The Star Wars Holiday Special Commercial Break – The Cinema Snob

The Cinema Snob watches the commercial breaks that aired during the Star Wars Holiday Special.

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  1. FINALLY, the Cinema Snob is doing a commercial special. One of the the things that I…never expected to come from this show. …Oh well, let’s see what boring commercials aired during the Star Wars Holiday Special.

    2:48- Is it just me, or does Gay Jesus from “Christmas with a Capital C” look like Craig Golightly from The Cinema Snob Movie?

    4:49- And people complain about Princess Leia’s drug induced song from the end of the Holiday Special.

    6:21- THANK YOU. I was also thinking of Christine.

    11:41- BUSHWHACKED!

    In speaking of Star Wars commercials, I should watch a YouTube video with an hour full of Star Wars related commercials.

  2. So the International Ladies Garment Workers Union doesn’t like foreigners? I take it they’re as international as the World Series then?

  3. Was anyone else disappointed that Butters didn’t appear in the Union label commercial?

  4. We had that Snoopy phone!

  5. Cinnamon Scudworth

    For those of you wondering what the tape this special came from looks like, it looks like this:

  6. Please do more of these commercials.

  7. Finally saw the Star Wars Holiday Special online, and that version contained all the commercials. The commercials were the best part of the show.

  8. Christine Therrien

    Am I the only one who was hoping for a referrence to Roger & Me when he talked about the GM commercial? … No, just me? Okay then…

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