The Real Chipmunks Movie Music Video

From the review of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

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  1. I never realized it on first watching, but, dude, one of the girls in the video… the one with the pigtails… it almost looks like you miss Lindsey so much, you made up an attempt at a double. Not bashing, but, I even asked my GF, and she agreed that, yes, she looks like she could have been an attempt at a Nostalgia Chick stunt double or something.

  2. It’s funny. I never seen the original 80’s movie but I LOVED the first live action movie so much as a kid that I found the sequence that this is based off of on Youtube and sang that right along with the live action songs. So I kind of got the best of both worlds. The sequels I didn’t even try seeing though.

  3. Been trying to work out for a while now what I find so grotesque about the new Chipmunks movies. Think I finally got it; The notion that you can take a kid’s cartoon and try to make it a trend setter. It’s not the CG design or that the old Chipmunks was this piece of fried gold. It is that it was a 100% cartoon adventure troop with the gimmick of being a sped up barber shop trio, Nothing special sure, but it’s goal was to be a kids’ show and it went there. But to then take that premises and have them sponsoring cars, and I-Pods and food brands while appealing to the gross-out “adult” jokes, cause “The Chart said”, is just all kinds of eww. It’s like remaking the Care Bears as a “totally gangsta” modern comedy and having them appear next to billboards of Pepsi or whatever.

    It’s probably easier to enjoy if you never saw, or better yet have no knowledge of the original, that way there is no baggage.

  4. Why is this released seperately? I mean, this is great but it seems kind of pointless. I don’t think your drawing is that good. What, I’ve seen a lot better! Wait, there is a difference. There’s that brief title card at the beginning.

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