes! I AM far behind on these videos!

  15. oh come on, this was the perfect opportunity to bring back the good old CAAAAAAT!!!!!

  16. Come now. “Messing with priceless corpses” indeed. in the 19th century mummys were so abundant that they were bought, sold, violently unravelled for show and burned as kindling. That one looks as though it has been through the proses. there was no, NO, such thing as a priseless mummy, unless it had a famous name to it.
    otherwise nice one!

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