The Rise and Demise of Beanie Babies – Guru Larry

Larry tell us the history of the incredibly decietful and violent ’90s craze that was the Beanie Babies. Essential viewing!

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  1. I have a question. Was Cabbage Patch Kids boom real thing, or only manufactured marketing campaign?

    Because it supposedly was big thing in the 80’s, but franchise change hands almost half dozen times and I generally don’t see how kids would want that shit? Parents yes, but a kids? WTF? They were both too retro ang ugly to rise my attention, and I generally have good feel of that subject.

    • Cabbage Patch Kids were popular and beloved. The dolls were soft, sweet, and durable. They were baby and kid dolls with an imaginative design, original surrounding mythos, and a wide range of ethnicities with various eye, hair, and skin, colours within those; That was new at the time. Your own bias turns you from them, just as someone might have wanted to step on Furbys when they were popular, but they were liked.

      Beanie Babies are still around and still sell, to some degree. Showcase is the largest seller in Canada and even has some exclusives/first dibs? (I can’t remember exactly what the clerk told the customer in front of me). So the love is still there. 🙂

      • Dude. I asked for the reason, not the preaching 0_0

        I’m personally more a 90’s kids (in non sarcastic way), so generally in my times they were at decline, so I never understand this phenomena. Though I can understand that in 80’s it is possible that it was best quality doll, so thanks for that.

        Also many toys from 80’s are still are sold, so I don’t understand your argument here? There is for example quite large My Little Pony collector community (so Bronies aren’t really new thing, as many guys always were involved). That doesn’t change fact that most of this Beanie Babies bubble wasn’t really about the toys, but a greed and complete lack of understating of collector busies. And its later state after bubble burst show exactly that.

    • considering that my grandparents have an original Cabbage Patch Doll back when Xavier Roberts actually made the things, I don’t doubt it was a boom since people wanted their hands on both originals and the early Galoob line – and about fought people to get one. It’s more a Southern thing if anything.

  2. Ok, so in this specific “Beanie Babies” case it was simply huge collector bubble caused by people not understanding how collecting work, similarly like it did happen in 90’s with comic? Yup, totally make a sense! After all if people are stupid enough to buy non existing money from hackers (aka Bitcoin) then they buy anything if they have illusion of great profits in future. Though in this case this hoax was unintentional.

  3. Sheesh, I had no idea it got that bad… I remember buying Beanie Babies as a kid, knowing this kinda puts a downer on that… typical of overzealous adults to ruin everything…

    • Neh. It was all about the greed not zealous. Scalping business is cancer on everything. Just in Beanie Babies case it went overboard because it was generally one of first larger speculator bubbles in toy industry. Similar case happen in the comic business after prices of early comic books reach insane level what almost cause collapse of comic book industry with crazies buying hundreds copies of same comic (but for the note there is only less then hundred surviving copies of Action Comic nr. 1 what make whole industry so quite historically important, mass produced shit would not ever have value over million dolar even if only copy would exist). I guess that was mostly a result of rising brand recognition, and “plastic toy” generation of 60-70’s reaching adulthood.

  4. How dare you! I love my Beanies and could never give them away!!!! T____T

  5. Most Consignment Shops I visit have these little guys strewen around up the assload.

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