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The Awesome Comics crew give you their picks for Top 10 X-Men Animated Series episodes on this weeks show. What are some of your favorite episodes from the X-Men Animated series?

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  1. I liked the days of futur past movie, I think it’s legitimately a great movie. I’m surpised that it’s starting to be considerd as bad by many people, since Apocalypse came out.
    I think that might be a side effect of people trying to downplay any francise except the mcu. (the mcu is relying to much on their mainstream formular in my opinion.) And now with Apocalypse they gave them an opening, which surprisingly overshadows everything else.
    But anyway nice episode.

  2. When I started watching this show, it was reruns because the show had ended about three or four years before I started watching it. I would have to stay up at 11 so I only saw this show during the summer as a kid. A lot of what I know about X-Men comes from those re-runs I saw as a kid even before the movies started coming out.

  3. I preferred X-men Evolution.

  4. Jezuz guys! research before you discuss!
    How can 5-parter be called the best episode? Phoenix saga is five episoedes, they can’t all be ‘best episode’.

    And ‘I’m the Juggernaut, ^&*(!’ WAS in the movie. In the third one.

  5. Completely disagree with number 1.

    Your number 2 is my favorite because it was one of the few episodes that sets up a fantastic premise that feels like there’s no winning solution. The ending is brilliant.

    The phoenix saga is just filled with WAY too much strange comic stuff. X-men in space dealing with aliens has just never been my idea of a fun time. I love time travel which is clearly sci-fy as well but its grounded in the realities of Earth so it just feels acceptable to me.

    I understand that Phoenix is an iconic character but I found the story to be largely boring save for a few moments. The Dark Phoenix Saga was even worse for me as a follow up.

    I’ll acknowledge that I’m in the minority here.

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