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For many, Toonami was their intro to anime. The Nostalgia Critic is shown the impact one of Cartoon Network’s most famous programming segments…with TOM too, of course. Support this week’s charity –

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  1. Toonami is back Bitches!! ^_^
    First BTW! till next time happy. i’m sure you’ll get it next time. ^_^

  2. Oddly enough, I didn’t watch Sailor Moon until I was a middle schooler in the late 2000s. I also watched Powerpuff Girls but for most of its run, I had to sneak it. I’m pretty sure the anime came afterward though. I LOVED HAMTARO. I still have a Bijou plushie. I also liked the Justice League show. I vividly remember Miguzi and watched it more than Toonami. I used to watch it after school. I occasionally watched the Jackie Chan show. I didn’t watch any of the other shows you covered. I hope to see The Clone Wars one day though. I have no idea why I never saw it. Shame on me. By the way, what is with this website and its hatred for Mamma Mia? LOL.
    P.S. LOL @ Valis77

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