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Zack Snyder messes up everything. A break from the normal episodes.

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  1. Someone needs to do an M Night Shyamalan version of this

  2. This guy is awesome. Don’t lose him.

  3. haha cool.
    That really is his answer for every question,while good directors explain in actual sentences. The only time I heard him explain ANYTHING (saying he had to kill Supes so Batman can get the JL together.) was an offputting,bad idea.

    I hope somebody at DC sees this,wakes up and yells at him like that guy from Ed Wood

  4. Liked the whole reference of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck only with the Ghostbusters at the end. Well done!

  5. This was pretty funny but for nitpick’s sake, are directors the same as writers and costume designers?

  6. TheManWithTheKillerPlan

    Does anyone think his Zack Snyder voice sound like a combo of Steve Buscemi and Tom Kenny?

  7. I always felt that the last name “Snyder” sounded like the one of a pretentious douche.

    Oh gee, I was right!

    Great video.

  8. I think this should branch into its own series with Snyder and Percy traveling through time a la Quantum Leap to “make right what was wrong” with movies. I would definitely love to see Snyder’s version of Fury Road, Birdemic, Manos, Miami Connection, and The Room

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