Thor: Ragnarok – Tamara Just Saw

Tamara & Cody check out Marvel’s newest movie, Thor: Ragnarok. Does Marvel have another hit with this movie?

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  1. Cody thank you for the laughs/smiles and insite you have provided, good luck in your new ventures and I hope to see you and Tamara reunite before too long.

    Fun video as always Lady T!

  2. It was so fun! The music was awesome. The 3D was awesome. There was one scene where the humor fell flat but every other joke was amusing and/or funny. There were a lot of Loki-Thor scenes which I really wanted in Thor 2. I hate Thor 2 and like Thor 1. I liked all the new characters. The acting was good. There were enough serious scenes. Also, Hela is the second-best villain in the Marvel cinematic universe besides Loki. They even gave an acceptable reason for why the Valkyrie is black. The twists were all good as well. 9.9/10

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