The Top 11 Nostalgia Critic F*** Ups Part 3

See the next line of mistakes the Nostalgia Critic made in his reviews.

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  1. I kind of actually WANT to see you do Luigi’s mansion now :p

  2. RE: #1: One wonders how the Psychlos even came to be in the first place if their air is *that* reactive to nuclear radiation. After all, aren’t suns just big nuclear fusion engines emitting all sorts of radiation?

    • Um, actually they nuclear reactors we use for power is created by nuclear FISSION not FUSION. Fusion is what the sun does. FISSION is what atom bombs do. If humans could do fusion, reactor would produce way more power.

      • exactly how would they produce more energy? when you combine stuff you actually need to force it to do so. while breaking things ususally needs only triggering it.

      • Advanced atomic bombs use nuclear fusion, they just use nuclear fission to set off the fusion reaction. The problem when it comes to making a fusion reactor for a source of power is doing it *without* fission since fission creates that more dangerous radiation and waste products where as fission is “cleaner.” It’s also much harder to contain since fusion is more powerful.

        At least more powerful in terms of how we’d apply it in our reactors, and how it’s even applied in weapons. Fusion power is more powerful because it converts almost seven times more of the reactant’s mass into energy than what occurs in fission. In a broader scope which is more powerful depends on what you’re fusing or separating.

        But fusing Hydrogen gets you seven times more energy than splitting Uranium. It’s just how the science works out on what goes into the process and what comes out of it as energy and the resulting material. But fusing something different might get you less energy than splitting another material. It’s just that fusing Hydrogen (or an isotope of it) is the easiest, Hydrogen being the most plentiful element in the universe, it being a simple element and thus not needing much energy to fuse it with itself. More complex elements would take more energy to fuse, meaning less energy is released. This is why older stars in the universe that’ve moved past fusing Hydrogen and into fusing Helium (as our sun will in a few billion years) are “cooler” than our sun. Less energy is produced because more is spent trying to fuse the more complicated atoms.

        Also probably worth noting that nuclear fission is so “complicated” that it doesn’t occur in nature. There’s no natural force that splits atoms as a source of energy production, it’s something mankind had to create machines for and harness energies for. All things equal and “on paper” fusion/fission’s reactions resulting in more or less energy is circumstantial. It depends on what’s being split or fused.

        But in practicality, to split an atom you have to conjure up a lot of energy, focus it, and then fire at an atom in order to separate it. To fuse atoms you just need some means to push atoms so close together that they have no other choice but to fuse. This happens in our sun because it’s so huge, has so much mass and so much gravity that atoms are forced together under the star’s own weight.

        Imagine taking two annoying, flat, Lego bricks, and putting them together. It’s easy to put to the two plates together, press them, and make a single piece. But to pull those two pieces apart takes more effort and strategy, finding just the right place where the two pieces will give-way.

        Fusion/Fission is like this. It just takes a bit more effort to split atoms, which is why it doesn’t happen in nature. The right set of circumstances, atoms, and so forth has to be *just* *so* for it to work. For fusion you just need to lump a bunch of stuff together and let it collapse under its own weight.

        In a Hydrogen Bomb, fission is used to create energy that causes expansion of a cask containing fissionable material, this expansion along with the heat of the fission reaction is enough to cause a fusion reaction, netting in a giant explosion.

        Atomic (Fission) Bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, fusion bombs were tested -en masse- through the rest of the mid-20th century and are orders of magnitude more powerful than those early atomic bombs.

        The bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 15 Kilotons. The largest bomb ever detonated, as a test, was the Tsar Bomba was 50 megatons and used a Fission/Fusion reaction. (Original tests were for a 100 MT but it was too large to be created or tested and still allow for the drop team to get out of harm’s way in time.) The Tsar Bomba was over 3,000 times more powerful than the little Pop-Its we dropped on the Japanese cities.

    • Or other alien state/cvilization just nuked the guys right?

  3. Does anyone know where’s Part 2?

  4. why no monkey joke of that old actor?


  6. I cringed when he said nuclear fusion, just anticipating the shitstorm he summoned forth by messing up in a fuck-up video. Also, even if their atmosphere reacts violently to radiation, are you telling me there’s not a single naturally radioactive isotope of anything on their planet?

  7. #11.Minor mistake
    #10.You clearly didn’t knew and it is fine
    #9.I saw the show some times and they are all crap
    #8.This is fucked up its a floor helps to understand but yes what they done is still overdoing
    #6.Small mistakes
    #5.Unless one knows its an understandable mistake
    #4.Its a similar name it is not a problem
    #3.I didn’t hated the video i find it to be fine
    #2.Who the fuck cares its a PILE OF ABOMINATION CRAP
    #1.You made mistakes and its good you make an apology. But you still did not apologize to this movie because its a very good movie.
    They probably discovered it and found out how dangerous it is so they never used it so never bothered with it

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