Top 11 Halloween Guilty Pleasures – Nostalgia Critic

They’re not great, they’re not awful, so what is it that draws us to them, here are the Top 11 Halloween Guilty Pleasures.

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  1. Something else I really enjoyed about Grinch Night was the fact that we get to see Whoville outside of Christmas. The image of a snow-covered, decoration-drenched town is so ingrained into our public consciousness that we don’t really think of Whoville as a town that still exists outside of that time, so it’s super neat to see that in this special.

    • BTW, I’m aware that it debuted in Horton Hears a Who, when it was a time outside of Christmas, but the town itself wasn’t particularly memorable in that story.

  2. im gonna take a long sot here and say that the next review is Casper related

  3. I still remember my favorite halloween episodes of tv shows. Grim adventures of billy and mandy’s Jack o Lantern, Ed Edd n Eddys was really fun. Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends is a really good one too.

    The one that always scared me the most though was the recess halloween episode, with the zombies. Could never watch that one as a kid.

  4. Aww Halloween Town didn’t make the list

  5. Tim Conway? That’s obviously Andy Rooney! (I have a cousin who randomly does an Andy Rooney impression, so I caught the joke).

    Also, it urks me a little that Trick ‘r Treat is on this list, mainly because I love it to death. I mean, the film’s poster is on my wall, I have many toy versions of Sam on my shelves as well as the fact that all my school notebooks from my junior year of high school though my senior year of college are filled with sketches of Sam. It’s even in my top five favorite films of all time. At least you do see how it looks like Halloween. It practically glows Halloween. I watch it every Halloween since I got the DVD in 2009 along with the original Halloween (that started in 2010).

  6. I haven’t seen most of these but would be interested to check some of them out. The Halloween Tree sounds particularly intriguing.

    My favorite Halloween guilty pleasure is the first Silent Hill movie. I watch it every Halloween with my friends and love how bad it is but still manages to have the spirit of the games.

    Can’t wait for your Hocus Pocuse review. ;3

  7. You really need to sample the song “One Step Beyond” by Madness.

  8. You gave us a cliffhanger, now we wait with bated breath hoping for a good payoff.

  9. My condolences to Lindsay.


  11. I don’t know, a lot of these seem too good to be “guilty pleasures”. Maybe most aren’t the top drawer, but then Trick R Treat is my favorite horror flick for Halloween for the reasons Doug mentioned, primarily how it is Halloween porn, and Hocus Pocus, if that’s what’s number one, is on many people’s favorite films of all time list (including mine). Went to Disney World for the Halloween party for the first time this year, just to see the live Hocus Pocus stage show! Anyway, I’ll admit that Halloween That Almost Wasn’t and Raggedy Ann and Andy and the Pumpkin That Couldn’t Smile are guilty pleasures, but not necessarily because they’re bad. Heck, Garfield’s special is one of the lesser Halloween classics. To be fair, there weren’t enough Halloween specials back in the day.

  12. I’d also have to add, two I’m surprised not to see on a “guilty pleasures” list, which are also two favorites of mine, are “The Worst Witch” (the original Tim Curry/Fairuza Balk version, though I think Doug has tackled this one before, unless I’m confusing someone else’s review) and ABC television’s 80’s Halloween TV movie, “The Midnight Hour”. If you haven’t seen “The Midnight Hour”, it’s cheesy as heck, but an awesome Halloween movie! Watch it on YouTube! Definitely a guilty pleasure, but also a must watch at least once during the Halloween season, and my sis and I tend to watch it randomly all year when we feel in the Halloween mood, ha.

  13. You know…for years I’ve had this really odd Halloween song stuck in my head and I had no idea where it was from…and this reminded me. It was “Witch’s Night Out”. I saw it way back in the day on Disney Channel before Disney Channel ran its own programming and just showed whatever odd, creepy, goofy, off-the-wall cartoons and specials they could get the rights to. (…I kind of miss those days.) Thanks for solving that enigma.

    On the plus side, that was one of the few things Gilda Radner managed to do before she passed on… The only other non-SNL thing I can think of was “Haunted Honeymoon”.

  14. The impression Babs was doing was Andy Rooney, of 60 Minutes fame.

  15. Didn’t you do some of these last year or a couple of years ago? I remember you did a list with some of these movies on it.

  16. Does anyone remember “Mr. Boogedy”?

    • Nostalgic_Movie_Fan

      I do! Watching that and its sequel “The Bride of Mr. Boogedy” has become a Halloween tradition in my family. Many of the shows I grew up watching were on this list: Halloween Tree, Garfield, Tiny Toons, Grinch Night, and The Pumpkin Who Couldn’t Smile.

      I wonder if anyone remembers an old 80s short called “The Wickedest Witch” starring Rue McClanahan.

    • I do. That movie scared me when I was a kid.

  17. trick r treat is really good!!! yes!

  18. The impression Babs is doing at 3:07 is supposed to be Andy Rooney from 20/20

  19. As a few other people have mentioned, in #11, Babs was referencing Andy Rooney. Not surprising a lot of people missed it.

    Remember 60 minutes? Well, at the end of most broadcasts, Andy Rooney would give a short tirade, usually over something trivial. He’d always start it with “You ever wonder why . . . .” Again, not surprising you missed it, I just remembered it because 60 min. came on before my favorite TV show as a kid, so we’d always catch the tail end of it (which is where Andy Rooney’s segment was.) I forgot his name, and had to look it up online.

  20. I’m going to guess “The Worst Witch” for the last one.

  21. lilith_ascennding

    Motherfucker, he better not be insulting Hocus Pocus. This isn’t just a Halloween movie for me, it’s a family tradition! I’ve been watching this film with my family every Halloween since I was a kid. We pretty much know the entire film by heart, and if you were to ever reference it in any way, shape, or form around us, we’d immediately start quoting the film (and probably singing the songs too. You bet your ass I know all the words to “I Put A Spell On You” and “Come Little Children”). Anyways, I recently discovered my new favorite “guilty pleasure” movie in the form of the Japanese 70’s horror movie, House (or Hausu). Holy hell, does this movie scream 70’s. Between the laughably cheap special effects, trippy scenery, and random music videos for no reason, this movie is freaking hilarious. It’s otherwise just a basic haunted house tale about a group of girls who go to visit their friend’s aunt in the countryside only to discover she is a witch and wants to eat their souls (or blood or something) so that she can stay young forever. It makes no sense, but damn is it hilarious. If you want a really fun movie to riff with your friends, I would seriously recommend you go out and find this film. Here’s the trailer for anyone interested:

  22. I’m glad he brought up “Tiny Toons – Night Ghoulery”. I love that special!

  23. I watch Night of the Living Dead every Halloween. I have every year since I was 13.

    I look forward to it every year.

  24. Is he gonna review “Hocus Pocus!?”

  25. I watch several episodes of Tales from the Crypt, Creepshow 1 or 2, and of course, Rocky Horror Picture Show

  26. I only have one guilty pleasure during the Halloween season: slasher flicks, in general. I don’t mean the Friday the 13th movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, or the Child’s Play movies. I love watching the good ole’ 80s slasher flicks.

    Most of the reason to watch these is not just because of the kills, but there are surprisingly some actors or actresses or people behind this film that soon become well known to this day.

  27. OOOOOOOOOCOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…THAT’S what he’s reviewing next. X)”

    Well with a supposed sequel on the way, I guess it’s appropriate.

    I’ll admit, I’ve never been that much of a fan of the movie, but it was nothing super god-awful either, at least not to the degree Critic is hyping it to be. It just more feels like a step down from the others on the list…and yet a step up if not for one famous (or infamous) scene in the movie…which is honestly the only positive memory I have of this movie.

    Well I guess that’s how he’s going to extend Nostalgiaween into November, by literally extending the Top 11 into a review finisher. Can’t wait to see what sort of spell you put on us Critic. ;D X)

  28. I actually really liked The Corpse Bride, but yeah, it’s definitely flawed. My biggest gripe with it is that (to my knowledge) there’s no extended version of that piano duet!

  29. Hate to break it to you Doug but Corpse Bride isn’t an original concept, it’s based on a Russian-Jewish folktale. Which is probably why the plot suffers, trying to stretch a short tale out into a full movie.

  30. Well last year I knew it was Monster Squad. Sadly said nothing. So what could this be? I would say Ernest Scared Stupid but already been done.

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