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Doug has done his Top 10 Batman the Animated Series episodes and now Awesome Comics gives you theirs!

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  1. About the Replicants from “His Silicon Soul.” Did you happen to notice that the guy who plays the engineer/programmer is that guy from Bladerunner, where his role is practically identical? You should ask his brother Darryl and his other brother Darryl.

  2. Unfortunately, I wasn’t alive for most of the time that Batman: The Animated Series was around so I don’t have much to say. I grew up with Superman: The Animated Series instead. I think I was like 5. Although, I know about a good chunk of the episodes due to… culture, I guess.

    • I only watched the Superman show too, cause my grandma thought Batman was too dark. So I borrowed the Batman series and watched it all. SO worth it. I highly recommend it.

  3. Shockingly TNBA heavy list, honestly, and of those included I’d only call Over the Edge a real standout, oddly enough. More than that, though, I consider it heresy to not include Heart of Ice and Read My Lips on such a list. Mine would probably resemble this:

    1. Heart of Ice
    2. Read My Lips
    3. Perchance to Dream
    4. Growing Pains
    5. The Man Who Killed Batman
    6. On Leather Wings
    7. Two-Face
    8. Mad as a Hatter
    9. Mean Seasons
    10. See No Evil

  4. I’d like to see Peter NacNicol be a live action version of the Mad Hatter. He’s already voiced him in the Arkham games, and has the right kind of “ungainly short guy” look about him (apologies to MacNicol for the seriously backhanded compliment there)

  5. I know schedules are tight, but it would be really great to hear thoughts about weekly books. Even if they were only short vids, getting some conversation about what’s out each week would be fun.

  6. I’m really surprised Almost Got Em didn’t make your main list. But that shows how awesome the series is that people can have such different lists and I wouldn’t be able to say which should be left off to make room for others.

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