The Walk and Pan – Midnight Screenings

Team Snob checks out Robert Zemeckis’ new film The Walk, plus the weirdness of Pan.

Brad and Brian check out Robert Zemeckis’ new movie The Walk.

Brad and Sarah check out the 150 million dollar flop, Pan.

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  1. There are no Imax theatres where live, but they do have 3d capability. And the only thing I found worth the ticket for the Walk was the 3d.

  2. His Captain Hook was more of an impersonation of the late Jim Varney as Ernest, doing an impression of Indiana Jones.

    And thank you Sarah for catching that weird time travel line.

    This was the weirdest goddamn movie I’ve ever seen. The forbidden zone used to be my “never again” bad movie, but this one came pretty damn close to that. I walked out on Forbidden Zone, but I didn’t walk out of this one. It was a close thing though.

  3. The Walk and Pan. Otherwise known as the Side-scrolling Drama.

  4. I’m thinking the same exact thoughts.

  5. Indiana Jones, The Chronicles of Narnia, Oliver Twist, Moulin Rouge, and Avatar, maybe even a little of Battle of Britain makes up this highly original prequel scenario for the story of James Matthew Barrie’s Peter Pan.

  6. And Harry Potter.

  7. And a bit of classic Star Wars.

  8. Oh yeah I noticed this subplot about Blackbeard looking old and deformed putting on his gasmask to make him rejuvenate his youth again just forgot about it recently.

  9. I believe this movie (Pan) is a love letter to High Fantasy film lovers like me and crack addicts.

  10. Sounds like Pan could have benefitted from an awesome soundtrack – as Brad mentioned re Flash! Gordon.
    The movie-makers half knew that, by making people sing, but didn’t go the whole way for music.

    Hugh Jackman CAN sing! So let’m. (Voice of the Rat from Flushed Away!)


  11. I’m glad neither of you was all “Why did this movie need to exist? Who thought a prequel to Peter Pan could possibly be a good idea?” like damn near every other review I’ve seen so far. Because I’ll tell you who: Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, who wrote a way better one than this movie (look it up) and I’m gonna be so mad if the movie adaptation that was planned for it gets canned because marketing says nobody wants to see it.

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