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The turtles are back and Chester is here to see if they’re as trippy as he remembers them. Chester reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 – Out of the Shadows.

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  1. So Chester got reincarnated after all! …But how?

  2. OH MY GAWD! This is teh greatest review, I have evah seen, in my entire life!!!

  3. I’ll see this later this month when I’ve actually seen this movie.

  4. You know, the more Doug talks about modern TMNT incarnations, the more I want to know his take on the current tv show, cuz I can see him either liking it or not liking it for the changes it makes to the turtles.

    • Considering Doug didn’t watch the 2003 show outside of the final crossover episode, I dunno how much it would matter. It’d only be comparing to the 80’s series rather than the full breadth of the franchise.

    • He loved the current show, it showed up in one of his older reviews where they took a time out to watch it. I believe it was a cross over review with angry joe? They were trying to find the heart of the turtles I think. It was either that review or a different one, I just recall they took the time out to watch the new show and gushed about it.

  5. I feel Casey Jones was pretty much a pretty boy in a hockey mask, probably due to Michael Bay trying to steer the negativity from people who criticized him for hiring Megan Fox on for her looks instead of acting talent and was like: “No! See women! Its okay, now you can have something to oogle at too in this movie, see, see, SEE!?!?! Now you guys can have your eye candy too!”

    Because yeah, he was attractive in the movie and obviously a love interest plotline for April (which don’t get me wrong both Casey and April were love interests in the franchise, but it was much more well-written than they had it portrayed in this film)

  6. I guess I have to praise them for including all these characters. It was like “The Jungle Book” only nowhere near as good. Wait, you didn’t like that one either. It made little sense, but the franchise was never intended to. It was just okay. Why aren’t you doing a Sibling Rivalry with this?

  7. Well damn, they managed to fuck up Shredder’s character AGAIN? I’m not gonna watch this. I’m still seething in my nerdy fangirl rage.

    Jump into a volcano, Michael Bay.

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