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But will the new Star Wars expand upon Life Day and feature rockin music by Jefferson Starship?

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  1. Oh Brad, why do you insist on torturing yourself this way? For our sick amusement? Ok then. Of course, watching this review will just torture me too……hmmm.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Man this review was awesome and seeing that there’s only two days of Wednesday in December left lets hope there’s a winters tale review than a top 10 best cinema snob moments of 2015. I hope that does happen but I don’t think so(oh well maybe next year we’ll get a snob video on dancin it’s on review). Cool video and nice thing that you pointed out that there are other reviews for it since just the other day I saw a jontron video on this and am thinking and probably gonna end up watching the nc star wars christmas again(so happy huntings)!!!

  3. Those commercial break fake outs are preeeeeetty Phelousy there. And thus, the last Life Day ever, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. R.i.p. Mala, Lumpy, and Itchy the Wookies.

  4. Oh God. Thanks Brad for this awesome view on a terrible holiday special that I never get tired of hear jokes about. I might be a minority on this one, though. 😀

  5. If you think about it this special was so bad that it basically created Santa Christ.

  6. As much as a big Star Wars fan I am, and patiently awaiting Episode VII to be released in theaters a few days away, I can safely say that this special is crap, with the exception of the cartoon segment, which introduced Boba Fett.

    Oh, and I said it before, and I’ll say it again: STAR WARS AND BEA ARTHUR DON’T MIX!

  7. I would watch the the Mos Eisley Bea Arthur sitcom ALL THE LIVELONG DAY!

  8. Wait, they replaced both Wonder Woman and the Hulk to schedule this? They must’ve had tons of confidence in that one (wich is admidettly undertsandable since the movie was so popular but still).

    05:10 I did. I wanted to cash in your geek card for it.

    08:20 You know, you can actually already see him becoming the Joker later on in that performance.

    I didn’t know the cartoon segment was made by Nelvana. Their stuff is usually of a pretty good quality but this one looks just cheap.

    You know, after watching so many review and reading so much about this special I can honestly say that it’s just a generic, cheesy and lame christmas special among many. There’s nothing particulary outstanding about it aside from maybe the Jeffersion Starship vignette and the only reason people know it so well is because it’s attached to the Star Wars franchise. And the prequels are indeed much better than this special.

    • Goes to show you how little of an impact the Star Wars Holiday Special had. We usually watched both Wonder Woman and The Incredible Hulk when both shows were running. I can’t remember ever watching this special on TV. WE could have been doing something else that night.

  9. I was a little baby and still living in Japan when this aired so I don’t remember seeing this. I didn’t even know of its existence until I saw the Nostalgia Critic review it. After seeing I remember thinking “Wow, I thought Japanese TV shows were weird. This definitely gives them a run for their money!”

  10. So who else is celebrating Life Day in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

    I already got a “Sleigh-1” mount for my bounty hunter.

  11. I remember when we all still thought this was just an urban legend. Those happier simpler times.

  12. There are also Ewocs movies but we at least could ignore those without using fanboy-power..

  13. Between this, Best of the Worst and JonTron I think I’ve seen the whole thing. Now, I’m off to buy a sledgehammer.

  14. Yeah, I was wondering why you’d review this when so many other people had. Just a week later, Chris Stuckmann reviewed it too! I loved the Furby joke the best. The prequels had Darth Maul. This had nothing to like. It’s easy to just watch this on YouTube now.

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