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These twins have gotten into a lot of trouble, but now the fate of the world might be on their shoulders. It’s an odd adventure to say the least. Doug checks out The Suite Life Movie.

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  1. This had a movie?! Oh… wait it was the movie for that stupid ship spin-off show. -_- I used to LOVE the original show. Heck, I still giggle when I think of some of the original show’s scenes but the spin-off that this was based off was NOT.

  2. not representative of the show really. there were some episodes that had fantastical stuff happen but mostly it was just a teen sitcom.

  3. Fun fact: The twins were in ‘Big Daddy’.

  4. I loved the original Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but Suite Life on Deck never really resonated with me. Still, now I kind of want to watch this movie if the plot really is as bat shit insane as it sounds. I’d like to see a fruit harvested from twins that eventually creates one giant hive mind.

  5. If you read this Doug here is how it is. The suit life started in a hotel and was nothing like the movie. It wasn’t always perfect but it was a perfectly decent teen sitcom even for teens watching it. Plus some episodes really were great IMO.

    The ship came with the sequal of sorts called the “Sweet life on deck” where the twins go on this luxery cruise/hotel that even has it’s own school apparently. It was dumb and used sci fi elements that didn’t really fit just so they could do a certain kind of story.

    It wasn’t the worst thing ever but it was a downgrade from the original.

  6. I had heard of the show. Never watched it, though. This seems as good as any other of these movies. That is, not very good. At least there was nothing offensive. Well, there really is.

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