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Tamara is ready to be transported to a magical land by The NeverEnding Story. Does this movie hold up as well as everyone thinks? Will Tamara like it? Find out now!

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    {Insert Joke about False Advertising because of the ending}

    The egg thing: probably got the idea from Rocky.

    You know what they should have done? Had “The Nothing” end up being a giant octopus-headed dragon man arising from the bottom of the ocean to devour everything. That would have been awesome!

    Bastion is a terrible name for a kid.

    He should just be glad that he didn’t fall over, burn down, and THEN sink into the swamp.

    No, pet turtles must ALWAYS be named after important Renaissance artists. Cowabunga!

    Didn’t Falcor also sing “Amadeus”?

    Falcor may wink a lot. Ah, but does he whip his hair with a cool hair whip sound effect?

  2. RestlessVagabond

    He yells “Moon Child.” That was his mother’s name. Which isn’t all that weird when you consider Bastian’s full name is Bastian Balthazar Bux.

  3. Yep, I’ve never seen The NeverEnding Story either. However, as a kid, I watched the heck out of the HBO show. ? Also, you should totally do Spirited Away next. Such a good movie and it would finally be one that I’ve seen. ?

  4. Loved this movie as a child, but just like The Goonies, this doesn’t hold up well when rewatching it as an adult.
    I do like the concept of “nothing” as the big bad and some of the effects are still impressive, but the (child) actors and script let the movie down.
    And probably a good idea to avoid the sequels altogether…

  5. This is a wonderful movie to watch as a kid, and I think it holds up pretty well. However. it will never have the same magic for those watching it as an adult for the first time as it did for us watching it when we were young.

    It’s like when I saw the Harry Potter movies. They came after my time, so I never had that experience with Harry Potter books as a kid and so the movies to me are nothing special.

  6. I did see this one as a kid, and yeah, it kind of terrified me, but in a good way. The fact that it wasn’t completely kiddie friendly, with sometimes dark and disturbing imagery made it seem all the more real to me.

    I think the part that freaked me out the most is when Atreyu walks up to that dead knight who had been previously fried by the sentinels, and his visor blows open revealing his horrifyingly charred skull. Yeah that one stuck with me for awhile.

  7. You think Bastian is bad as a hero in this story Tamara, wait until you see The Neverending Story 2 and 3.

  8. I think another reviewer on this site mentioned it, but the Empress is played by Thora Birch who went on to some interesting and acclaimed films like Ghost World and American Beauty, but also some clunkers like Dungeons and Dragons.

  9. That movie probably didn’t age well (and its follow ups sucked even back then).
    Also: The original author of the book HATED that movie…

    After all, back then we didn’t have game of thrones like shows to measure the few fantasy we had by. But Falcor is eternally cool.

  10. ‘The story and acting aren’t so great…’

    Maybe you should read the book. The acting’s much better in that.

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