Top 11 Disney Princess Conspiracies

Thought you knew everything about these animated ladies? Well here are 11 theories that will have you looking at them a whole new way!

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  1. I think that the reason why people think that Elsa is a lesbian is because her sotory works as an allegory for coming out of the closet. I think that Rantasmo and Leon Thomas did videos about that.

    About the ages of the princes, at least we know that the Beast is 21.

    • The problem I have with the theory of Elsa being a lesbian is that kind of ruins the whole point of sisterly love in the movie by putting in a stereotype.

      “Oh, she doesn’t need a hunky prince to be happy or find true love? Must be gay.”

  2. While not a Disney PRINCESS conspiracy (Hey NC cheated too) I still keep the Dead Cannon/ Conspiracy that The Lion King, Robin hood and Zootopia exist in the same universe across different eras:

    First you have The Lion King, where the Circle of Life is still something which characters lives by, meaning even in a world where animals have human-like sense of thought they still live by the instinct of Predators eating Prey.

    Enter Timon & Pumba, two outcasts who not only eat, but eventually feed Bugs to the heir ruler of the Pride Lands; Bugs in this world are not as sentient as the other animals, just like in Zootopia according to artbook and behind the scenes information (It’s what they drink and eat to not eat eachother if stuff in the background is to be believed). So in some what, they broke the idea of the Circle of Life by giving the lead Predator an alternative type of food that does not involve the slaughtering of Prey.

    Then we move to Robin Hood, who’s character design and style was a heavy influence for Zootopia according to the Directors. In here we can see the animals evolving into more humanoid-like societies just like in the latter movie and could easily be considered as Zootopia’s Middle Ages.

    Finally, we have Zootopia; Which is basically our Modern Era but with animals fully embracing a society where they don’t try to eat eachother, in some way thanks to two goofballs who gave a Lion bugs to eat.

    It’s long, stupid and contrived but aren’t all conspiracies of this matter?

    Hey, there’s also the idea that the Cars movies are not the post-apocaliptic idea that everyone who tries to connect Pixar films believe it is, but rather it’s the audience peering into the imagination of a boy playing with his toy Cars like in Toy Story 3. But that’s another can o worms to open….

  3. The deal with Merida not having a boyfriend is actually to do with a more an ancient Gaelic mythic tradition (One that would predate the movies time period by a few centuries) in which if one wanted to bed/marry (Rule one of Irish and Scottish mythology: everyone is a whore, no exceptions.) a female warrior they had to first best her in combat or something similar. Considering Merida easily defeated her suitors during the trials no one was worthy. If they ever were to give her a boyfriend he would at least have to prove himself her equal, which given what we know of her character she would probably consider him her ideal boyfriend.

    Alternatively, fuck it. Just head out east until you hit a place called Skye Isle. Once their look around for the immortal witch/ warrior queen by the name of Scáthach. She’s in a castle called Dunscaith that sits right on the water. Prove yourself worthy and she’ll train you up real good. She might even teach you how to use a magical spear that reverses cause and effect so it doesn’t miss. Then once the training is over with she’ll take you down to the hotsprings under the castle and then you’ll have to defeat her in a wrestling match (not joking), after which you will engage in sexy time in order to profess your loyalty to the way of the warrior.

    Celtic myth everybody.

  4. The Disney Princesses are teenagers? I’ve been jacking it to teenagers?


    Could you do this same list for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? That has a lot of theories too right like that kid in the Iron Man mask in the 2nd Iron Man movie could be Peter Parker.

  6. Michael Fields

    There’s a theory that Jane Porter from Tarzan is a descendent of Belle. They both look alike, have a similar fashion sense and a taste for wild men. Also in between the two film the french revolution would have taken place meaning Belle and the Beast would have had to leave France and possibly gone to England were they would have been accepted by the scholarly class given Belle and Maurice background.

  7. I have heard about #2 and reading up on my Greek Mythology it makes pretty good sense.

  8. looking at the style of attire and the first page in Victor hugo’s book “Notre-Dame de Paris” one might conclude that the hunchback of notre dame takes place in the 1400-hundrets while beauty and beasty takes place somwhere in the baroque (17th or 18th century) i’ll say early 17th do to the lack of powdered wigs (as I remember it that is).
    pray pardon my english.

  9. There’s another Disney Princess theory I’ve heard stating Elsa and Anna aren’t sisters and Elsa and Rapunzel are actually sisters, explained in this YouTube video.

    • MatPat pushes things too far by trying to attempt and shove his math/science degree into things and just regurgitates whatever he’s read on wikias or gamefaq that day, I take his conspiracy crafting with an entire box of salt.

  10. Actually, there was a lesbian conspiriacy theory surrounding Merida. I once found an article claiming she was a lesbian and that got me to watch Brave to see how true it was. I found no direct evidence of Merida’s sexuality and declared the article to be hogwash but that’s besides the point. Not much to say. You said nobody talked about Merida being a lesbian but people actually did. That’s it.

  11. How about we take that last theory a bit further, mmm?

    The weather is weird in “Beauty and the Beast”, like how it spontaneously turns to winter for two days before it all melts again…

    …kind of like in “Frozen”.

    • I know you’re just baiting, but B&B takes place over the course of a year. That what makes the character building and the straight to DVD sequels easier to bullshit.

      • I don’t believe that. If that’s true, was LaFou just waiting outside their house for a year? Or was Maurice just wandering around the forest for a year? Or did he just a year to try and find the Beast’s Castle on his own again?

  12. So you put in a Lilo and Stitch Theory which you admitted was nothing counting towards Princesses, and Mulan, but didn’t study the PARADOXICAL often common inclusion of ALICE with the Disney Princesses as some kind of theory?

    Also you had to address the penis castle without actually tying it to anything? You couldn’t even put a new spin on it like “Maybe Atlanteans constructed it that way and had no idea about what it could mean because maybe they don’t have human genitalia”? Like…come on man, put some effort into it. God knows you put too much into your clipless reviews.

  13. Another part of the Thoery is the Elsa & Anas parents survived the ship wreck and ended up on the Island where Tarzan took place, so not only are Ana, Elsa and Tarzan siblings, but also means, Frozen, Tarzan, Hercules, little mermaid & Lion King all take part in the same universe

    • Just as a side note, the filmmakers have confirmed Elsa and Anna’s parents didn’t die in the shipwreck.

    • Yeah, about director Chris Buck’s comment that Tarzan is Anna and Elsa’s brother… he was joking. He also goes on to say that the king and queen end up at a beach full of surfing penguins, alluding to his non-disney film Surfs Up.

  14. How come a woman not having a boyfriend or showing interest automatically makes them lesbian?
    Yes it would be cool but in the movie there’s also nothing that suggests this…. maybe she’s Asexual, not attracted to anything.

  15. What the heck are you talking about, Doug, there are background characters in Beauty and the Beast who wear blue! You can even see them in the clips he’s showing in the back of the crowd! Sure, they don’t stand out a lot or have on bright blue, but they ARE there.

    And Elsa being a lesbian? Seriously??? I’m not against the idea, we’ve seen lesbian romances work really well in stuff like Steven Universe and giving the LBGT community positive representation is always good, but there’s literally no proof for this at all other than the fact that Elsa doesn’t have a love interest. And, honestly, she never needed one because that’s just not what the focus of her arc was about! I mean, that’s like trying to say that the ninja turtle Raphiel is gay because he’s got sexually repressive anger issues and never goes for any women and that theory somehow has more behind it already than Elsa being a lesbian does.

  16. thatchickwithlonghair

    “Was the penis intentional?”

    It seems that the artist drew it unintentionally.

    Elsa being a lesbian is the most retarded idea ever. Please don’t cave, Disney. DON’T.

    (of course I am a Jelsa shipper but……lol)

  17. glitchedspectra

    The curse placed upon the prince in Beauty and the Beast states that his rose would continue to bloom until his 21st birthday. Seeing how Belle fell in love with him around the time the rose was losing its last petals, it is safe to assume he would’ve been around 21 at the time. It still leaves the other dozen princes ageless but hey, at least we can safely guess it for one of them!

  18. Theory, the ship at the beginning of little mermaid is either Captain Hooks jolly Roger or the black pearl

  19. thatchickwithlonghair

    Elsa is NOT gay dammit.

    And the sequel petition to make her that won’t happen because Disney already finished the script.

    According to, the phallic castle was drawn unintentionally. The artist was tired and in a hurry to get it finished and it just happened. XD

  20. There is a reason why ‘The Little Mermaid’ cover had the style of a penis anyway. The artist wasn’t working for Disney at time he was late and rushing his work to be completed and drew it accidently that just resembled as one, it was never intentional, here’s some info about it:

  21. thepiratequeen

    Had to turn on adblock to watch this video b/c of an ad autoplaying with sound that would restart every minute or so when paused, probably not what you’re going for here

  22. Surprised that The Tarzan being Anna and Elsa’s long lost brother theory didn’t make the list.

  23. Great video. I liked the lilo and stich name thing since i never knew this. Also NO NO NO NO NO! on Elsa being a lesbian. Not cause i have something against it its cause it wouldint be organic as soly pushed by the creators. It was pushed by some people demanding her to be gay which is retarded.

    • It’s one thing to argue a dislike for a character being of one demographic or another. It’s quite another to argue that something can’t happen because fans latch onto an idea, that creators hear about and incorporate into a follow-up. Frozen was deliberately extrapolated – however loosely – from an existing story and writers/directors/animation people were signed on as work-for-hire. However much they may have enjoyed it or put their own creativity into it, it was still something put forth by a major corporation. What is “organic” about any given Disney movie’s inception and final execution?

      Also: “retarded”? Either wise up, or go away and never come back, you ableist anachronism.

      • thatchickwithlonghair

        We don’t want it because it will feel like unnatural pandering. Like they sold out to crying babies.
        And lol, nobody cares if you say “retarded” on the internet. Cause everyone uses says it.

  24. I guess shouldn’t be shocked since your names the nostalgia critic not the facts critic but colored clothing during times before the industrial revolution were expensive. While her father does have a steam powered machine, this obviously takes plave several years before the industrial revolution even started. So we could assume that’s why most of the villagers weren’t wearing colorful clothing.

  25. Hard to watch past number 11…

  26. 11. Hunchback of Notre Dame is set in Paris. Frollo even says he’ll “find her if I burn down all of Paris!” Belle clearly lives in the country. Also it’s set in a time before Beauty and the Beast. Belle walking was just a cameo. Disney movies do that a lot.

    10. Yep. But have you seen the theory on why she has to feed Pudge the Fish?

    6. No one else wears blue to help Belle stand out as the main character. Any smart designer knows this. Also blue probably would have been a very expensive color at the time. Which would make sense why the only other person to wear it was the Beast who was a prince.

    3. People did accuse Merida of being a lesbian, the movie just wasn’t as popular. With Elsa it’s that her story is a really good analogy to coming out.

    • And yet Disney actually has what they have identified as a Lesbian Princess. Mulan! The whole story is about non stereotypical gender roles. I mean “Reflections” did nobody actually listen to it? They even openly state she is a Lesbian in the more adult targeted Once Upon a Time series.

  27. I think the #1 is a mixed bag. The tie between Tangled and Frozen is clear. It was intentional. They were made by the same people. There is clear author intent there. The Little Mermaid piece is just weird fanfiction. (Also wasn’t the Little Mermaid set almost a century before the other two?)

    As for the Elsa being gay thing? Gah!!! I am so sick of that niche fan plea. Elsa was created and meant as a representation of someone suffering from a mental illness. That is what her powers are. That is her curse. In stry context she cannot feel she cannot love for fear of what she would do to them. From her point of view she holds a deadly threat to those she loves. So no, “Give Elsa a Girlfriend” is not a thing, because it destroys the core of the character. It strips away the darkness, the daily horror that Disney for once delightfully chose to inject into a character.

    • …did you not see the end of the movie? She seemed to have a pretty good handle on things by that point; it’s not like any difficulty with “daily horror” is expressed as a major problem by that point. Either way…why does being queer take away from that?

  28. Daemian Lucifer

    What,no talk about Elsa and Rapunzel are actually sisters?At least that one has more evidence going for it than the silly “Elsa is a lesbian” one.

  29. I always figured Elsa didn’t have a love interest cause I mean, she was pushing her own sister away. She was meant to seem cold literally AND figuratively. Random love interest would have done nothing for the story. Funny that because of that…nope, gay.

  30. I really liked Conspiracy 11. I thought that I would get annoyed by this video but no, you made really good points about (most) of them. Conspiracy 5 was just silly but I think you meant that. I don’t know if Conspiracy 3 is really your conspiracy or what but meh.

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