Top 10 ACTUAL Worst Selling Consoles – Fact Hunt

There’s been many Worst Consoles and Worst Selling Console lists on the internet over the years, but bizarrely not one of them has ever put them in actual sales numbers (in fact, many consoles on this list have NEVER been mentioned before). So this episode I finally put to rest what truly are the worst selling consoles of all time!

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  1. Whoa – nostalgia central!

    First, that Casio drumpad commercial was the coolest thing in the world in the 80s. I indeed wear my Sunglasses at night.

    Second, I had a friend that got a used Action Max at a flea market, and played that Pops Ghostly game…it was fun for about a half hour even as children, then you got bored and went back to playing with He-Man action figures and Transformers.

  2. Yeh, there are failures which were knock off hardware, which despite pore ass seals could be in fact quite successful in relation to expectations. And failures which were supposed to be hits, but end as disaster despite relatively decent seals.

    So yes, topic is in fact bit illusive..

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