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We finally see Thor kicking some ass, so how come it doesn’t seem awesome? Doug checks our Thor the Dark World.

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  1. I liked this movie. Yes, it definitely has flaws, but I thought it was a lot of fun for the most part.

    For me, the most annoying part wasn’t Kat Dennings but Natalie Portman–she is a horrible romantic interest character. Her Jane and Thor have zero chemistry, and I could care less if she lived or died. The villain was also a dud, but unlike Portman I don’t think that was really the actor’s fault.

    Dennings and Skaarsgard actually were funny and engaging, IMHO. I really liked that the scientist guy was having after effects of Loki’s mind control. And I’ve known people like Denning’s character, so I was on board with having someone like that around.

    I definitely agree that the Warriors Three and Sif should have had much bigger parts. Hopefully we’ll see more of them in the third movie.

  2. Actually, there are plenty of people who don’t like this movie just like you, or at least consider it the weakest entry in the MCU. My brother flat-out hates it. Me? I think it has some good parts, but I agree it’s not the best movie of the bunch. Still enjoyed it more than Iron Man 3, but that’s not saying much.

  3. I actually kinda liked this movie, kinda, but I see where you’re coming from. Too much Earth stuff and not enough Thor. This may be the first movie I completely respect your opinon on.

  4. I did manage to enjoy The Dark World dispite it being just average compared to first one. IMO there is nothing overly good or overly bad in this movie. It’s there in between. How ever that does not mean that The Dark World would be boring movie because it’s not. Not at all. Over all it’s fun ride that one can enjoy that does not require one to shut down his or her brain to enjoy.

  5. Was anyone else uncomfortable watching the dark elves being annihilated?
    Thor and his crew basically drove another species of humanoids into extinction after his people had genocided the elves years before. And the audience was supposed to cheer for that? I mean, ya, they tried to take over the earth, but never once did Thor or anyone really talk to the leader of the elves, or speak to them really at all other than Exposition. This

    I really didn’t enjoy this movie. But to be fair, I didn’t enjoy the first Thor either. I only went for the Loki parts. Like Doug said, when character X died, i didn’t care, but seeing loki’s reaction to it, suddenly brought tears to my eyes.

    • Professor Schnöbelhosen

      Tried to take over Earth?
      They tried to reshape reality itself so that no light would ever shine again…
      In the entire universe…
      Now, THAT is Genocide on a universal scale, litterally.
      The same plan they tried to make a reality back in the early days, that was prevented by Asgards forces, which ends with Malekith sacrificing his own people in order to escape.

      When exactly should Thor talk to Malekith?
      Considering that the dark elves, without any warning, attack Asgard in their cloaked ships, kills numerous Asgardians, destroys Odins throne and kills Thors mother in the process.
      Their intent is so absurdly obvious, even more obvious than their wish to not enter into any negotiation at all.

      You seriously need to sit down and watch this movie again.

      • Honestly that just raises anothe problem: the Dark Elves were FLAT as villains. They just wanted to destroy the Universe because…. they are evil and don’t like it? A shame they had to cut Malekith’s character development.

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I can’t believe you didn’t talk about the scene that set up guardians of the galaxy. Doug that scene was epic but despite that I can see where your coming from. There are also a number of critics who didn’t like this flick but it has a 68 percent on rotten tomatoes so a number of them must have liked it. Can’t wait for your opinion on captan America the winter soldier I think that’s way better then the movie and my second movies of marvels phase 2( behind guardians of course) 😉

  7. Finally past the slog. Most of the movies past here are pretty fucking good.

  8. First off, I’m one of the people who like this film. And I prefer it to the first one. I like the interaction between Thor and Loki and the Final Battle was very creative and, unlike Doug, I don’t mind the side-characters.
    But hey, I have a pretty high tolerance. I didn’t mind Dawn in Buffy either (but I *Hated* Robyn in Jessica Jones).

    But with that said; Sweet Odin, the comic is so much better. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Check out the first Two Volumes of Walt Simonsons Thor. Malekith in that story is Awesome. And the Dark Elves are so much more interesting, drawing a lot of inspiration from The Fair Folk of Celtic Mythology.
    And they could have planted the seed for the next film with Surtur so much better.
    If they had stuck closer to the source material, it would have been grand, epic and awesome.

    As it is now, I find it to be an okay fantasy/action-adventure flick.

    Oh. And just one thing about the “naked” scientist. That’s just Stellan Skarsgård being Stellan. Seriously, he LOVES being naked on film. Danish director Lars von Trier even joked that “all I have to do to get Stellan is to tell him he can be naked in this film”.

  9. I think the biggest problem with the movie is sadly Malecafe. in the comics he like so many other Thor villains is a trictester. because Thor is so strong and so powerful most of his villains can match him in a straight up fight they have to out think think him, not to hard as Thor is kind of a idiot but still.

    but in the movies they already have Loki who has become so iconic they can’t use the same gimic as in the comics so they are kind of stuck, so they tried a ‘Darker’ and more ‘serious’ character but he just came of as dull

  10. For someone who says its not that bad of a movie you sure do nothing but complain about it in this one.

    I thought it was perfectly good. It wasn’t amazing, but there’s nothing I hated about it. I don’t find the comic relief annoying, their actions all fit their established backstories, the dark world you may find boring but to me it fit with their nihilistic theme (And the antagonist is less of a personal antagonist than the figurehead of their whole race) and it sets up the whole concept of the infinity stones to the MCU nicely. Its a solid 8/10, nothing to rave about, but no complaints from me.

  11. If it’s any consolation, I didn’t care much for this movie either. And I liked the first Thor even more than Doug did. He complains about the comic relief but doesn’t bother to bring up that they brought in a genuinely talented comedic actor Chris O’Dowd just to play the scrub date, or whatever his character was. Then again, he probably got a huge paycheck for his role in this. But I think if I ever see this movie, I’ll turn it off and NOT turn it back on again.

  12. Yeah, this was especially painful for me because Thor was the character I was most looking forward to when I heard about which films they were doing. I wound up liking Captain America the most, but I was still really looking forward to seeing Thor again, and not in a ‘fish out of water’ story where he doesn’t have his powers, but in his element with the setup already done, and I got even more hyped when I heard Christopher Eccleston was playing Malekith.

    If you want my personal take on it, well, if you hadn’t pointed out that a major character had died, I honestly wouldn’t have remembered. The only things I remember from this film are the painful comedy, the banter between Loki and Thor, their fake-out against Malekith and the climax, and even that’s fuzzy.

    Overall, the film isn’t bad and I can see why people might like it, but it’s nowhere near as good as I’d hoped and certainly not as good as the Captain America films or any of the new heroes/teams that were released afterwards. At least it’s all uphill from here.

  13. Naked scientist guy totally had reasons… Namely (partial) insanity due to having Loki mind control/possess him.

    I feel this movie has some of the greatest scenes in the MCU – scenes that were largely strung together as part of an underwhelming overall story. All of Thor’s friends telling Loki they’d kill him if he crossed Thor. Pretty much any scene with Loki, for that matter. Mjolnir being summoned and having to perform several u-turns as Thor goes through several portals…

    Great scenes. Great banter… but between all that: A rather lackluster villain who was really only threatening in that he wanted the super-powerful mcguffin in order to do really bad things, trust us. Dull scenery (I get it, kinda – but perhaps a little less Dr-Who-esque gravel quarry and more post-apocalyptic remnants of the dark-elf civilization?).

  14. I completely agree on the part where we should see a lot more of Thor’s Friends. They atleast have personalities. I here lots of rumors that Natalie Portman hates being in Thor and that irks me because no one wants her there. If the she doesn’t want to be there and we don’t want her to be there then why do they keep using her. I feel like we should put focus on Lady Sifs emotions towards Thor, this Woman who is like Thor in a million more ways than Jane Foster is. Even if Sif and Thor don’t get together it’d be more interesting to see her perspective on the matter than Natalie Portman… At all

  15. This movie isn’t perfect (and the MCU movie to follow is unquestionably better), but there’s a lot to like about it. We get a lot more Thor action, we see more character development on Thor’s part, we get to see Jane’s thrill of being probably the first human to ever come to Asgard, we see Heimdal, Sif, and the Warriors Three being given a bit more more to do (though still not quite as much as I hoped), we see Loki actually suffering the loss of the one person who still loved him because of his mischievous telling the Kursed about the secret stairway, and we see him and Thor hashing out their differences and even fighting on the same side briefly (though, yeah, it sucks that’s absent for the final act).

    Yeah, it’s another underwhelming villain but you can’t fault them for that when nearly every Marvel film has that problem. And yeah, it’s a bit of a convenient stretch that, of all the people in the world, it would be JANE who finds the Aether, motivating Thor to find her, but I didn’t find her or Kat Dennings annoying.

    Trust me, I’ve seen annoying characters. Jar Jar Binks was annoying, those two Autobots in the second “Transformers” were annoying (you know the ones I’m talking about), Jennifer Coollidge’s character on “Two Broke Girls” is REALLY annoying. Kat Denning’s character isn’t annoying.

  16. I enjoyed this movie, but mainly because of Thor and Loki’s interactions. That’s what everyone in my theater wanted to see, when Jane showed up people literally groaned.

    It’s rare when a hero has so much chemistry with his “villain”. Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth are fantastic in these roles and I wished this movie could be all about the two of them.

    When character X died I was so pissed they cut away to the human characters and their needless comedy. Well, since Natalie Portman is not coming back, here’s to hoping I’ll get the movie I’ve been waiting for.

  17. I will say one thing that’s offensive. Sif’s bitch glare at Jane. REALLY? ARE WE REALLY DOING THIS? Imagine if Wonder Woman or Xena did this. We’d think “Wow, they’re grown ass woman acting like middle school girls. They need to hand in their warrior card and get a fucking grip.”

    Oh yeah, and how Selvig’s mental insanity was played for laughs. He was mind controlled by the God of Mischief. Good thing Jessica Jones came along to show just how fucked up mind control is.

    • Yeah, I hated what they did to Selvig, he was the most likable of the science team from the first movie & sort of a wise mentor/cool grandpa figure…Its REALLY sad that they totally belittled his character & took the idea of him suffering from the after effects of Loki’s mind control to make him into a joke, a really bad one too >_<

  18. They better explain it in guardians of the Galaxy
    Weird the movie with a talking tree made more sence of the stones than Thor
    The movie with a talking animal with guns ( the Disney animal everyone wanted)

  19. Malekith was a much better villain in the comics. Instead of a space alien, he was more of a medieval magical evil elf, and he was awesome. In the movie, he’s not very compelling.

    • To me, this movie felt like it was made specifically to set up more plot for Infinity War; it served no other purpose.

      • It says something about the scope of these movies when a plot to use an ancient force of power to cloak in darkness and evil a multi-planet empire of space vikings… is just a set up for the real threat coming down the line.

  20. So What your saying is…….Kat Denning’s is secretly a Dark God, just like how Jar Jar is secretly the Sith Lord behind everything?

  21. There are 3 MCU movies I’ve not seen. Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Ant-Man.

    • Iron Man 3 is a lot of fun if the Mandarin stuff doesn’t bother you. I found it hilarious cause I’m not married to the source material, but I understand how someone could despise it.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        I’m a long time Marvel and Iron Man fan and I liked what they did with the Mandarin. The Mandarin is a dated, racist character, a throwback to Sax Rohmer’s Fu Manchu and other “yellow peril” villains of the early 20th century. He has no place in the modern world, and he needed to go.
        In fact, Iron Man had not one but TWO “yellow peril” villains. The name of the other? The Yellow Claw. Yeah, I don’t think we’ll be seeing him on screen anytime soon. Or anywhere else, hopefully.

    • You’re missing out if you haven’t seen Ant-Man. I was very skeptical about it too, but it ended up being one of my favorite superhero films, right up there with Guardians of the Galaxy and Watchmen.

  22. flamethrower-guitar

    Yeah . . . looking back I don’t like this movie nearly as much as I did when it first came out.

    I still enjoyed it, but it’s kind of hard for me to get over the fact that they totally wasted Christopher Eccleston, who should have been a great villain, and instead gave us the most boring villain in the MCU.

    Also Natalie Portman drives me insane. Not a fan of Kat Dennings in this film either but I can tolerate her.

    I just honestly can’t help liking this movie, though, mostly because of how cheesy it is. It’s a fun kind of cheesy. Also this movie finally made me like Loki. So yeah, not one of the best of the MCU but not exactly terrible either. Just kind of fun.

  23. Yeah, no, I greatly disliked this movie. I thought the stuff with the scientist was appalling. Making fun of people who had traumatic experiences, way to go. I liked Kat Dennings a lot in the first one, but she was awful in this one. The villain was dreadful, the visuals were dull, and so much time is wasted. What a gyp. Worth it for Loki and Thor stuff cause those actors are great, but I won’t be watching it again.

    You’re in a minority? I thought no one liked this movie much.

  24. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, and Doug Walker’s gotta hate on Jar Jar.
    BORING, DOUG! Jar Jar is the ultimate go-to character for lazy internet reviewers whenever they want to say how much they hate something. I don’t like him either, but for fuck’s sake, the Phantom Menace came out 15 years ago. The Jar Jar hate, she is old. Find a new whipping boy. Stop being so goddamned lazy.
    In fact, the same goes for the prequels. I never need to hear another word about them, ever again. There is literally nothing anyone can say about those three movies that hasn’t already been said a thousand times before. Enough already. They’re done, gone, over with. Move on to something new.

    • I agree. I think it’s great that you’re making fun of something annoying, but that doesn’t mean you have to be infinitely more annoying. Now as for the actual movie. I admit it probably is the least in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s really not that loved. I still liked it because of how fun the characters are.

  25. This was…kinda dull. The villain is such a delight in the comics but here? Maybe they feared, he’d be too similar to Loki (both are tricksters), maybe they wanted to keep it accessible for kids (Malekith is pretty sadistic and cruel), but this is a terrible villain, worst so far.
    I didn’t mind the side characters that much, but what they did with Erik Selvig was…a bit too much for me. And yes, they could’ve done more with the warriors and Asgard. Heck, they shelve one of the warriors immediately after the first scene!

    It’s not a bad movie, though, it has its nice scenes and I liked the expansion on the universe. But…yeah, I prefer each of the other movies to this, even Hulk…

  26. Mjolnir was the real MVP of this movie, that poor hammer did so many turn around trying to catch up to Thor.

  27. I guess I’m in the minority here then since I think Kat Dennings’ character is one of the better characters in the Thor movies after Thor, Sif and Loki.

  28. Another MCU film that I’ve only seen once (so far), and I thought it was… meh. I didn’t like it, I didn’t hate it, and I certainly don’t remember a whole lot of it…

    …aside from Loki pulling off the best (at least visually) Tommy Wiseau cosplay EVER.

  29. You’re not alone. I thought almost the whole movie was a pointless waste. Parts that weren’t were mostly thanks to Hiddleston as Loki.

  30. This movie was terrible, so far the ONLY MCU movie I can think of that I hated more than Thor 2 is Winter Soldier. Weak plot which takes until the last 20 minutes of the movie to get off the ground, plot holes so big the universe it takes place in could fall through the cracks, the villains are played up to be much worse than they are and seriously if you think some of your other villains are over top take this into consideration, they blew up a castle, started a war with three different cultures, waiting to use their ultimate weapon that they didn’t have to wait to use, flashed their ships and showed off to everyone for attention when again they didn’t have to, oh and all of this, ALL of it is just so they could sit in the dark and brood, the villains of this movie are literally EMO’s. Yeah, and again the problem with Marvel is that when they put out Avengers they realized they didn’t have to put out anything that had any effort or quality put into it so again they let the quality slide form the first one, which BTW is also a really bad movie.

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