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This week The Horror Guru reviews THEY’RE WATCHING (2016) in a pretty satisfied vlog!

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  1. wait…if the town is SO isolationist that they burn outsiders at the stake as witches why the hell do they have a real estate agent? Also, I can imagine “professional” witch hunters from places like that who think they know all the ways to stop witches (like binding them in iron or some other BS that’s supposed to prevent them from using their powers) getting put in their place by an actual witch. I mean, it works on 2 levels, first you see a loser who thinks he was tough shit his whole life realizing everything he thought was a mistake or lie, and then his final realization that his entire life he’d been attacking and killing innocent people. I want to see THAT story told at least once.

    • 1) You are aware that real estate agents simply trade property ownership? Someone from town sell his house when he move out and estate agent simply make the deal sealing it to someone else.
      2) And as for other story I’m almost sure that there is something like that already. Just those are hard to find in sea of cliche monster flicks. I know it isn’t exactly that story but “I’ve Been Waiting for You” come in my mind here.

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