Top 10 Films Doug Likes But Everybody Else Hates

Top 10 Films Doug Likes But Everybody Else Hates

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  1. Cloud Atlas, it’s one of those movies that really seems to have people either hating it or loving it , with the majority hating it. I think it is a movie that Doug would like and would love to see what Doug/NC thinks of it.

  2. The Cat in the Hat. I was really shocked when I heard people didn’t like this because I just thought it was hilarious, I liked Mike Myers as the cat, he was funny, I liked the cartoony nature of the C.G.I, sort of like The Mask, and I just thought it was so fucking funny I just loved it, and I especially liked the bit where they’re in the kitchen pretending to do this morning cookery show and he accidently cuts a bit of his tale off and at first he just like calm and not really bothered but then immediately he goes “SON OF A BI-” and there’s this really long beep censoring his swearing, that was hilarious, I’d understand if people found that gruesome and unpleasant but it’s not like they show blood or anything like that I don’t think it’s that bad. So yeah, that’s a film I like but no one else does, I actually think it’s really funny.

  3. My thoughts on Atlantis are more or less the same.

  4. I actually really liked Hancock. It’s not an excellent piece of cinema, but I wasn’t expecting that. It could have easily been a comedy all-throughout, but it actually got interesting with the concept of becoming mortal. Hancock was actually a superhero I could understand and like as a tragic character.

    Another movie I really liked, but it seemed to just get snubbed, was John Carter. I’m pretty sure that most people who saw it never read any of the books, but I thought it was pretty faithful. This is an early 1900’s sci-fi story that’s only had like one movie back in the 70’s or 80’s. This was an opportunity to update it. I am always uncomfortable when Disney does a more adult movie, but I thought it was well done. It was an engaging action/adventure film.

    Also, I recommend Oblivion if no one has seen it. That one seemed to go somewhat unnoticed. I loved that movie; good music, beautiful visuals, and an engaging story.

  5. Tom and Jerry: The Movie. Now obviously if you went into this movie hoping it was like the shorts then you would’ve been very disappointed, but I did like the idea that they’re left out on the streets together and forced to try to get along for once. It’s like what Doug said about the ending of Let Me In, it’s very interesting that these characters are on the run, how are they gonna survive, what will they do? I also like a lot of the characters they meet along the way, like the stray dog Pugsy and this other dog character who’s actually so fat that he has to get around on a skateboard, and I like the songs, especially Friends to the End. So say what you want, personally I really liked it.

  6. I Like the Star Wars prequels, Yeah they’re not as good as the original, but they have a bunch of entertaining set pieces, Ewan McGregor is Amazing. And I also love seeing Yoda fight. Plus they’re Star Wars.

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