The Terminator – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara is joined by a special guest as she finally checks out the epic action flick, The Terminator.

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  1. Snorgatch Pandalume

    You have to remember, Terminator was a low-budget movie ($6.4 million), so of course the quality of the special effects reflects this. The studio had no faith in it; they thought it was just another cheap sci-fi flick that would quickly be forgotten. Nobody expected it to gross $78 million, let alone spawn a franchise.
    You should watch Highlander. It’s another great genre film from that era that spawned a franchise despite having a completely self-contained premise that never needed or wanted a sequel.

    • And let’s not talk about Highlander sequels. I don’t think any of them contributed to the original in any meaningful way, and in fact, seemed to take away from it. The TV show was okay, but I think the only way to fit it is to consider it its own canon, separate from the original movie.

    • That’s important to point out. Terminator 2 looks a lot better, but the story and pacing of the original Terminator is awesome. Of course T2 cost multiple times the budget of the original and had some really innovative effects that were ahead of their time.

  2. Ok have I gone insane,Because Tamara eyebrows are gone at the end of video or is that just me.

  3. This movie along with the second one are favorites of mine from way back. I didn’t watch many R rated films as a kid, but The Terminator and Terminator 2 were rare exceptions.

  4. hospital? nurse? what?

  5. I find the Michael Myers reference funny because when Siskel & Ebert reviewed The Terminator on it’s release in 1984, Ebert described it as sort of “Dirty Harry meets The Road Warrior meets the killer from Halloween.”

  6. OH. I didn’t know there was nudity in The Terminator. O.O Wha? The only Terminator movie that I’ve seen is Terminator: Genysis.

    • Oh god…that’s the worst of them.

      The first two are classics, the third is okay, the fourth is interesting but kind of all over the place, and Genesis is just a joke. PG-13 and no sense of urgency.

      If you can handle the nudity and want to see Kyle Reese before Genesis ruined that character, watch the original Terminator, or skip ahead to Terminator 2 and see one of the greatest action movies of all time.

    • you poor deprived child

  7. T2 is isn’t just one of the best action films ever, it’s one of those rare sequels that tops the original. Sort of like Aliens to Alien. Btw check out Alien if you’ve never seen it.

    EDIT: I know I’ll catch hell saying Aliens is better than Alien. Truth is they are very hard to compare. It’s horror vs action and I love them both

    • The original Terminator is also more of a horror movie while the sequel is more action, so it’s a good comparison.

      • I wrote a paper in a college film class about that very thing. The Magic of James Cameron and how he took horror properties (one being his own) and made not only a sequel but recreated its genre entirely.

        What makes both Aliens and T2 unique is they are action films with elements of the horror they originated from. It’s a “You would have to have been there” horror. Meaning as a viewer you can share the protagonist’s fear because you have seen what they have seen.

        Also, in both movies, no one believes either Ripley or Sarah Connor of what happened previously. Hope this makes sense

    • Alien might be more … cerebral? But Aliens is more fun. I admit to enjoying Aliens more–I don’t necessarily think it’s better, just more fun.

  8. I like T1 more. It’s kind of hard to explain why so. I think T1 feels more scifi (almost possible to exist) and T2 just jumps into fantasy territory. You can understand fully how T-800 works when in T2 the T-1000 can basically do anything. It’s just a bit too much (even though from action point is cool as hell).
    Anyway, I guess I like too much Arnold as a villain which is simultaneously awesome and scary as fuck.

  9. You watched the BluRay edition, didn’t you?

    On a completely unrelated note: merkin. A pubic wig is called a merkin.

  10. I have to ask, Tamara…

    Did you not watch ANY good movies when you were younger?

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