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Now it’s Matthew Perry’s turn in a love triangle comedy, as Friendsuary continues with Three to Tango!

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  1. Can this movie BE any better than Kissing a Fool? (Short answer: yes.)

    I also love Chandler, and it’s due to his comedic personality that I can relate to.

    3:47- No, his name is clearly Chanandler Bong.

    4:27- Don’t you mean Dr. Cox from Scrubs and Phoebe’s long lost father?

    5:43- Yeah, I also tried the Clooney hair in the late 90s, and it was only because he played Batman, and I was young and stupid to know any better.

    11:57- Uh-oh, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry” flashback.

    I was also thinking about the people at Chandler’s office thinking he’s gay in Friends: Season 1.

    13:30- Like that time Ross went crazy when he found out that Joey & Rachel became an item.

    14:05- Oh yeah, that time in college when Chandler sported the hairstyle I like to call “The Devil.”

    17:39- This is already my favorite sequence of the movie. It’s like a comedic version of Order 66 from Revenge of the Sith.

    23:26- Is it me, or have the Friends thoughts on Friendsuary gone downhill around here?

  2. ahh the homophobic humor of the 90’s. I can’t say I don’t remember it, but god is it painful to watch now. It’s true what they say, comedies are the easiest films to become dated.

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