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You read that right, GOOD movies, and yes, there’s 11 of them. Think Nostalgia Critic is lying? Check out the list and see if you agree.

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  1. I will tell my children about this day T-T

  2. How do you not have Billy Madison and The Waterboy on your list? Those are two of his best movies in my opinion and they are both laugh out loud hilarious.

  3. Turned funny people off after 10 minutes.

    My favorite is: That’s my boy

    • I can kind of get behind both of those statements.

      ‘Funny People’ is not that funny and as Doug kind of said, you don’t really know what it’s about.

      ‘That’s My Boy’ was great because of the controversy, and is the best example of how the point of many of his comedic films gets overlooked and are judged only by their comedy alone.
      Like with what the Stardust guy pointed out with Click: It showed how people want to rush through life and that they will miss so much if they did. A lot probably got that one, but it’s probably also the one that is hardest to ignore because of the ending.
      With ‘That’s My Boy’, people were mostly discussing how tasteless it was to make a comedic movie about what is legally pedophilia, instead of discussing the cultural double standard that nobody really talks about, because nobody really want to talk about pedophilia or incest.

  4. i think Bedtime Stories is one of my favorite Adam Sandler film.

  5. No Stardust for next week?

  6. Punch-Drunk Love was my Favorite Movie of 2002 and Funny People was my Favorite Movie of 2009.

  7. Honestly, I was hoping to see Click at least as an Honorable Mention on here, but hey, at least you acknowledged it with people’s reactions to it. In addition, do we not have a StarDust app reaction set for next week? Was the promoting for it done with, or something?

    • Well, he and Rob have expressed a general dislike for that film in a ‘real thoughts’ video before. (Can’t remember which one specifically) I just remember them saying that the final third was good and everything else leading up to it struck them as typical Sandler garbage.

  8. Good show, but I have to correct you on one thing:

    Robert Smigel played “TRIUMPH The Insult Comic Dog”. You were probably thinking of “Courage the Cowardly Dog” on Cartoon Network

  9. I thought about the possibility of Ben stiller and Adam Sandler being in a film together years ago but then it just merged with the other thoughts in my brain that stopped being relevant.

  10. What you may not know is that Zohan takes a LOT of inspiration from a real life person.

    Vidal Sasson (read about him here: was an Israeli hair-dresser spy.

    Yup, not exactly a biography… but not as bizarre as you may think.

  11. I think Big Daddy, Spanglish and Little Nicky are also some of his best. They are the more ridicules side of the best bus still really good!

  12. I actually liked Little Nicky. Not a fan of his at all but I liked it. Though Punch Drunk Love, the Hotel Transylvania flicks, and Funny People, I also liked, they weren’t his films; he only starred in them.

    • He played the lead in all of those and that’s normally what people call their films.
      For example; When you think Bruce Willis movies, you would likely think Die Hard, even though he “only” starred in them 🙂

      Also, with that many movies of his, you are definitely a fan, at least a little.

  13. Wow and there were even some left

  14. I’m worried about Hotel Transylvania 2 but I’m more worried about how many more films Andy Samberg is gonna do with Adam Sandler, bad timing Andy

  15. I always get scared when Adam Sandler makes a good film because it’s like whats gonna happen now.

  16. Huh I thought Funny People was supposed to suck maybe I shouldn’t have skipped that one

  17. 11 – Never heard of that.
    10 – It was too long.
    9 – Yeah, I heard that was good.
    8 – I don’t have Netflix.
    7 – Probably the funniest Rob Schneider movie.
    6 – I think that’s his most critically acclaimed comedy.
    5 – His most quoted movie!
    4 – His most critically acclaimed movie!
    3 – Critics think the’re okay.
    2 – Yeah, I like them too.
    1 – I completely forgot about that!

  18. No love for The Waterboy???

  19. You put in Enter The Zohan, Punch Drunk Love, and Funny people, three awful, and I mean JUST AWFUL movies and yet you leave out gems like Click…?

    What the hell?

    The rest of the list I agree with though aside from 2 I just haven’t seen to even give my opinion on so they might be good, might not.

  20. I like me some Big Daddy but I could understand why it didn’t make it to the list.

  21. Everyone: Why Top 11?

  22. didnt Walter already do this? I am not against reviews doing the same things, but Walter is practically his employee.

  23. I’m sorry,but I just can’t STAND this guy! The only Movie that resembles any good Qualities in the slightest is the one with Jack Nickelson but not because of him…so yeah^^

  24. Ok it’s official my boycott has already begun as of your last video. As long as I see that Stardust ad above your videos I’m no longer clicking play. Anyone else annoyed by it too by all means join me in this and maybe we can get him to drop that annoying app as a sponsor. I actually enjoy watching your videos too but I can’t support that sponsor and that means I can no longer watch any video where you have them as a sponsor which seems to be all of your videos now. Maybe I’ll get lucky and find someone on Youtube who reuploads all of your videos so I can see them without giving you the view count for it.

    • Umm… or you could just skip the ads and not be an entitled dick about it. Seriously, what’s wrong with you?

    • Yeah, don’t just mute the ad or open up another tab or anything like that. That would make too much sense. Bitching and moaning and threatening to boycott over one ad is a much better option.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Hey, he could always put up a pay wall and force to pay for his content out of pocket. You’d be cool with that, right?

      But by all means, proceed with your childish, self-indulgent boycott over a single ad that you could easily avoid. Fun fact: you won’t be missed.

    • Maybe we’ll all get lucky and you’ll start acting like an adult, instead of an entitled crybaby. Seriously dude, the ads are only a couple minute long. Hit mute if they bother you that much.

    • Or those of you replying could be adults, instead of freaking out at him actually being an adult and boycotting something he doesn’t support in an effort to get it to stop, and asking others to join if they agree.

      You guys are just personally attacking him, when he didn’t attack anyone else. He just voiced his opinion.

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      You’re not boycotting his work, you’re bootlegging, which is probably worse

      • I actually haven’t bothered to even look up an alternative source if one even exists. Stardust isn’t getting my clicks for these videos either way. I know in the long run me alone won’t do anything but I’m still sticking to my principles because even a brief moment seeing those ads just pisses me off. I hate reaction stuff that much. There are plenty of other content creators on the internet that I can watch in the mean time.

  25. 50 First Dates is the only Adam Sandler movie I like. That’s really important because I usually HATE rom-coms. I don’t remember that barfing scene though… -_- I’ve never seen The Wedding Singer, Happy Gilmore, Punch Drunk Love, Funny People or the Hotel Transylvania movies. I’ve never heard of Airheads. I THINK I’ve heard of Reign on Me but I’ve never seen it. I don’t have Netflix so I’ve never heard of the Meyerowitz Stories. I’ve seen Don’t Mess with the Zohan but only in the background while making dinner.

  26. Finally! Someone recognizes the obviously stupid yet enjoyable Don’t Mess with the Zohan! I know lots of people don’t like that movie, but I do. It’s just the right amount of stupid with the funny to me.

    I’d put Billy Madison, Click, and Little Nicky. Do I think they are masterpieces? No! I just enjoy what I’ve seen in those movies.

  27. I hate You Don’t Mess With The Zohan

  28. Like many people, I also hate You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, and yet… In the world of acting, there’s nothing I respect more than the transformative character acting of people like Red Skelton, Peter Sellers, Rowan Atkinson, Jim Varney and Mike Meyers. Sandler as Zohan proved that he has that level of acting ability, and I can’t fault his performance one bit.

  29. I think his career can be summed up with a golf quote. “3 bad shots and 1 amazing shot can still make par”

  30. thatchickwithlonghair

    Lol my vote goes to “Transylvania” flicks, my mom LOVES the Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates was sort of cute, yes.

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