Top 11 Halloween Guilty Pleasures – Nostalgia Critic

They’re not great, they’re not awful, so what is it that draws us to them, here are the Top 11 Halloween Guilty Pleasures.

This week’s featured charity is The Michael J. Fox Foundation. You can donate to the charity directly though this link or if you would like to donate in honor of someone, you can do so via this link to a page on the Michael J, Fox Foundation site created by Lindsay Ellis for her Dad who recently passed due to complications from Parkinson’s.

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    Monster House got an OSCAR nomination for Best Animated Feature. So why was clips of that included in the overview?

    • Just because it was nominated for an Oscar doesn’t mean it’s particularly well known among the general Joe Schmoe.

    • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

      …As well as being in the countdown? And that impression you didn’t get was Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes. You’d be surprised how many young kids (and those that became adults in the 16 years since SpongeBob premiered) recognize Tim Conway as the voice of Barnacle Boy on SpongeBob. The June Foray nod was nice, but don’t forget that a lot of your audience now grew up on later Hanna-Barbera ie PowerPuff Girls, Dexter’s Lab, and Johnny Bravo. And I’m pretty sure the Trick ‘r Treat kid is Samhain, crucial to Halloween mythos

      Since this week’s featured charity is the Michael J. Fox foundation, I urge people to check out the tribute page of James Carroll Ellis, Lindsay (The Nostalgia Chick)’s father, who died late last week from Parkinson’s. I’d post the link but that would put my comment under moderation, so better to fast track it

    • Because the story is mediocre, there’s nothing remarkable about it, motion detection is a horrible form of animation and does not work well with CGI (thank god industry died), is much longer than it should be, people who have never saw a children’s horror film in life find it mature and smart just because it is not afraid to talk about death (which has been done in children’s films thousands of times), and it was only nominated for an oscar because Spielberg once again indicated a film produced by himself (as he did with Shrek). Proving once again that the Academy is full of shit.

      And it was competing against Cars and Happy Feet. It was a weak year, and if your movie can not beat Cars and Happy Feet, he does not deserve to live.

      • If I recall correctly, the motion capture actor for the main character was an adult. That’s a problem because adults don’t move like kids and contributes the the Uncanny Valley feel of it.

      • > motion detection is a horrible form of animation and does not work well with CGI

        Um, I refer you to two little-known films called “The Two Towers” and “Return of the King” as shining examples of motion capture working *fantastically* with CGI.

    • Animated movies getting Oscars means jack shit when the Academy doesn’t respect animation in the first place. They probably didn’t even watch the damn thing and just gave it the Oscar because the other movies included talking cars and dancing penguins. They have said multiple times that the judges skip over the animated films.

  2. Manfred Vön Schteenstein

    Andy Rooney, Babs was referencing Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes.

  3. What on earth is the song playing during Corpse Bride? You keep using it.

  4. I swear to Christ that if you so much as touch Hocus Pocus for your next review, I will send my Grandma to your house and she’ll give you a special elixir of DEATH!!!!!!!!

    But I can understand if you feel that way. 🙂

  5. Great top 11 list once again Doug. My favorite on the list is the Garfield Halloween Special, but I recall it was fairly popular when it was out, especially the comic adaption (which I rented from the library more times than I can count).

  6. Calling it now, Hocus Pocus is the next review! It’s so god damned obvious!! 😀

  7. It’s Hocus Pocus isn’t it?

    I saw Rob talking about it on Facebook.

    Anyway, I LOVE Hocus Pocus. It’s my all-time favorite Disney Movie. I’m SO looking forward to that review

    • Oh boy. I like Hocus Pocus a lot too and we’re all gonna burn Doug at the stake for this XD.

      • Get your torches and pitchforks ready!
        (I can understand why, it is pretty cheesy, but it is still an awesome guilty pleasure XD)

      • I’m not. I’m just gonna watch and laugh at the review while respecting the fact that Doug’s opinion is different from own.

        But worry not friends. Worry not. Check Facebook… for we have converted Rob.

      • I don’rt think its Hocus Pocus, when Doug reviewed it in Disneycember, he wasn’t NEARLY as pissed as he is in this review’s last minutes, whatever he will review, its probably much worse.

        • Keep in mind that NC is not Doug. NC is character portrayed by Doug. Usually Doug’s opinions are personified and amplified a hundredfold to form the Critic’s opinions. So, for example, mutual dislike becomes deep-rooted hatred.

          There’s a very good chance it’s gonna be Hocus Pocus.

          That, and at the end of the review, there was women (presumably witches) laughing plus the Hocus Pocus/ Bette Midler cover of “I Put a Spell on you” playing in the background.

  8. Hell, Disney brought the Sanderson sisters back after 15 years as a new Halloween show for Disney Land and Disney World!! 😀

  9. Sorry, I meant 22 years.

  10. Tim Burton’s “Corps Bride” wasn’t an original story, it was loosely based on the french novel “La Vénus d’Ille” by Prosper Mérimée

  11. In terms of Garfield’s Halloween Adventure and Monster House, I know absolutely no guilt. I grew up with them and they’re still a lot of fun to watch. In fact, when I saw Goosebumps last week, it was reminding me a lot of films like Monster House and others like Super 8, Hocus Pocus, and ParaNorman where a grouo of small town kids end up going on a weird bizarre adventure and I absolutely love that kind of stuff. In terms of Garfield’s Halloween Adventure, those ghost pirates STILL give me the creeps and I’m 26!

    I haven’t seen all of Corpse Bride yet but I’m dying to, specifically because of the scene where you see the dead interacting with the living and that was just an amazing scene and made me want to see the rest.

    The plot for the Halloween Tree sounds awesome as well because I’m a big history buff and love the Halloween atmosphere so I’ll definitely check it out too!

  12. My deepest sympathies to Lindsay also. I lost my grandmother to Parkinson’s on New Years’ Day and it still really hurts, so I know how it feels. My best wishes to her during this tough time. 🙁

  13. I think it will be Hocus Pocus.

  14. Im hoping its killer clowns from outer space.

  15. My YouTube question related to this video is What year did the Tiny Toons Halloween come out?

  16. Monster House is thought up by Dan Harmon, who would go on to create Community and Rick and Morty. It also pays tribute to Stephen King’s books.

  17. I would have switched Corpse Bride from this list with Cabin in the Woods from last year’s list of new Halloween classics.

  18. Wasn’t that an impression of Andy Rooney?

    My prayers go out to Lindsay. Sad!

  19. I’m the one who thinks Corpse Bride is a good movie.

    • I feel like it was sort-of trying to be Nightmare Before Christmas, but didn’t go nearly far enough and tried to play things a bit too seriously in places. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Corpse Bride and feel like it’s fairly underrated, but I wish they had given us more upbeat songs or that we could have just had more craziness than we got. I feel like the whole dull human world thing is kind-of like what’s really holding it back. Yeah, it’s a cool idea, but it doesn’t exactly make for entertaining scenes, you know?

  20. flamethrower-guitar

    My Halloween guilty pleasure has always been “Scary Godmother”. It’s a special that used to air on Cartoon Network, and it’s sort of the “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” of Halloween. The animation and story aren’t anything original but there are actually a few good jokes and it’s just entertaining to watch.

    • TheAngryAnimeAddict

      I seriously thought I was the only one who watched Scary Godmother. I also remember there being 2 other specials that I watched. I always remember the weird animation and the real super corny jokes. The vampire family I always thought was cool.

  21. Doug, why don’t you just talk to and ask for a timeslot? They’ve had tons of celebrities there, movies and internet both, and I’m sure you have fans there too.

  22. The entire intro is a joke that’s already dated because it’s about a movie that isn’t bad.

  23. You can tell his beard is still growing back from the Cinema Snob Crossover, “The Passion of the Christ”.

  24. dam, anyone knows the music playing during the countdown?

  25. Huh nearly all of these where in CR’s Top 13 Weirdest Halloween Specials and his Halloween Leftovers videos from the past few years

    • Weirdest? If so then someone miss point of own show, as those are barely weird but guilty pleasures definitely.. if you want example of weirdness I would mention Luna Eclipse.. it is a episode of My Little Pony and they could not only talk about Halloween spirit but also without use of Halloween cliche.

  26. Damn it Critic! Why did you have to pull off another ”Monster Squad” on us?! But, on the other hand, cannot wait for next week!

  27. Hocus Pocus, I know that both Doug Walker and Lindsay Ellis have gone over the whole, being a virgin will destroy the world but it’s just so memorable. The design the witches themselves and I think a lot of the jokes are actually pretty funny. Should you let your kids watch it, no you really shouldn’t, but I recommend it to just about anyone who is a fan of Halloween.

  28. Oh god. I think he’s reviewing Casper meets Wendy next. Please let me be wrong.

  29. Askmewhatitmeanshoohoohoo

    When do we get to know what Doug actually thought of Goosebumps? I, like him, thought it was going to be cash-grabby and horrible, but after seeing good reviews I gave it a shot and was thoroughly entertained. I thought it was a good example of how to do a movie like Pixels the right way.

    • He and Rob reviewed it with Brad on Midnight Screenings. They didn’t think much of it and that it wasn’t their cup of tea, considering that they grew up with Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and other darker material in the 80s, but they considered it harmless and thought it had some good parts to it.

    • I agree with you though. I was throughly entertained and had a lot of fun with the movie 🙂

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