Top 11 Stephen King Movies – Nostalgia Critic

We’ve made fun of him long enough, it’s time to check out the best Stephen King stories that made the best movie adaptations. Is your pick on the list?

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  1. Nice to see 4 out of 7 of my favorite Stephen King adaptions on the list although I’m interested in seeing Dolores Claiborne now.

  2. What, no “The Mist”?
    …Then again I guess that’s understandable, the ending was… “goofy”… to say the least.

  3. I didn’t know there were good Steven King movies. I didn’t know that most of these were Steven King movies. I thought he only did horror movies. O.O

  4. Just found out they are doing a Creepshow tv series right after watching this… Strange.

  5. After having Creepshow as number one, there’d better be a Trick ‘r’ Treat review coming up soon.

  6. Not even mentioning the Mist?

  7. Why top 11? Because i like to go one step beyond.

  8. 8:59 You forgot the 2002 remake —-
    just buy the 4 pack (the original, the two remakes, and the sequel) —–
    Sit down and watch all four —- PLEASANT DREAMS!!!!!!

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