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  1. I usually don’t watch Cinema Snob stuff but it’s Oogieloves. I HAVE to see this crap. LOL. Wait, do you think So You Think You Can Dance is bad? I think this movie should have won instead of Breaking Dawn, ESPECIALLY after seeing this review.

  2. I actually checked the time on the video and realized it was only 1/3 done and they hadn’t gotten the 1st balloon yet.

    Why doesn’t Toofie just get suspenders if he dislikes belts so much? Or maybe better fitting pants?

    Why do they need to meet Milky Marvin? They are just looking for the balloon. It’s not like they need his help to retrieve it. Why do they even stick after they found it? They can just take it and leave.

    Does the singer regular instrumentalists? Does she always rely whoever is around and just hope they know how to play the song she wants to sing?

    Do they really need all 5 balloons? It seems like they could have made do with 3 and ended the movie early. Or 0 for that matter. The balloons are completely superfluous. They hold so little plot significance they aren’t even a McGuffin.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Foofie toofie buy a god Dam belt for your pants….
    That was a great episode snob loved every joke you made about the movie being horrible and now that this is out of the way will next weeks Christian movie be none other than WAR ROOM cause for that I’m gonna make my room into a WAR ROOM where I pray to Jesus every night XD!!!!?

  4. This movie was just a paycheck for the actors they got to be in it.

  5. 2012?

    I don’t care, Toni Braxton is still looking hot.

    Otherwise, damn this is some pandering kids movie trash!

  6. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    I can’t believe Twilight won over this at the Razzie Awards for worst picture. Then again those same awards gave Rambo Part 2 Worst Picture.

  7. lilith_ascennding


  8. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Cloris Leachman? A fucking OSCAR WINNER is in this AND in Scout’s Guide to the Apocalypse? Good God, please tell me she did these movies as favors for friends and not because she needed the money, because that would just be too sad!
    Also, the talking pillow reminds me of Towely from South Park.

  9. I saw Cary Elwes and a part of my soul died. Why Westley why?

  10. Oh god, its as bad as Jake used to bitch about and more! :O

    No wonder this was a box office fail opening day.

  11. I knew you were going to do a full review of this movie some day with how much you talked about it after seeing it. I knew it was going to be absolutely horrible from what you said, so I got myself a can of rum and cola to prepare myself for this. That’s probably the only thing that made me tolerate the small fraction of the movie used in this review, so I really, really, REALLY pity you for having to watch the entirety of this film completely sober!

  12. Can anyone tell me what the movie poster on the left of the screen is behind Brad’s head?

  13. Did Cary Elwes get work done on his face?

  14. The only thing this review was missing was a joke where the Cinema Snob saw the Oogieloves dancing and said even if he liked their movie and it’s musicals, wasn’t allowed to get up and dance after his last naked romp through town… you know reference to Nudist Colony of the dead and all.

    Seriously I had a story once that made fun of pandering kids crap films that would only entertain your kids that somehow was less condescending and terrible then this malarky. How the fuck is that possible? But still great review as honestly next to that Winnie the Pooh safety for strangers thing from DVD-R Hell this gave Brad a buttload of material to work with in every scene.

  15. Thank you so much, Brad, for finally giving us a Snob review of Oogieloves. This has been the three years worth of waiting.

    I was thankful enough NOT to see this movie, because it wasn’t playing in the theater in my home town, AND I never was, nor would I ever be, interested in sitting through a movie called “Oogieloves.”

    The only plus I can give this movie is that the titled characters in this film don’t look as ugly as those in The Garbage Pail Kids Movie, but Goofie Toofie drops his pants more than Nat Nerd pisses himself.

    6:05- I’d rather see the movie J. Edgar, because I’m sure it’s somewhat better than this.

    Jubilee looks like Hilary Duff’s less talented relative.

    16:08- This is the worst song in the movie Chicago.

    17:47- Nice job, movie, on ripping off the scene from The Simpsons where Homer thinks about dreaming about eating a big sandwich.

    19:34- FUCKIN’ BUBBLES!

    At least Christopher Lloyd made up for this movie by making a cameo in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. …But he ALSO made a cameo as Doc Brown in A Million Ways to (Fuck Up) in the West. Great Scott, indeed.

    This whole movie to me looks like a failed pilot to a Nick Jr. series. Also, I’m as surprised as you are about the IMDB thing. WHAT THE FUCK, IMDB USERS!? I wouldn’t recommend this movie to my mother, whom BTW is a special ed teacher.

  16. Nnngh Ohhh nyoooo! Deez r deh wrong ballooonz! D:

    Oh man, what is even with this incoherent thing and why did it get a theatrical release?! Sure, Teletubbies, Booh Bah and Yo Gabba Gabba are massively trippy, but they have legitimate education value, generally. This is just a big “WHY EVEN?” to every aspect of what’s happening.

  17. I’m an Anime Abandon watcher, this was an endurance test for me.

  18. What the…it’s like the result of The Teletubbies, Tweenies, Zingzillas and Boobas all getting together to do unspeakable acts while on illicit substances….in Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse…on Sesame Street…so wrong!

    I really don’t like these shows where they talk to the audience; feels cult-ish. Also the boys sound suspiciously like women. And what’s with all the weird stuff that shouldn’t really be in a kid’s film like sleazy music ques and rear shaking?

    Y’know, those doughy, round faces could almost be cute…except for the eyes hungrily look for your soul. Kind of off putting

    Is it me or is Mr Snob, I dunno, not enjoying himself? Just guessing πŸ™‚ Can’t say I blame him for not enjoying himself…

    4:33 or they’re attempting ballet

    15:40 BEST. LINE. EVER!!

    18:54 NOOOOOOOOO!!!! Why, world, why??!?!? Between this, Ella Enchanted, Georgia Rules, Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book and that failed Wonder Woman pilot, it’s like the world is punishing me for liking Westley when I was 7. And now, with my heart and dreams of youth officially dashed, I will now crawl into a corner and cry over my copy of the Princess Bride, knowing this is all that’s left of what was stolen from me.
    Excuse me

    But in conjunction to the question on whether to review this film or some awful movie of religious intent, why not review both: ever heard of Psalty the Singing Psalm Book or Colby’s Club House?

    Great review; And I feel better now; at least I still have Mandy Patinkin…(watch Squanto; A Warriors Tale and death episode in Criminal Minds)
    There is no joy in the world πŸ™

  19. Shouldn’t Jubilee be helping the X-Men?

  20. please review Cherry Bomb

  21. Well I found out what happens when you have sex with a love pillow.

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