The Spirit – Nostalgia Critic

One of Frank Miller’s biggest blunders, The Spirit is reviewed by the Nostalgia Critic. What the Hell was the mindset behind some of these choices?

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  1. Please review Dangerously Close from 1986

  2. I friggen hate the Muffin death scene in this movie but I loved the noir style of it. I watched this BECAUSE it was Frank Miller without all the gore but when I think of this movie I can only remember the Muffin scene.

  3. Still waiting for your review of Casper Meets Wendy. I mean, come on, it’s a terrible sequel in the 90’s that makes the original Casper look like art.

  4. Dennis4TheCritic

    OMG!!! The Critic’s next review is gonna be Deadpool.

  5. Okay, why are you criticizing the Octopus name? That’s in the source material!

  6. i love coming on c.a to see the next n.c video before it hits youtube

  7. So, when are you going to change your facebook banner, since all you have now is 2 lackeys, 1 prisoner, and 1 King sticking around for the lulz?

  8. God damn it Doug, stop reviewing movies I like! Skipping these things got old after you reviewed the live-action Last Airbender movie!

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