The Worst Films of 2016 (Brad and Dave Edition)

Brad and Dave count down their least favorite films of the year.

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  1. The Confederacy were the heroes in two Civil War films I can think of off the top of my head. Birth of a Nation (not the remake) and Gone with the Wind.

    • I though of those two, but even in those movies not everyone in the Northern side was made to look bad and the defeat of the South was presented as sort of inevitable, if can of lamentable. I think that’s probably because only so much time had past since the war ended, maybe people who strong memories were still, and because a lot of people had families member on both sides it was a little hard to justify a one-sided vision.

      At least with the war itself. Reconstruction was a whole other deal. With the original Birth of a Nation the abolitionist and ambitious former slaves are made into villains and KKK is made to look life a savior. Gone With the Wind tried to sidestep the racial controversy by making the carpetbagger look likes enemies of former slaves and slave owners alike (possible reflection the anti-banker sentiments of the depression years) and wrote the Klan part of the book out entirely.

    • In the silent comedy The General Buster Keaton plays a southern train engineer whose rejected from the Confederate army, but through a series of strange events winds up helping them win a battle anyway. It’s consider by many his best movie. Although it’s supposedly based on a true story, his character could have just as easily fought for the North and it wouldn’t have affected the plot much.

    • Cinnamon Scudworth

      There’s also an old Little Rascals movie called General Spanky that takes place in the Civil War, from the South’s perspective. As you might expect from the audience they’re aiming at, the horrors of war (and what the South was fighting for) is massively softened, but they do acknowledge it’s a bad place to be for Buckwheat. Kinda.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    First I’m glad that you guys brought up that vaccinations don’t cause autism and that there isn’t any evidence to it. Being autistic myself I call total bullshit in that and I’m glad that you guys brought that up and man fuck Vaxxed. Man Hillarys America sounds shit terrible and I’m glad I didn’t see that movie. Good list and can’t wait to see more of midnight screenings in 2017.

  3. I kinda liked BvS. But I can totally see why people hated it. However, I despised SS.

  4. Aw, I still like watching you guys at times. I’m hoping that you will be doing your best as well? ^.^ I didn’t see most of the movies on your worst list so I don’t have any comments for those, I think. By default, for me, Batman v. Superman was the worst film of 2016. If it wasn’t for the multiple dream sequences, Jesse Eisenberg, and the lack of humor, then I would have nothing to mention for the worst film I saw. Yeah, I had fun watching Gods of Egypt. The visuals are interesting and I remember the 3D being cool. I liked The Magnificent Seven, the Jungle Book, and Central Intelligence. Lastly, I thought Independence Day 2 was bland but not bad.

  5. Robin Givens is still making movies?! And The Lobster is praised by soooo many critics and Entertainment Weekly and the like, I’m surprised that you guys hate it so much.

  6. Regarding God’s Not Dead 2…I knew someone like that once. No joke. Man, I could write a book all about her! BUT not all Christian beliefs are TWISTED, pal! Just because SOME people are crazy and all the way on the other side doesn;t mean ALL us pro-life Christians are, pal!

    • The Real Silverstar

      They never said nor implied that all Christians are far-right, intolerant nut-jobs; in fact they actually acknowledged that the Pure Flicks types are a lunatic fringe who makes the rest of the bunch look bad. Perhaps you should actually pay attention to the dialogue being spoken instead of immediately jumping to the defensive.

    • Wow, youCLEARLY missed the point of their thoughts and the review. They’re not bashing Christians. They’re saying God’s Not Dead 2 is a propaganda film. I mean let’s face, the LEAST persecuted group in the country is white Christians.

  7. Brad! Dave! NOT YOU TOO!!! Not you too! Ya know, if this website is nothing but pure Democratic, you should put a small disclaimer underneath * This Website Is Purely For Democrats And Liberals Only. All Others Please Leave.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Again, Brad and Dave acknowledged that although they’re both Democrats, they’re not instantly against conservatives and that the hardcore conservative constituency are not representative of conservatives as a whole. The only one I see constantly acting intolerant towards the other side here is YOU.

      If someone doesn’t fall in with your narrow line of thinking 100%, then they’re ‘wrong’ or ‘bad’, period. That’s it. Nothing in between, no shades of gray. This is how the narrow-minded and intolerant see the world, in stark, simplistic terms, much like how a child does. It allows them to make snap assessments and assertions without having to do any pesky thinking or looking beneath the surface. Because if they actually started to *think* about what they believe as gospel, then they might start to *question* it, and we can’t have that.

      The current ugliest prejudice in our society isn’t black VS white or religious VS secular, it’s red VS blue. It’s tearing this nation apart and it needs to end. This is OUR country. We’re ALL Americans. It’s high time we got with the program.

      If you really can’t handle the fact that not everyone is far-right like you and refuse to acknowledge those of differing stances and ideologies like intelligent, rational thinking human beings, instead choosing to instinctively cry foul and label them wrong whenever you hear something yo don’t agree with, then maybe *you’re* the one who should leave. And you know what? I don’t think you’d be missed.

      • I think maybe the best point they made in this video is the movies like God’s not Dead or Hilary’s America don’t just encourage hatred of liberal, but conservatives also. If you already hold these kind of prejudices it encourages them to act on them. If you feel targeted because your on the other side than your more label to think this is what they’re all like and have more reason to hate them. If your someone from either side who you can think beyond your personal bias you’ll feel insulted either why because they’re expecting you to be swayed by choruses of straw-people. Preaching to the converted is not an effected way to win sympathizers, let alone converts.

        Brad and Dave both said that a REAL documentary about how any major political party had grown and changes over more than a century could be fascinating. They also said that if they went to a movie that made Republicans all tied together with child molestation, shooting sprees, or force conversion to religion they would have hated that movie too. And so would I. But no seems to have made that movie this year! If they have it clearly didn’t get as much distribution, so they didn’t see it, thus it’s not on there lists.

    • Brad and Dave have mentioned that they’re Democrats a couple of times before, but their political views don’t figure into their videos nor should that affect your enjoyment of said videos. It’s not like they talk politics all of the time, nor do they try to force their beliefs on anyone else.

      Now I see why you like Donald Trump so much; you’re incredibly thin skinned, just like he is. If you really can no longer be entertained by someone’s videos just because their political beliefs are different than yours then you *should* leave because you’re clearly not mature enough to handle a different opinion.

      SpikeGal, you remind me of someone I knew on the Toon Zone forums. A guy who tried to come off like he was this zen, chill dude but in reality he was a bible bumping, intolerant, homophobic conservative.born again Christian, and like you he would instantly go into attack mode whenever he thought “his side” was being criticized, even when he had no idea what was actually being discussed. He would just read a few words and go “someone’s attacking the alt-right! I have to represent!” That guy was a creep and a total hypocrite.You don’t want to come off like that kind of person, do you?

      I have to say that you’re one of the most immature human beings that I’ve ever encountered online and an embarrassment to other Republicans because you continually embody the negative traits that many Democrats have towards ALL Republicans. If you really want to prove that you and your fellow conservatives are more tolerant and morally superior to liberals, than you need to understand that THEY’RE Americans also and that they have just as much right to voice their opinions as you do! If you’re going to fly off of the handle every time someone says something that conflicts with your own opinion than I think it’s better that you do leave and not return until you learn a lesson in tolerance.

      Apologies for the above rant, but you’re immature behavior and temper tantrums in the past couple of months is beyond tiresome. If you really want to leave, then leave! Take a good, hard look at yourself, work on your behavior and maybe return when you’re grown up a little. Do us all a favor.

    • Dave acknowledged in the video that there are some Republicans who are good people. You either missed that part or you chose to ignore it. You only hear what you choose to hear. Typical. Like one of my friends would say “Someone with an 18 year old body and 18 month old mind.”

    • “Surely this must be some sort of a mistake.” — Every conservative when anybody, from a multibillion-dollar corporation to a no-name Youtube reviewer, shows how little they care about the conservative’s patronage.
      … For the record, “caring little” in this case = implying that they disagree with anything the conservative believes, explicitly or implicitly, in any way, at any time, in any situation.

  8. If there isn’t. Pureflix may make a civil war film where the south are presented as the heroes.

  9. Glad I didn’t see too many of those!

    I am finding that the LEGO(tm) movies with Batman are the better choices for DC-based. Eagerly awaiting LEGO-Batman!

    Everything is Awesome. As is Christopher Lambert.

    • Oh don’t get too excited. Batman’s romance in the LEGO Batman movie is Barbara Gordon… and we all know how well that worked out the last time that was done in a movie (hint: the movie made Dave’s list)

    • I wish that DC would remember that Batman isn’t their only character and focus on another hero for a change. However, I have to admit that some parts of the LEGO Batman trailer were kind of funny.

      • The Real Silverstar

        Will Arnett’s Lego Batman seems to be a parody of the overblown narcissist caricature that Batman’s hardcore fans have elevated the character to. The filmmakers seem to be having fun with it instead of playing it super-serious, so I can get behind this movie. Overall, however, I agree, it would be nice if WB and DC would some other DC Heroes some love. Maybe after Wonder Woman and Justice League (assuming those movies do well) we can get a Lego Wonder Woman movie or a Lego Superman movie or at least a Lego Justice League movie.

  10. Religious and ”anti-vaccination” movies… or : How to learn to sigh and lose fate in Humanity.

  11. God damn, we do not need a Republican Michael Moore.

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