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They’re not great, they’re not awful, so what is it that draws us to them, here are the Top 11 Halloween Guilty Pleasures.

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  1. There is another Trick or Treat movie btw…

    Has Gene Simmons and Ozzy in it. Filmed in my home town of Wilmington NC and staring Mark Price. Check it out.

  2. I thought ParaNorman would be on the list. However I did enjoy the Trick R Treat movie.

  3. I had a VHS of “Witch’s Night Out” as a kid. It was silly, but I really liked it. It has a nice message about why it’s fun to dress up.

  4. One of my favorite Halloween classic films is The Midnight Hour. It’s a 1985 TV movie about a group of teens who read a scripture that awakens a curse that was placed on the town years ago by a witch. There are zombies, werewolves, vampire witches, and a 1950’s girl who died trying to stop the curse years ago. There are several name actors, including Levar Burton just before he was on Star Trek.

    It gets a little goofy at times and there is not much plot; but there it lots of atmosphere, great make up effects, and production design for a low budget TV movie on ABC.

  5. I’m thinking the Babs thing Doug was referring to was supposed to be Andy Rooney? Maybe I’m wrong.

  6. I forget about The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t. God that was a weird halloween special even when I was a kid.
    Witch’s Night Out was made in 70s? I remember that now again thanks to this list. Another one from my childhood. Insanely weird special as a kid and even more insane now.
    Garfield Halloween probably worst of the three holiday specials but all of them are good.
    Trick R Treat was something I heard so good things about but was hard to find right away. When I did finally see it I loved it.
    Oh god if its Hocus Pocus. It has become a guilty pleasure for some. I mean I even almost picked up on blu ray this weekend. I mean from cosplayers I have seen in recent years (not kidding) to it even trending on twitter recently when it was on tv.

  7. I don’t usually like horror-based things so I have only seen Monster House. The animation actually makes it creeper than it would be with good animation. Monster House is about as creepy as I want things to be. LOL. I wonder what the next review is going to be… Hmm… Oh, also, I really didn’t know that Parkingston’s could be fatal. O.O

    I might check out Dtoons.

  8. Halloween Tree scared the shit out of me as a kid. Mostly because it was the soul of a dying kid being shunted around to all of these different and gruesome fates.

  9. Left with another cliffhanger, huh? Guess we’ll have to wait for next week.

    I’ve seen a few of these. I enjoyed Corpse Bride. I caught it on television and though I missed the very beginning, felt it was a pretty engaging story. I actually like the design, but I have a soft spot for gothic themed art.

    I don’t know if I saw the Garfield Halloween Special, but I have the comic version. Not sure which is based on the other.

    Some of these look pretty interesting. I may check them out eventually.

  10. Once you said that Leonard Nimoy was unrecognizable in the video clip, I started listening closely to see if I could recognize his voice. Am I the only one who got traces of Master Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts from that clip?

  11. I´m so sorry of what happened to Lindsey´s father. RIP.

  12. About the video, I think I know which movie is the next review and I CAN´T WAIT for it!

  13. disembodiedvoiceofreason

    Poor Doug, he is doing Hocus Pocus

  14. I’m sad you didn’t talk about Ray Bradbury’s fantastic voice work in The Halloween Tree. Probably the highlight of the film for me.

  15. It’s freak’n Hocus Pocus isn’t it????? Don’t be making too much fun of this guilty pleasure movie!!!

  16. Oh lord…he’s going to review Hocus Pocus, isn’t he? Ugh. Well, whatever; he can say what he wants. I love the movie. I’m 24 today, and my mother and I have been watching it pretty much since I was born. She’d always have it on ALL throughout October, and I’d be forced to watch it, and I just adored it. It gave us one of the best and most catchy songs ever (I Put A Spell On You…done RIGHT; not that slow, painful bullshit version), it gave us three hilarious witch comedic villains, it gave us a hilarious “virgin” side-story that (while awkward) is actually creative and original and FUNNY, it gave us a sad back-story involving the character that steals the whole show (the cat)…it’s just fantastic and awesome. I love it. It’s going to be sad to hear Doug rip it apart, but…oh well. To each his own.

  17. Love the list. In regard to Corpse Bride it’s at least partly inspired by an old Jewish Folktale. In the Folktal the young man accidentally proposes the way Johnny Depp’s character Victor does but the Bride weeps and falls apart when she finds out he’s in love with another and says “Who will remember me when I am gone if I don’t have a family of my own?” The human bride takes pity on her and gathers up her fallen remains promising her that they would always remember her.

  18. I know what the movie is for next week ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’.

  19. Have to nitpick this: Corpse Bride isn’t “original,” it’s based on a tale by one of the Russian Romantics. I think it was specifically Pushkin, but I could be mistaken on the author. Anyway, the author was inspired by actual events

  20. my personal favorite would be The Worst Witch. It stars Tim Curry for heaven’s sake!!

  21. When I saw the trailer for Monster House, my first thought was “yay, they’re doing a Dark Tower homage”! It’s scarier in the The Drawing of The Three (2nd book of the series, btw), but the movie is nice.

  22. Watching E.T. before we went trick or treating was a big part of my family’s halloween.

  23. Isn’t a guilty pleasure supposed to something you know is bad, but you still like it regardless? Wasn’t there a whole musical number about it in a previous review?

  24. It’s either Hocus Pocus, When Good Ghouls go bad, or The Witches. All 3 movies are good guilty pleasures for Halloween, but I always forget The Witches movie. Probably because I haven’t seen it in years.

  25. Aw, yeah! Called Hocus Pocus as #1 the second the video started, but a full review? Thank you!

  26. Quite a few of these i kinda wanna check out for myself. Unfortunately, a lot of them seem like they’d be hard to find outside of illegal torrents, and i really don’t feel comfortable using those.

  27. I kind of really like Hocus Pocus. I have a thing for Kathy Najimy. Hocus Pocus also reminds me that Sarah Jessica Parker use to be hot like 22 years ago.

  28. Laika animated the Corpse Bride movie before producing movies itself.

  29. I remember when I was a wee lad, seeing a Hallowe’en special called Mad Monster Party on TV with the voices of Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller. ( )

    When I was a child, this was the best movie ever. It had monsters in it, and a love story, and women wrestling in their underwear.

    … yeah, the 70s (late 60s) were a weird time …

    I actually cried at the ending.

    After that, it kind of just vanished. From what little I remember, it seemed to me to be wildly inappropriate for the age group it was aimed at. But then I must have been about 7 or 8 at the time, so what did I know?

    I am actually kind of terrified to watch it now, because the memories that I have of it are that of an awesome, scary, sexy, stop-motion animated show … for kids. I’m afraid that if I saw it NOW, it would never hold up, and just be a sad, poorly-done, low budget groan-fest. But I’m curious …

    Has anyone seen it recently and back up my bad memories of this show? 🙁

    — Craig

  30. I freaking love Scary Godmother: Halloween Spooktakular. When I think of Halloween guilty pleasures (besides the Halloween Town Series) it’s Scary Godmother! The animation, the voice acting, the story and tone, THAT was my idea of Halloween. It came out when I was 6 and I loved it, the older kids, the skeleton, and monster under the bed, and the scary godmother herself, I just loved her and all of them so much!

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