Top 11 Best Movie Sequels

There’s so many bad ones, but Nostalgia Critic takes a look at which sequels deserve the most credit as being the best!

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  1. I was really hoping you wouldn’t put The Dark Knight on the list. I honestly don’t think the movie holds up after these years as much as you think it does. The writing isn’t nearly as smart as it pretends to be, the psychology is insanely inaccurate, a lot of its dialogue is forced, unnatural or just crappy
    And man, I just hate Batman’s costume in this, it looks utterly hideous. I get they wanted him to be more utilitarian and moveable, but BvS managed to do that visually SO much better than the cluttered crappy costume in this film. For a movie that’s SO intent on symbols and iconography, they made a suit that completely obscured the actual chest symbol, and completely fucked up the iconic look of Batman.
    Sure, it’s got a few decent action scenes, some neat ideas for a story, but personally I think it’s kind of a mess that just isn’t that good when proper thought is applied, like how completely idiotic Joker’s plan is and how much had to go precisely right for it to work.
    As for not talking down to people, that’s ALL that movie did! It was constantly analysing itself and forcing its message pointlessly down the audience’s throat! I found it so obnoxious that it didn’t allow its audience to interpret anything for themselves, it just crammed in pseudo-philosophy wherever it could and then interrupted that with an action scene again.
    It’s well acted and paced for the most part (even though I always thought Bale was awful even as Bruce Wayne, let alone that ridiculous gargling gravel voice), it’s just I think the plot to that film is massively overrated.

  2. >Which I won’t give away
    Doug….DOUG. That movie is so old and that twist is so well known I have met people who know that line but do not know what Superman’s origin story is. Don’t you EVER…EVER fucking insult Empire that way again.

  3. My favorite movie of all time is Spider-Man 2.

  4. Kingofthedragons27

    I’m surprised he didn’t include Shrek 2, Kung Fu Panda 2, or The Winter Soldier. I wonder what he thinks of the Evil Dead trilogy.

  5. One of my favorite sequels– that I’m kinda sad to not see on this list– is “Conquest of the Planet of the Apes,” the fourth film from the original Planet of the Apes series. Based on the research I did, many would say that the third movie, “Escape from the Planet of the Apes” is the better movie, but I have to disagree. Conquest was much darker in tone than it’s three predecessors (and it’s one successor– again, talking about the original series), and I felt the story was much better. The imagery of this film just sticks with me more than any of the others (sans the first one). What really puts the film over the top for me is the original cut. When the film first came out, studios and test audiences reacted poorly to the original cut. So, the crew had to edit certain parts of the movie and reshoot the ending. Now, on DVD and blu-ray, the Original cut is available and it is the superior version.

    • Cool to hear someone agree about “Conquest” that appreciates all of the original series (barring Beneath the Planet of the Apes, that one is kind of lame).

      Conquest had the most impact on me because the metaphor to race, slavery, apartheid, and the darker nature of humanity were all presented in a very stripped down, tense, and unrelenting manner. Also, you finally get to see what happened to bring about the world of the original film.

    • Conquest is ok, but the low budget really gets in the way.

  6. So then the question is: If Sequel Month follows the same rules as the last time we had a “Sequel Month,” what exactly will we see sequels of? Well, I guess we’ll find out next week. (even though I honestly can’t think of one review that has been done that had a sequel that he hasn’t already talked about.

    Unless if it might be the Independence day movie that took budget money away from Deadpool… (/sarcasm) or if we’re going to get the 2nd Inspector Gadget movie… or Jaws…

  7. I can’t argue with most of the list, maybe The Dark Knight because I tend to think people overpraised it due to the tragedy of Heath Ledger’s death. It always annoyed me when The Joker said he didn’t have plans, when he had a very complicated and convoluted plan.

    I enjoy The Godfather more than The Godfather II because in the original you can still root for the Corleones. Michael was about protecting his family in I, but in Part II it’s more about THE FAMILY. It’s just a harder watch and why the young Vito segments are important. You see a real difference in how father and son handle things

  8. I am so glad Godfather part II got some attention. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time (aside from the original) and I was really hoping it would make it onto the list. I love the parallels between the first and the second movie, from the happiness and laugher of the opening wedding scene in the 1st, to the brooding and almost uneasy tone of the communion party in the 2nd. Truly a great film series (we don’t talk about part 3)

  9. The_Madder_Hatter

    Personally I think putting Dark Knight in there is slightly risky, only because of the abundance of really good super hero sequels. Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and X-Men days of future past for example.

  10. Angryatthecritic666

    Awww man, I was hoping he would leave a little hint to what next week’s review was going to be

  11. I’m really surprised The Hunger Games sequels aren’t on here.

  12. I gotta say, I’m a bit surprised “Back To The Future 2” isn’t on this list. While the films that were pushed the boundaries to not rehash the same plot as their predecessors, BTTF2 did literally the opposite! Having the film’s cast recreate the first film 4 years later, albeit from a different perspective.

    • The reason Back to the Future II isn’t on the list, is because the original film is just better and nearly perfect.

      I love BttF2…but the original is like top 10 greatest all time movie list material.

  13. YES!!! I knew precisely what was gonna be #1!!!

  14. To me, Curse of Chucky overwrites Bride of Chucky, Short Circuit 2 brings more life better than the first one and Ghostbusters 2 got me int othe fandom. But if you’re going to knock down bad seuels again…PLEAE TAKE OUT “An American Tale 3”! I FUCLING HATED THAT ONE!

  15. Good choices. Another sequel that’s better than the original? Addams Family Values.

  16. He surprised me by not including Rescuers Down Under and I was guessing Kung Fu Panda 2 would be there as well.

    And as far as previous Sequel Month goes, you said reviewing bad sequels to bad movies you already talked about but you did NIMH 2 and you neither reviewed nor think NIMH 1 is bad… Or were there more than one Sequel Month and rules have changed along the way?

  17. Honorable mention: Blade 2

  18. Lethal Weapon 2 and Superman II could be choices for best movie sequels.

  19. – Totally disagree on Fury Road, I’m in the minority here, but I think Fury Road is a joke and laughed at it’s unintentional parody and villains created by me and my nine year old friends after binge watching 80s cartoons. The Road Warrior would have been a better pick.

    – Evil Dead 2 could make the list, but it really was more of a remake.

    – Honorable mention to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. While slightly better than the first, it’s not enough of an improvement.

  20. I really like Revenge of the Sith. The only SW prequel that I legitimately enjoy and probably love. I think the Star Wars franchise and universe wouldn’t be the same without this film.

  21. It’s Khan not Kahn.

  22. Is there really anyone on this planet who doesn’t know the Empire spoiler?

  23. I’m surprised Back To The Future 2 didn’t even get a mention. I mean, come on, hoverboards.

  24. I liked Toy Story 2 but I actually like the third one better. I thought it had more heart.

  25. Not a bad list. But here is a few you forgot.
    Gremlins 2 – The sequel to end all sequels and tons of fun

    Psycho II – Not letting go that fact you overlooked this one. Norman tries to reform but we see how hard it is for a disturbed man to be accepted into society again. Great suspense and one heck of a tense ending

    The Great Muppet Caper – Much like Gremlins 2, it feels like a parody of sequels and has a lot of fun stuff. It takes the bigger and more epic motif literally. Breaking new ground in puppetry and packed with more jokes than the first one

    Addams Family Vaules – Need I say more?

    Clerks 2 – I personally feel a lot is improved here. We get to explore the relationship between Dante and Randal while also satirizing the fast food industry. Probably has the best fan argument about the Star Wars and LOTR franchise.

    Back to the Future Part III – I was tempted to say Part II was better, but I have some problems with it concerning pace. It had a good story but I felt Part III was more interesting as it explores Doc more and, despite some rehashing, it contains a great climax involving a train.

    • Honore de Ballsack

      I like Addams Family Values a lot too. It’s noticeably more similar to the TV show (the first Addams Family movie was more like the New Yorker cartoons)

  26. Well, as for the good sequels you missed – some Harry Potter ones are definitely better than the first movie, and third is generally considered to be the best one.

  27. Some surprises in there, but it was interesting to watch. I did not actually expect your number 1, but I can see why you picked it.

    As for the Godfather films, I admit, I must add to the list of people saying I never really got into it. It seemed a bit pretentious and self-indulgent for my tastes.

  28. Honore de Ballsack

    Love most of your picks.
    They should have kept the original ending to Terminator 2 IMHO.
    One of the main differences between adults and kids: kids never try to hide it if they’re surprised.

  29. *cough* Rescuers Down Under *cough*

  30. I know it wasn’t popular but after seeing Short Circuit 2 the first is too boring to sit through.
    And how could you not list The Matrix Reloaded? That blew the first Matrix out of the water (then commited suicide with Revolutions) But Reloaded was so awesome I waited the whole video for you to list it.

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