The Thirteenth Year – Disneycember

We all know the Little Mermaid, but the Little Mer…Boy? Doug looks at a whale of a tale in this strange fishy adventure, The Thirteenth Year.

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  1. Sticking to walls – since he’s part electric eel maybe he’s also part barnacle.

    The world is bizarre and the merman is the most normal person in it. He’s a literal fish out of water.

  2. this kinda reminds me of an episode of around the twist. but there it made a lot more sense as the kid whom was Channing into a mereman father as human and the mother was a merewomen

  3. I remember liking this movie. Although, my little kid brain may have given it a pass though because I was at the phase in my life when I was obsessed with merpeople too. The whole shebang: I looked up trivia about sea creatures, watched every mer related thing I could, watched that H20 show, etc. Ahh, good times.

  4. The thing I always take away from this movie is the credits because I think the song that plays over them is hilarious.

  5. Sucks to always be one day behind… Life of a non-American :l

    y u no upload earlier in the day

  6. Not my favorite either Doug. I understand what you mean that there’s something off with the acting. Maybe the pacing too. It is goofy that so many people are so ok with the changes, or make up sine solutions.

  7. I remember when this came out. Or came in? Like on TV? I haven’t seen most of these anyway. It seems just okay. It probably is.

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