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Some Jerk with a Camera joins the review, seeing why Nicolas Cage as Mickey Mouse surprisingly doesn’t work. Nostalgia Critic & Some Jerk take a look at, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

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  1. hey…wait, what did I remember this movie from?

  2. This probably has some of the better jokes in your reviews in a long time. You also work well off Tony. great review!

  3. I actually enjoyed the way they tried to sort of give scientific explanations on how the magic worked, because all that magic is, is a way to bend scientific law to achieve a desired outcome. Or at least, that’s the way I see it. My biggest grief is that they didn’t go all the way with it.

    • you and your kind are ruining Marvel.

      • Hey, I completely understand why fantasy lovers prefer the mystery to it all. It’s just my personal preference.

        • To be fair, it’s fairly common in fantasy to make a ‘science’ out of the magic. I wouldn’t even say that it’s something fantasy fans specifically dislike.

          • First of all those are three separate genres.. Future Fantasy (Tomorrowland or MCU), Science Fantasy (Star Wars or Warhammer 4k) and Classic Fantasy (Tolkien and its knock off’s).

            Those “fantasy fans” are elitist hipsters who can’t see anything outside own cliched hole.. after all magic always played soooo integral role in Marvel that lack of it “destroy” it somehow

      • and why would Doug bring up the Flux Capacitor, technology, as an example of why you shouldn’t explain magic?

        • Because he doesn’t know what MagicPunk is?

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          Because the flux capacitor pretty much IS magic. Doc Brown handwaves it as “it makes time travel possible” but never goes into further detail as to HOW. Functionally, that’s basically the same as saying “a wizard did it.”

          • While I mostly agree with you, I think it’s only fair to bring up that a lot of sci-fies do that from time to time.

            For example, in “Ghostbusters”, they don’t really explain how the containment unit works other than it’s nuclear and unstable. It just somehow holds intangible ghosts in it. Even in “Star Trek”, I don’t believe they really explain how their Warp Drive works other than Dylithium Crystals fuels it (but I’m not a 100% on that one).

            All I’m saying is that the Flux Capacitor is not the first to do that in a sci-fi, but again, it supports yours and Mr. Walker’s argument in that you don’t always need an explanation on how something works, whether it’s science or magic.

            But like I said earlier, I would’ve actually liked the magic/science integration if they actually went all the way with it. They only explained the “science of magic” once and that was it! What about the mirror dimension or the Persian sink rug? How did those things work? Honestly, it just seems pretty pointless since they really didn’t do anything with it.

          • Magic by definition don’t need to be explained.. because how you explain unexplained? It doesn’t mean that it can have rules, but in its core magic is.. well.. a magic. Still that doesn’t justify whining that mixing magic and magical science is a issue because it isn’t. Those are simply separate genres (it is weird that so many people don’t get something so simple).

          • Surprised he didn’t bring up mediclorians.

          • It’s kind of how like, in Star Trek, technobabble solves every problem. Either some mysterious subatomic particle, some new configuration of the sensor array, or some new nonstandard use of the Holodeck, some kind of fake science always fixed the situation. Sure, the audience knows they are pulling it right out of their nether regions, but who cares?

    • Yep, blending science and magic can work. Librarians also does it well imho, though in that can magic is still magic and science is still science, but you can mix them to, for example, boost a particle accelerator with magic to (accidentally) open a gate to an eldritch dimension.

      • The way I see it, though; since we do live in a reality where science is evident and even documented, magic needs some way to “interface” with our universe when both magic and science are such polarizing forces. So the only way I can best describe it’s influence on reality is by being able to bend — or in some cases, down right *break* — scientific laws.

        It’s also possible that there can also be some “pocket dimensions” — or whatever the magical equivalent might be — where there is no actual physical presence and the somewhat “illusion” of a physical reality is only how the character’s mind — as well as the audience’s/reader’s mind — can best comprehend.

        (And I just realized that this is quickly turning into a theoretical physics that could very well fit in an episode of “Nova” or “StarTalk”. lol)

        • There are three definitions of magic:

          1) In esoteric Magic is only Ritual. All other paranormal stuff simply aren’t it.
          2) In most common understanding “Magic” is equal with paranormal. Though using scientific method to catalog unknown (Psionic) also fit that definition even if whiny hipsters would claim otherwise.. cause they idiots.
          3) In broadest and most correct sense Magic is synonymous with everything what we don’t understand (Fantastic and Horrific are extreme forms of that). That interpretation include Third Law of Clark (advanced/alien science) despite idiotic claims of hipsters.

    • Devil's Advocate

      it works for MLP. in fact, that’s were TV Tropes came up with “Sufficiently Analyzed Magic”.

  4. I haven’t yet watched the video, but I hope to hell that you mention how this movie was a blatant poorly made rip-off of “The Dresden Files” book series.

    Basically Nick Cage was a huge fan of the books and even went so far as to Executive Produce the ill fated Sci-Fi Channel series of the same name.

    Well, when that turned out to be crap and flopped he was denied the movie rights to it. In the end he ripped off the about 85% of the setting, characters, & visual style and then shat out this crapfest. Getting Disney on board and using their “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” IP was effectively a giant “Come at me Bro” between Cage and the Dresden Files author Jim Butcher. It might have actually turned into something too, legally speaking, but since the movie did so poorly in the box office no litigation ever really got off the ground.

    • OMG, so THAT’S who I can blame for that utter travesty that was the Dresden tv show? Good god. I’ll never look at this movie the same way again. You know, in those rare blue moon moments that I have reason to think of it at all.

      • Not really. The reason the DF TV series sucked was that halfway through filming they got a new producer who didn’t even flew into Vancouver and held phone conferences in the middle of the night for the staff on side.

        The producer was the guy responsible for Charmed, so you know we are in for a ride. He might have gotten the assignment with the specific purpose to ruin it, because the previous producer was now the enemy of someone higher up in the firm, Filming it fun!.

        The first thing he did is chop up all of the scripts and shuffle them around as to purposefully lose a cohesive storyline because according to him “long storylines are boring and people want episodic stuff” and it only got worse from there…

        But going back to the topic, Cage and the production team here definitely were inspired by the Dresden Files (at least the cover) since we all know Harry doesn’t do hats!

        • (Seriously, no hats, right?)

          And that’s interesting. To be honest, I couldn’t get through one full episode of the show. It cut me too badly. Harry’s mother’s legacy gift to him was his protection bracelet?! The lady cop isn’t even trying to be Karen? Harry lives in a normal apartment, and his work room is just another door down the hall? BOB IS A DUDE JUST STANDING THERE DOING MAGIC SH*T?! Nah. I can’t swallow that much insult.

    • That explains a lot.

      The main story has little to do with the Soucerer’s Apprentice? Why set it in modern times? What’s with the shoes? Where are the robes? Where are the pointy hats? Why are the brooms where they put the LEAST SPF money into it? They could have written a story that grows outwards from the cartoon, instead they made one where the cartoon consists of one scene that could have been cut out without changing much except making us wonder why they still have the title. I don’t think the director even understood why Mickey chopping up the broom was shot in shadow.

  5. New Some Jerk episode, yes!
    Oh, and I guess Doug is in it too, eh.

  6. Why wasn’t the movie bouts Nicholas cage and that magician guy?! Think about it, he already had his former sorcerer abandon him, already knees he had power so and has a cool look! He is way more interesting then the bland lead they had. And I don’t even hate the actor who played the lead, but he is bad in this! I forgot how piss poor his performance was.

  7. I thought this move was fine. Nothing great, but a pretty fun watch. It did annoy me how they wasted some of the villains though.

  8. Loved the cinematic universe bit.

  9. You know it is going to be bad the second they called him Balthazar instead of Yensid.
    Did anyone else think of the mortal combat character every time they said Mileena?

  10. Jalen Washington

    I actually like this movie. As far as blending science with magic goes, my 8th grade Physical Science teacher had no problem showing it to the class. In fact, she showed it for precisely that reason.

      • Jalen Washington

        Because that stuff Nick Cage was talking about how changing the movement in molecules effects matter? It’s true. Same goes for the bit about electricity emitting sound at high frequencies. The objective quality of the movie aside, it had elements of truth in it as far as the science was concerned.

        • SomeJerkWithACamera

          Okay…but if the movie insists that all magic has some sort of scientific basis, what exactly is the scientific basis for making wolves appear out of a picture? Or turning those full-grown wolves into puppies? Or turning a piece of reflective glass into a portal to an alternate dimension where everything’s backwards? Or bringing mops to life? Or bringing electrical outlets to life as, basically, member berries? Literally all those things happen in this movie, what’s the scientific rationale for THAT?

          Science and magic are by definition the mortal enemies of each other. Science was developed in the real world to explain what people thought was magic, and magic exists in fiction to defy science. So pick a side. If you’re gonna do a fantasy about random magical shit, fine! But don’t insult my intelligence by telling me it’s based in science. As Linkara said, “It’s MAGIC, bitch!”

          • Jalen Washington

            Taking a two-dimensional image and turning it into a three-dimensional form whilst giving it the will to move… that would be 3D printing mixed with artificial intelligence.
            Turning said three-dimensional form into a smaller, more docile form is a mix of reprogramming and reconstruction of its genetic and anatomical material.
            According to the Multiverse Theory, there are infinite universes parallel to this one. Opening a portal to one where everything is backwards is nothing out of the ordinary.
            “Bringing mops to life” can be attributed to manipulating their structure to the point that they do what the user commands of them to do.
            You’ve answered your own question in regards to electric outlets. Memory operates by neurons sending electric signals to each other. Disturb the electricity or the neuron itself, and you’ll have trouble recollecting certain information.
            And I think you’re operating on a misconception. Science wasn’t made in response to the belief in the fantastical. Science is a study of the natural world and how people interact with said world in a manner that can be observed, tested, and managed. And as Arthur C. Clarke (a science fiction writer, and the co-writer for the screenplay of 2001: Space Odyssey) once said: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
            So while I can admit that the movie itself didn’t handle the combination very well, don’t insult my intelligence by saying it’s impossible to do so.

          • Devil's Advocate

            besides what Jalen Washington said, maybe the film’s problem was setting itself in a more realistic world, in a more fantastical setting, you could more easily blend science in magic by handwaving it as “this universe has different laws of physics”. like in MLP were magic is also treated as a science but things still clearly work differently then in real life.

          • Devil's Advocate

            and also like Jalen said, science does not refuse the possibility of the supernatural, if evidence would be provided, it would be accepted.

  11. Great jokes, as expected from 2 of the, I believe, the funniest people on the Internet.

    And there is that Corey Taylor cameo I was looking for!

  12. Man, this is Ghost Rider I all over again.
    As like in that movie, Nicolas Cage is boring.
    You should never make Cage boring, that’s a sin.

  13. If only this movie were better, then we could have gotten a sequel with Chernabog as the main villain. That would have been awesome [and much better than that crappy live-action Chernabog we got in “Once Upon a Time” instead. You turned this terrifying demonic demon god into some generic gargoyle monster! Boo!]

  14. Ha. I was kinda of expecting crazy Tamara again, since this is a Nicholas Cage movie. But I guess you just put a wig on her, and made her pretend she was the crazy laughing girl of the movie, when in reality she just spent all the week like that afther being informed of the review. It works, too.

  15. This could easily have been the best commercial for the song “secrets” I still get chills seeing the electric song number, and still grateful it wasn’t DJ Electro from The Amazing Spiderman 2.

  16. Eh, no big loss, it’s fucking Slipknot.

  17. …….. Thank God “The Croods” brought Nicholas Cage back in all his glory. All they had to do was cast Cage as a neanderthal!

  18. Wow I forgot how lame that was, I guess cause I liked the ending.

    Jared Leto as Chernabog definite highlight.

  19. Is it just me or does Some Jerk with a Camera look like the lovechild of Nostalgia Critic and The Ferrett?

  20. The jokes about Nicolas Cage playing Mickey Mouse are a bit weird when it was Jay Baruchel’s character doing all of the Mickey Mouse stuff.

    • I suppose you could argue that that he was the apprentice to Merlin, so therefore a sorcerer’s apprentice himself…but yeah, weird they didn’t notice that goof.

  21. Damnit I really wanna try the Szechuan Sauce. I never had it, but if it’s good as people say it is, then as much as I dislike McDonalds, I’ll go there just for the sauce!

  22. Totally saw that last joke coming, but excellent use of a Corey Taylor cameo.

  23. BTW I saw that ending coming a mile away.

  24. Personally I like this movie. Yes it’s silly and some stuff doesn’t add up, but it’s a one of my favorites. Still doesn’t mean I can’t watch it get ripped a new one for just as much entertainment. 🙂

  25. Pretty much everyone involved with this movie is way too good for this movie.

  26. I really need to get this off my chest; Nowhere is it said in The Phantom Menace that midichlorians are or even create the force. All that was said about them was that they’re everywhere and the amount of them in someone’s blood is an indicator of how force-sensitive they are. The whole concept of them being or creating the force was just something invented by fans who misinterpreted the concept of them.

  27. I actually like this movie. What’s wrong with the retro note asking out thing though? Plus, Tamara as the crazy laugher was hilarious.

  28. This movie has ZERO to do with the original Fantasia. HOW did this flic get green-lighted t?!? The review is more fun and makes more sense!

  29. I never bothered to watch this movie (I don’t think I’ve watched a Nicolas Cage movie all the way through since his heyday of The Rock, Con Air, Face Off, 8 mm, Snake Eyes…damn, he WAS on a roll for while there, wasn’t he?). This movie even looked stupid in the trailers. I’m glad I didn’t waste my time with it.

    Did make a damn good subject for a NC video, though.

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