Too Many Games and Indy Cons

Two big cons coming up in June. Click here for IndyPopCon tickets or Click here for Too Many Games!

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  1. mashitandsmashit

    This would be a great opportunity to review the new Ninja Turtles movie with the Nerd…And maybe make a joke about his refusal to see the new Ghostbusters movie…

  2. I missed you at MomoCon! I saw Rob noticed me. He waved disinterestingly at me. I didn’t know you had to buy tickets to see you! There should have been something on the website about that! Maybe I’ll catch you next year.


  4. Before I turn 30, I want to go to a con. It will happen! LOL. Also, I agree with the person above. Please come to Seattle!

  5. I hope to see you at TooManyGames!

  6. flamethrower-guitar

    Would love for you to visit Dallas someday! We have a pretty good comic con.

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