Top 11 Halloween Guilty Pleasures – Nostalgia Critic

They’re not great, they’re not awful, so what is it that draws us to them, here are the Top 11 Halloween Guilty Pleasures.

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  1. tastetherainbowmothafuka

    Obviously Hocus Pocus because he played “I Put a Spell on You” during the credits 😉

  2. tastetherainbowmothafuka

    By the way have you seen videos of the new Hocus Pocus show at Disney world? It’s the sisters interacting with different Disney villains and it’s pretty damn great

  3. I wish you could’ve talked more about Corpse Bride, but then again, there’s probably not much to talk about, since i pretty much thought the same…

  4. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    Nice list Doug. I haven’t seen a lot of those though. Also I will be praying for your producer and her family.

  5. Nothing guilty on that list. Almost all of them are very good.

  6. Rocky Horror Picture Show. Rocky Horror Picture Show! ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!!

  7. Damn it, now we got to wait next week again to find out what number one is! Why do you do this to us Critic? >:(

  8. As for my Halloween guilty pleasure, it has to be most of the Halloween Disney Channel original movies like the first two Halloween Town movies, The Scream Team, Underwraps, The Phantom of the Megaplex, Don’t Look Under the Bed, & to some extent Twitches but I somewhat draw the line there, I don’t watch it every year. I’m surprised I saw that movie twice but it’s not the worst movie. Really the Halloween Town movies (not the second two, those sucked) & The Scream Team are my top favorites of the Disney Channel original Halloween movies, I liked Underwraps a ton too so it’s hard to say it but the moment Scream Team aired, I loved it. I can’t help it, I have a thing for ghosts. Not that mummies aren’t great too, I never had much of an interest in them & the mummy jokes in that movie were pretty bad.

  9. My guilty pleasures, Hocus Pocus and Scary Godmother, the last one is a very guilty pleasure

  10. Lindsay: My heart goes out to you and your family. My father died 15 years ago from Parkinson’s Disease and although I mourn him but I was relieved that his suffering is over.

  11. i have a feeling that it was Its the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

  12. It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown?

  13. Oh, Come on! Again?! We have to wait a week for the #1 choice?! Dude… Not cool.
    Oh well, I’ll just have to wait, and I’m sure it will be a funny review… But I hope you don’t d this again next year.

  14. nice of him to put Corpse Bride in the list., I’m an amazingly huge Tim-Burton fan.,,.

  15. My favourite Halloween flick? Got to be 1988’s Waxworks. Fantastic film.

  16. Hey, Doug, if you read the comments at all… I’d just like to apologize for the past few that I’ve given. I realize that just because I don’t like the format of the clipless reviews, it doesn’t mean I can act like I did in the comments and bitch and complain about it. I sort of understand why you have to do it, and while I still don’t like the new format, I accept that reviews like those are going to happen. If you’re reading this, I’d just like to say that I’m sorry.

    On a more positive note, I’d have to say that the Scary Godmother movies are something of a guilty pleasure. The animation is kind of a bit dated, but the characters, the voice acting and the story is pretty entertaining.

  17. HOW. WHY. and i hope to god I’m wrong but seriously HOW has no one guessed what it is yet.
    Its so god damn obvious just with the short little bit at the end that is in pure disgust at just the glance of the name. seriously people its ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW the only thing that fits the bill and hasn’t been done yet

  18. 11 – I feel bad for not even knowing about this.
    10 – PG isn’t that much higher.
    9 – Yeah, that does look cute.
    8 – The 1970’s were the worst time for cartoons.
    7 – I heard it was genuinely good.
    6 – No mention of its appearance on the Mindf**ks list?
    5 – It sounds like he says “drugs”.
    4 – You praised Hanna Barbera for Tom And Jerry.
    3 – Is that Claymation or CGI?
    2 – Hooray for costumes!
    1 – Something Casper related?

  19. I am confused as to why/ how “Monster House” is on this list- a guilty pleasure by definition is something that isn’t objectively well made but you enjoy despite yourself. Having some minor flaws is different than being bad, but enjoyably so (or so weird and out there to be incomprehensible but interesting).

    “Monster House” is well animated, crazy impressive visuals, actually creepy/ scary (for its intended audience) at times, with a fairly original plot. How does any of that add up to a guilty pleasure?

    For the record, I despise and loathe “Hocus Pocus”. I hope he rips it a new one.

  20. idk if i’d call it a guilty pleasure but i liked those old animated alvin and the chipmunks halloween movies

  21. He’s reviewing Hocus Pocus next, that’s unequivocally a movie that everyone plays on Halloween and has become biggest guilty pleasure; plus 3 evil laughs at end and the music over closing credits was I Put a Spell on You; it’s Hocus Pocus

  22. Three Degrees of Bacon

    You know, back in college, one of my friends said Corpse Bride was actually based on a Ukrainian folktale. So calling it original isn’t really accurate. End Douchey McNitpick impression.

  23. BTW, Doug, say what you want about the Goosebumps movie, but it at least found a good enough audience and I found it really good.

    11. Holy crap, I was big on Tiny Toons and Animaniacs back in the day. How the hell did I miss this special!?
    10. This special makes me kinda wish it was shown in one of the elementary school Halloween parties when I was a kid.
    9. Even though my sister had a Raggedy Ann doll when we were little, we never saw any of the Raggedy Ann and Andy movies or specials on TV or video.
    8. All the characters in this special reminds me of the “jellybean colored Simpsons rejects” from Doug, with the way they’re all colored and shaped.
    7. As much as I’ve seen The Nightmare Before Christmas, I never found the time to see Corpse Bride, and that’s mostly because according to the advertising and the title, it’s about a guy who ends up marrying a living dead woman. It’s really creepy when you stop and think about it.
    6. I remember catching Halloween is Grinch Night once on TNT back in 1994 when Halloween was inching its way, and I remember finding it really bizarre compared to How the Grinch Stole Christmas which I’ve obviously seen before. I even remember calling this a prequel to the classic Christmas tale.
    5. I’ve seen A Garfield Christmas Special when I was in 1st grade, but at the time, I never new that Garfield had a Halloween special or even a Thanksgiving special. At least a couple of years ago, Phelous did a review of this special on his show.
    4. A Halloween animated special starring Leonard Nemoy? I hope I find this on YouTube.
    3. Just like with Corpse Bride, I haven’t seen Monster House, and I think it’s because I wasn’t a little kid anymore at the time this film was released, but I did like the look of the animation.
    2. This past weekend, I finally had the chance to see The Cabin in the Woods. Now I REALLY need to see Trick ‘r Treat, because I’ve heard a lot of good things about this film.
    1. …Does Doug hate “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”?

  24. Scary Godmother has always been my Halloween staple. It’s simple and cute, but it’s fun and creative and good for young and old. It OOZES Halloween for me and I can’t help but get in the spirit when I think about it!

  25. It has to be either HalloweenTown or Hocus Pocus

  26. Yup…the ending credits music told me all I need to know.

    That used to be a guilty pleasure of mine…not anymore, although my parents watch it continuously. Seriously, though…Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker are so good they ALMOST make it an average film. It’s just everything else about that film is subpar.

    My guilty pleasure? You know…I refuse to even call it a “guilty pleasure” because I honestly think it’s underrated. The 1999 version of “The Mummy”. Ok, it’s not scary and the special effects are horrible by today’s standards, but I think it’s a lot of fun. It holds my interest. It TRIES to be a new “Raiders of the Lost Ark” and, although it fails, it gets “close enough” at points to be entertaining. Heck, I even think some of the quips are genuinely funny.

    Another one that’s my family’s guilty pleasure but I hate is “Van Helsing”, though. That movie just…isn’t good. It plays like one of those old “monster party” films they put out when the classic monsters weren’t scaring people enough on their own so they started putting them all together in the same movie…a genre which ironically hit its greatest success when it set the framework for the spoof when “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” came out.

  27. There’s an old Halloween special that is also called “Trick or Treat” that not only features a soundtrack by Fastway, but has both Gene Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne playing minor roles. It’s basically a heavy metal Halloween movie, even down to the demonic villain being summoned by playing a record backwards.

  28. Hmm…I guess “Ernest Scared Stupid” isn’t the next review. Or Mad Monster Party. So I guess it’s Hocus Pocus.

  29. I’m going to throw my chips in that it’s halloween town

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