The Proud Family Movie – Disneycember

It’s a strange time to be had with the Proud Family. Crazy adventures, big surprises, and lots and LOTS of weirdness. Doug takes a look.

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  1. I love this movie. As for accuracy to the series…it’s hard to say. Even though the word has a negative connotation nowadays, I would call The Proud Family an animated sitcom. But…several episodes had their own crazy shit going on. In one episode, the grandmother’s sister showed up…and she’s a psychic…with real powers. Weatherman Al Roker is a Faustian deal maker in several episodes. There’s an episode where a character sends their grandfather to a retirement home, and it turns out the retirement home is essentially a prison camp where old people are forced to harvest okra… daring escapes and car chases ensue.

    Yeah…it got kinda nuts

    • Cinnamon Scudworth

      I believe there’s one where Penny downloads a CD and the next day her favorite artist is broke and out of work. That was the most far-fetched one of all!

  2. The show was not quite this odd. It was odd but this movie took its weirdness and cranked it up to 11. Although, that’s fitting since movies based on something are supposed to be bigger but still true to the source material.

  3. It’s… more or less faithful to the show. I’d say it’s basically the show but with the craziest and weirdest plot of all. Other episodes had magical or sci fi elements just kind of show up. So it’s not like this one having “Peanut” people breaks the realism of the show.

    From the start the show was one that did whatever it wanted to tell what story it wanted. If that required magic, time travel, or deals with demon like being then that is what it did.

  4. A few facts he didn’t mention.

    1) This cartoon made by the same guy who did Bebe’s Kids and likewise worked on The Princess and The Frog: Bruce W. Smith. Doug had reviewed Bebe’s Kids a long time ago so checked that out.

    2) This was actually the finale of the TV series itself. Kinda fitting he’d see this and it be the tail end of the series XD.

    Seriously though Doug, you ever get the chance, check out the series. It’s more or less an animated Family Matters (er.. the later season minus Urkel) to me. I wasn’t quite keen on the animation (especially in the first season) and designs. But it’s fairly charming in it’s own right.

  5. I’ve heard of this show. Never watched it, though. Hey, that rhymes! It seems good. I don’t remember that Disney afternoon joke. I had no idea it would be this wacky.

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