Thor: Ragnarok – Sibling Rivalry

Is it possible? Did we finally get the Thor movie we deserve? Doug and Rob take a look at third Thor movie. Thor Ragnarok!

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  1. For me personally the first Thor is still one of my favorite Marvel movies, I never really minded the human characters. We’ll have to see how I like this one, some of the reviews (like the Midnight Screenings one) have me a little worried since they’re saying it focuses too much on comedy to the determent of the story and characters.

  2. Thor: Ragnarok was so fun! The music was awesome. The 3D was awesome. There was one scene where the humor fell flat but every other joke was amusing and/or funny. There were a lot of Loki-Thor scenes which I really wanted in Thor 2. I didn’t like Thor 2 because it felt like a romance movie. I liked all the new characters. The acting was good. There were enough serious scenes. Yep, Hela is the second-best villain in the Marvel cinematic universe besides Loki. They even gave an acceptable reason for why the Valkyrie is black. The twists were all good as well. 9.9/10. Lastly, I like or love every Marvel movie except for Thor 2 and Iron Man 3. Guardians 2 just isn’t as good as the first for me though.

  3. I really enjoyed the movie.

    My biggest disappointment, having seen the trailer, was that one scene with many, many valkyrie fighting Hela – I’d hoped it’d be a lot longer.

    (In case anyone cares, I reviewed it here last week: )

  4. The Real Silverstar

    To me, Thor: Ragnarok was what the Inhumans series could’ve been and should’ve been, if it had a bigger budget, better writing and someone at the helm who actually gave a crud about the product. The whole time I was watching this movie, I kept thinking: “This is the Inhumans show that I wanted: a wild, brightly colored, out-there space/fantasy romp with lots of cool visuals and wacky sci-fi stuff and only passing glimpses of Earth. Instead of trying to make Inhumans a grounded, mopey X-Men wannabe, the producers should’ve embraced the big dopey silliness of the concept and just ran with it. That’s why this movie worked and Inhumans didn’t.

  5. Aww, I liked Natalie Portman. They make a great couple! That’s the only thing that disappointed me! Yeah, Jeff Goldblum was awesome. I feel bad for not reading Thor comics. I mean, I’ve read Marvel comics but not ones starring him. Yeah, this was awesome.

  6. Doctor Strange; I’m sorry to say that he’s my nitpick. I loved his movie, his ten minutes or so was fun in Ragnarok, but if Odin was in the first place Thor and Loki looked, it would have just been the same movie.

  7. Sounds like too much fun, way too much fun!

  8. Sounds like too much of a good thing, way too much of a good thing.

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