Top 10 Best Robin Williams Performances Part 1

Everyone has been requesting this so let’s take a look at the real Pan, Robin Williams.

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  1. Something I’ve always wanted to see is the test footage used to convince Williams to play The Genie. The animators took a recording of one of his stand up shows and created a black and white cartoon of Genie saying it all to Aladdin and sent it to Robin Williams in the post.

    The tiny bit shown in the official “making of” goes:
    Genie: Now I want to talk about the very serious topic of schizophrenia
    *Grows a second head*
    Genie (head 2): NO YOU DON’T!!!

  2. I also was extremely impressed by his performance in August Rush. If I hadn’t seen his name on the DVD cover I wouldn’t have guessed it was him.

  3. i was wandering how you were gonna deal with having to talk about his worst performances, didn’t think about doing this, cool.

  4. I’ve never seen Insomnia or Good Morning Vietnam. I liked Pan enough but the 2003 Peter Pan movie really had my heart as a kid. I loved him in Jumanji though. ^.^ He was okay as the Genie in Aladdin but my apathy for Disney might be clouding my judgement. My favorite performance of his is Teddy Roosevelt in Night at the Museum.

  5. Man, it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite performance for Robin Williams. The movies I loved him in the most were Dead Poet’s Society, Good Will Hunting, Aladdin, Jumanji, and Mrs. Doubtfire. However, Williams is one of those actors who can make even the worst of movies somewhat tolerable with his skill and humor, so there isn’t really a “bad performance” by Williams per se (though there are some “meh” performances, I guess.). Jumanji was a HUGE part of my childhood, even bigger than Aladdin. I do remember the cartoon because I watched it all the time as a little kid and the live action movie was one of my favorites to rent from the video store (boy, have I aged myself by saying that) even if there were some scenes that scared me. Heck, this might actually be one of the first movies with scary scenes that I watched more than once as a kid (I was a huge scaredy cat who would generally only watch a film once if it scared me at any point.)

  6. As a former radio dj, I loved Good Morning Vietnam, but the real Adrian Kronauer hated the film and Robin’s portrayal. My absolute favorite Williams performance, though, is a little-known Terry Gilliam film, “The Fisher King.” Robin’s character of a hurting, mentally ill homeless person will alternately have you rolling in laughter and crying your eyes out – the entire film is an underrated gem from when Gilliam was at the top of his game.

  7. My favorite Robin Williams performance will always be Armand Goldman in The Birdcage. I mean, it’s not what he does, it’s what he doesn’t do. Williams plays the gay owner of a drag nightclub…in Florida. If you look at the role on paper, it just seems like the kind of vehicle Williams would use to go all over the place with his usual over-the-top shtick and improve. But he doesn’t…he restrains himself. And with Williams, it’s either comedy or drama. But, with The Birdcage, you get both.

    • And the places in Birdcage where Williams does cut loose with the improv, it’s brilliant — like his instructing the performers in how to dance, or the whole toast scene. He and Nathan Lane play off each other so well. My favorite scene, though, is one of the “restrained” ones: where he’s pissed off at his houseboy for giving Nathan drugs, the houseboy reveals it’s just aspirin with the letters scraped off, and Robin gives us this moment of shocked, quiet, approving awe, followed by “you’re brilliant”.

  8. Potential Top 5 (not in any order):
    Good Will Hunting
    Dead Poets Society
    The Fisher King
    One Hour Photo
    Mrs Doubtfire

  9. Hoping that World’s Greatest Dad and One Hour Photo are in the top 5, and that Fisher King is number 1, though I’m sure that would most likely go to Mrs. Doubtfire. I much prefer Robin Williams when he’s not portraying Robin Williams.

  10. What in God’s name could top the Genie and Adrian Kronauer???

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