Top 11 Funniest Shyamalan Moments – Nostalgia Critic

With so many to choose, the Nostalgia Critic counts down the funniest moments that were probably never meant to be funny in the first place.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Is it.isthid true!!!!

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      “This True*whoops anyways follow up to come.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      OK good video as always but am I the only one that feels that Doug made this episode so that he could do the be continued and it felt kinda rushed like quick let me slap this together so that I can see work on the lady in the water episode but I hope that the next episode is a knock out of the park*but what am I standin around here for therez a review I gotta get excited For*!!!

      Also that Asian kid from this seeks charity will totally become the Asian Charles Xavier and its gonna be AM-A-Zing!!!

      • Relax, this is hype, but it’s also hype with substance.

        Just enjoy the top 11 list for what it is…and then get hyped for the full review!

        Also….Cypher Wraith!!!

  2. My brain virus must be acting up I read that as “She-Male’s Funniest Moments”.

  3. So it will be another %insertname%month with only one review released, ok

  4. On signs, the movie is better, and makes more sense if you see it as not a invasion movie, but a religious movie, where demons are sent to torment this ex pastor, who becomes a pastor again through faith :>

    • If that’s true, then why are these “demons” represented as lame, incompetent aliens. I don’t care if these are aliens or demons, these are the lamest possible threat to anyone.

      • Several of the weaknesses, like water and wood, are actual parts of demonic lore.

        • I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

          But not ORDINARY water or wood. Both have to be blessed in some way, which involves a ritual of some kind.

          If the original demons could be warded off with ordinary implements that required no preparation to use, no one would be scared by them.

          • The glasses of water were left over from his priesthood days, and the pantry door was carved from the one true cross.
            Problem solved!

    • Even if Signs was a religious film, the plot still focuses on an alien invasion. Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, organized a system for determining the quality of drama, comedy, and tragedy, stating that there was a sequence of priorities in deciding the most important aspects of a story: 1. Plot, 2. Characters, 3. Themes/Motifs, 4. Language, 5. Rhythm, 6. Spectacle.

      In regards to Signs, the plot is about an alien invasion, but the theme, or the allegory/metaphor and symbolism, is the religious aspect. Therein lies the issue. The plot, which is the most important element of the story, has been supplanted in lieu of the theme, and that creates a disconnection between the plot and the theme. While the plot is supposed to reveal the theme, it is supposed to be subtle, and additionally, the plot and theme must complement one another and work off of each other — there is a bit of a balance to it.

      However, the problem with this, is that the religious theme of Signs has practically voided the plot in treating the plot merely as the carriage for the theme when they are instead supposed to work together.

    • Oh.. That would actually make sense. Holly water, the bat was a memorabilia so thats a blessing of sorts. & that would explain the door stopping them… It wasn’t the door/Wood stopping them. They weren’t invited in… You have to let the Evil come inside

  5. Looking forward to next week.

  6. Never saw the village. And this episode is kind of weak.

    • I haven’t see a lot of the movies featured here, but Shyamalan’s infamy is so well known that you don’t even need to watch any of his movies to get the jokes.

      Looking forward to next week’s review for sure!

  7. to be fair, that scene in Last Airbender really can be imagined in the cartoon, I just…can’t avoid imagining Aang actualy pulling this stunt in the cartoon! The only problem is that NOTHING in the movie was fitting in the show to a scene that does fit.

    • I agree. Aang would totally do that in the series. Too bad this movie version of him is way too serious to even consider doing it.

    • Yeah, I would say that too. It would totally fit in the cartoon. I can’t help but feel Doug is misunderstanding why he doesn’t like the movie, it is not any more silly or less realistic than the cartoon, it is just crappier, and a poor fit of format.

    • The Aang scene…? Um.. The movie adapts the specific scene where Aang does that though. The thing is, in the cartoon the “circling behind Zuko” bit was actually skillful and believable…

  8. How did the phallic hair-do from Avatar not make the cut?

  9. What, no penis hair from The Last Airbender movie?

  10. I totally expected this ending. I am less surprised then when I watched “The Village”.


  11. More Shyamalan? YAAAAAAAAY!! Some of the first reviews I’ve ever seen of the NC’s were all his Shyamalan ones so this gives me a weird nostalgic feeling that leaves me grinning like a little kid (a side effect to your Shyamalan is that I can’t hear the words pantry doors without giggling hysterically: that has earned my a couple of weird looks) 🙂

    Only Shyamalan films I’ve seen are Unbreakable and The Villege: I liked neither. I’ve seen reviews for almost all of them and loved them to little pieces. I do want to see the Visit
    Weirdly enough I remember when I was little someone in my neighborhood had a Signs DVD and it was treated as this thing so scary I couldn’t breath on it to much with being terrified for life. Cut to several years later, saw the NC Signs review and now can’t think of the film without smiling. Again weirdest form of nostalgia ever

    Maybe that Last Airbender thing was supposed to be a cartoon comedy moment like the show sometimes had. It obviously failed but it’s more of a failed joke
    Also I recently watched your rant about the Earth Bending 🙂

    Abigail Breslin wasn’t to bad: also the boy sounds like a Charlie Brown actor. And why does Shyamalan keep using Breslins? Also seeing a review of the Happening (Film Brain’s) put me off Walberg until I saw The Italian Job. Now every time I see him some part of my brain is shocked he’s not boring.

    And we get more Shyamalan next week?!?! YAAAAAY!!! If you read these comments, I’d like to thank you for the Shyamalan reviews of the past, present and future. They always make me laugh 🙂

    • Also, in your Happening review which was hilarious by the by, how come no ‘What’s happening’ jokes or an acknowledgement of Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?

  12. Best. Cliffhanger. Ever. Dear Heaven! Paul Giamatti was in this? And “San Andreas,” too (See “Cinemas Sins” for more details.) Somebody needs to create a Kickstarter fund to finance “American Splendor: The last days of Harvey Pekar.” It has to be better than either of these movies.

  13. I kinda called it that there’d be a cliffhanger to Lady in the Water but I didn’t think he’d reveal as much as he did. However, I really do hope he gives an accurate portrayal of Shyamalan’s character in the film: a guy who inspires ANOTHER guy to greatness by his writing but gets killed for that same writing before anything great comes from it. People want to give him shit for being cast as some Messianic writer when all it really is is controversial writing that causes him death but another man fame. It’s no different than the Pro-Lifers using Seuss’ line from Horton to try to stamp out the “evil” abortion.

  14. #8 is extra stupid when you can see he doesn’t even get behind him enough! C’mon dude, you should be able to see him when you look on the left side!

    Nah dude, toast doesn’t protect you from the devil, it only detects him.

    Too bad Lady in the Water is very dumb, the footage certainly looks cool.

    • For me, it’s not even that Lady in the Water was dumb; it’s that it’s so BORING. After the first act, I was convinced it was a movie about a guy hallucinating about a fairy tale coming to life. Then I realized, as the movie dragged on, that they were completely serious with that shit and that it was really happening. Good god. I wanted it to be over, but it just kept dragging ooon and ooon. Definitely one of my least favorite Shyamalan movies.

  15. I really liked this list, I especially like how you explained the numbers on the list covered in your other reviews at a different angle. But to be honest Doug (even though he never reads these), I don’t think anyone has anything against your “to be continues”. I think the issue is with your cliffhangers. They’ve even given me trust issues with your top 11s. I was ready to hate this video and dismiss all future top 11s if the same thing as Hocus Pocus and Monster Squad was pulled. But instead, this “to be continue” kept the list self contained but also interested to see you elaborate on your top choice.

  16. Yup, saw that coming!

  17. Acetylsalicilique

    So… You’re not reviewing the Village then ? =(

  18. Hmmm I’ll admit, I was hoping for The Village to be reviewed instead, but this will probably give you more material, so oh well 🙂

  19. There’s a Star Ocean game with a lead character named “Edge Maverick.” I think “After Earth” got the bum end of that deal.

    • We fans of Star Ocean do not speak of Last Hope, what with it taking away optional party members and making most of the aliens humanlike. (We had a damn Werewolf in the first game!) And Making an anime plot that simply isn’t as good as the previous 3. Also Welch. Alot of things really.

      Here’s hoping Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness (i swear to God i’m not making that name up, it’s dumb as shit.) isn’t as bad (Good news is the protagonist of that is a 23 year old named Fidel……….which has led me to make many Castro jokes involving him.).

      • Not to argue with you but The Last Hope is actually considered one of the best games in the (North American released)series by critics and most people who played it. Reviewers were better overall once the international edition was release (average of 8.5-9 or so, as most of the complaints were about disc swapping and the horrible lip sync, which were “fixed”). Same thing happened to TTEOT too: horrible initial reviews then they fixed issues and it was better. So no, “we” the fans do definitely speak of The Last Hope.

  20. Quote of the Day:

    REMEMBER…all you need is toast.

  21. “I’m gonna make a video! Hmmmm how about repeating all my jokes in a Top 10?!”

  22. 11 – So it’s intentional, then?
    10 – DENIED was funnier.
    9 – I heard of it.
    8 – So good DID come from it.
    7 – I still enjoyed it.
    6 – I like ketchup better.
    5 – One of my favorite jokes from you.
    4 – If only they made a bad Gravity Falls movie for you to review.
    3 – War Of The Worlds was dumber.
    2 – The woman commmitting suicide was the best.
    1 – See you next week again!

  23. Man I was hoping you’d do Lady in the Water. That movie is so spectacular in how dumb it is.

  24. Nah, I don’t believe it. There’s no way it’s funnier than The Happening.

  25. Regarding:

    10. I gotta wonder if it’s the Smiths’ Scientology ties that led to that name. That’s totally the kind of name Hubbard would have dreamed up. He named “Battlefield Earth’s” protagonist JOHNNY GOODBOY TYLER!
    6. I have to seriously wonder if Shyamalan was on a diet when he did this. Whenever a writer/director focuses just a bit too much on food (lemon drink, honey, hot dogs, etc), I wonder. Also, he writes quirky as well as Stephenie Meyer.
    5. Jelly side down… that is bizarre. I mean, I’ve heard of a lot of odd (or seemingly odd) superstitions, but I have seriously never heard that one. And since toast only has two sides, it has a slightly higher than fifty-percent chance of landing that way.
    4. Couldn’t they rent an oil rig for a few days? And it mesmerizes me how the bending in the movie NEVER synchronizes with the movement of the elements. It’s like they have to cast a spell before anything will move!
    3. Technically they didn’t focus on the farm; only one did. Most of the other aliens were elsewhere. Other points valid.

    Yay, entire review. 🙂 I was hoping to see your take on it.

  26. Well this was a pointless video…

    I mean, he put his all into it, but at the end of the day, all it was was him talking about scenes he either already talked about, or is about to talk about…And this would be fine if only he had anything to ADD to them…

    I can’t help but feel that he just slapped this together because he needed one more Shyamalan-related editorial, but couldn’t think of anything else…Me personally, I was really hoping for something about plot twists; I’ve been waiting for an editorial talking about what makes a plot twist work, and thought this would be an excellent time…

    Not to shit on Doug or anything, I just feel that this video contributed nothing…except a nice charity shoutout at the end…

  27. You gotta look at Chris Stuckmann’s analysis on Signs. Most of Doug’s complaints can be explained in this video.

    • I’ve always intended to watch Signs but have never got around to it. It seems the kind of flawed movie that I would still find interesting and enjoy. Thanks for alerting me to Stuckmann’s review – I like his videos too,

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