Top 11 Worst Movie Sequels

There’s so many bad ones, but which sequels are hands down the worst of the worst? Nostalgia Critic gives you his picks for Top 11 Worst Movie Sequels.

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  1. Am I first? Yes? Bring on the hate comments. ^.~

  2. Is The Dark Knight Rises on the list? I hope not. Sorry to mention it again.

    • I love the entire Dark Knight Trilogy. Also, all three films are in IMDB’s Top 250, and are a Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

      • as much as the third dark knight was a good movie, I just hated the portrayal of Bane and Tahlia, it didn’t kill the movie, but I think Nolam went a bit on the wrong direction giving Bane what could have been better as the lines and action of Riddler or Mr. Freeze.

    • My list of Batman movies from best to worst:
      Batman returns
      Batman (1989)
      The Dark Knight
      The Dark Knight Rises
      Batman Begins
      Batman: The movie (1966)
      Batman Forever
      Batman and Robin

      You may or may not agree with the exact order and it may or may not make a difference if you care that Tim burton movies are the classic, but I think we can all agree that all the Nolan and Burton movies deserve to be near the top and the Shumacker movies belong at the Bottom. And the 1966 version wasn’t even trying, it was basically an extra long episode of the TV series.

      As for Catwoman… well… depends how you feel about a half-naked Hale Berry, since that’s about all it’s got going for it. I myself am pro-half-naked-hale-berry, but I’d rather see a half naked Halle berry in something made by someone who at least read the spinoff comic they took the title from. it wasn’t even set in Gotham City!


    OK seriously why does it keep going black all the time and why are his lips not insync.

  4. The crying guy in between movies is making me unconfortable as heck xD

  5. Guys watch Video about Blair witch 2 made by “Good, Bad, Flicks”. It explains it all you want to know and creator seems like awesome guy. Next time Doug, use google by making next video.

    Edit. How is that possible that you never bring up the fact Doug that John Belushi died and the movie Blues Brothers 2000 was made just to bring spirit that life goes on. It wasn’t good movie but why do you ignore something so simple and prise movie over one mans life?

    • No fan of the Blues Brothers asked for it (since it was only half. There was no reason for the band to get back together. It didn’t even have John Belushi (who passed); hell, even his younger brother James “Jim” Belushi is a rotating member as “Brother” Zee Blues and performed with Dan Aykroyd.

    • If the point of Blues Brothers 2000 was to honor John… it failed. If it was trying to say life goes on, why not make it at some point between 1982 and 1990 when maybe that message could work, when they could probably sell us on the idea that this is a movie about life going on while the memory of Belushi was fresh. No, the movie was made because Blues Brothers 2000 seemed like a cool title and nostalgia was kicking in, it wasn’t to honor John Belushi. If anything, it reminded people that he is not someone you can replace, even with John Goodman.

  6. go watch the GoodBadFlicks video on Blair Witch. He pretty much explains how the studio ruined the movie during editing.

  7. It’s just a jpeg.

  8. Jaws 3D instead of Jaws 4: the Revenge? 3 is at least watchable.

  9. I remember when the one Transformer came out that everyone was complaining about being racist (I haven’t watched any of the sequels) I was in a local bagel shop and some 20 year old hipster douche was going on and on how great the racism was. Yeah, he was happy about it and saying how he “laughed and laughed” when “the n**** characters” died and kept on saying a bunch of racist bullshit. It took all my willpower to not go over and dump hot coffee in his crotch. I should’ve, I really should’ve, but he wasn’t worth going to jail over.

    As for Star Wars – I never bought that Anakin was “a Force baby.” When she says he has no father I always felt she was either a slave in a brothel or was just flat out and out raped. Either way, he would have no father. A biological one, yes, but not a real father.

  10. Aww. I was hoping Speed 2 would be here.

  11. Ya know #11 got nominated for Best Picture!

  12. What, no hatred for any of the Star Trek sequels?


  14. Follow up comment: I’ve never seen any of the Godfather movies but I still somehow knew the pull me back in line. I’ve also never seen any movies from most of the other franchises that were on this list. I would agree with you on the second Transformers movie. I HATED that one for the jokes. I like all the others though. I get why people don’t like X-Men Origins: Wolverine but I don’t mind it. I feel the same way about X-Men 3. I love Spiderman 3. I liked Terminator Genisys. The only sequels I really agree with you on are the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels and The Phantom Menace. I was so confused with the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels. Jar Jar Binks ruins Episode 1 for me. Ugh! And yet I watch it for May 4th. -_- I’ve never seen Batman and Robin but I’ll believe you.

  15. Neverending Story 3?


    • One of the reasons Doug loves the first film is because he was a fan of the 80’s cartoon, so accusing him of not understanding Transformers is really, really unfair.

      • well to be fair, there is a lot more to the franchise then the 80s cartoon and it wasn’t even the first part of the franchise.

        and the films only have loose ties to G1, it’s not in the same continuity family and in-story, it’s not in the same section of the multiverse.

      • What I am talking about is that he kept on going that they are the same Movie witch is fucking annoying if you look back at the Original Generation 1 Cartoon Series they were like how the movies are now just live action there some good once(Age of extinction was actually pretty good some bad once (Revenge of the Fallen sucked really hard) and by saying they all Sucks its giving an unfair bias of the films in a hole but Micheal Bay is trying hard really hard and he said if this Last Knight dose not please everyone he is gonna quit and what Piss me off the most is how he bashes these films with out a second thought like he did with Batman Vs Superman and Rouge One A Star Wars Story

        • I’m not sure if you were paying attention to why Doug said he doesn’t like the Transformers sequels, but he said the reason he doesn’t like them is they hardly offered anything new and fresh, something which the 80’s cartoon did a lot.
          There was an episode where Megatron borrowed the abilities of his Decipticons to cheat in a duel with Optimus prime, an episode where the Decepticons discovered a gold coating that made them almost invincible, an episode where the Transformers are on a planet inhabited by aliens that are even larger than them, and a whole lot more episodes with fresh and innovative ideas. But did the live action sequels ever do anything like that? Hardly ever. And when they did, it had either been done before or was quite cringeworthy.

    • Remember your punctuation to help with clarity in conveying your concepts. “What the fuck is wrong with you, Critic?” That little hook/dot symbol is what implies you are asking a question.

      “Whole” vs. “Hole”: “Whole” is the word you want. “Hole” is just a big empty space you can fall into. Like your mouth.

      It’s spelled “self-righteous asshole,” and “yourself” is one word, not two words.

      Go back to school.

  17. #8- Sounds like that dreadful Wolverine anime prequel they had on G4. THAT was absolutely TERRIBLE! The only saving grace was Steve Blum, and they couldn’t even get him to play WOLVERINE!!


    11. Haven’t seen it and I was never able to get into the originals, sorry.
    10. Haven’t seen it or the original but seen his review of it many times.
    09. Have their moments but yeah they’re pretty dumb.
    08. Oh Yeah.
    07. Never seen it but the original was pretty good.
    06. Definite yes but I always thought the follow up was worse.
    05. Makes the one before it almost look good but it wasn’t.
    04. Follow up is worse but yeah it’s easy to see why.
    03. Well of course.
    02. Dear God why?
    01. Haven’t seen it

    • If you enjoy so-bad-it’s-good movies you definitely must watch #1! My advice is gather some friends, get beer and pizza and see it. You’ll laugh your ass off!

  19. Clerks II? Really?

    Anyway, I would throw in Trial of Billy Jack. The first two movies I enjoy, but that one is just long, boring, and preachy as hell.

  20. “Go to seaworld and die!” well….he’s not entirely incorrect about that…

  21. thatgirlinthewheelchair

    Doug, I can’t believe you left out the Neverending Story 2/3!

    • He had to make room so he could rant about the Transformers movies …AGAIN.

      • Because at least NES ended in a mediocre sequel and an insultingly bad third movie, but the “Bayformers” sucked all the way from 1st to 4th and THEY STILL WANT TO MAKE A 5TH! I’m sorry…but you can’t have 4 movies where the transformers do something dumb, the military is not only overly glorified but a bunch of hypocrites being a thorn on thye side of the autobots and the human characters are completely obnoxious and useless!!

  22. “Underworld: Awakening”
    Yes, many considered that the franchise as a hole wasn’t good to begin with. That’s something that even the fans like me acknowledge. But we enjoy it anyway.
    Except this one. Even for the ones that enjoy a franchise like this, this movie was to bad! It abandoned everything the previous movies did to let us just at the beggining again, abandoned many of the mythos stablished by the previous films, and worst of all: made the action boring.

  23. You were kind of cheating with the last one. Trolls 2 wasn’t even supposed to be a sequel. It was originally called “Goblins”, but it was renamed “Trolls 2” for the American release at the last moment to piggy-back off of the first Trolls movie, which wasn’t even that big of a hit any way, so that’s another way you were cheating with it.

  24. okay I’m confused…how exactly are we supposed to watch these videos right away always get a blank screen and no explanation as to do I need to subscribe for something or what?

  25. The Ice Age sequels. The first one was not a masterpiece by any means but I still liked it. It had some good jokes, I got into the characters a little bit, the animation kinda throw me off but it was fine at that time and didn’t bother me that much. And Scrat was (AND STILL IS) the best part. The sequels clearly overstayed their welcome and have no reason to exist other than to make quick money. And the most painful thing about it is the animation. Why the fuck are they putting so much effort into these good effects and animation when they could’ve done about the same for the rest of the movie? It’s so cringeworthy just watching it!

    • ikr? I would trade ALL Ice age sequels (ok, minus the second, I liked) for ONE sequel for Robots.

    • The Real Silverstar

      On top of that, the human race has evidently gone extinct in the Ice Age films. There were humans in the first movie, but in all of the subsequent outings, it’s nothing but animals. They keep pumping in more characters, anachronistic pop-culture references and cliched story lines, but they never address what happened to the people in this universe. A minor nitpick I realize, but it’s still something that bugs me about those films.

  26. You know these sequels are bad when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III never made NC’s list 😛

  27. don’t know if that makes Jar Jar from Episode 1 okay but I read the actor who voiced him was playfully mocking his own family. it just seems that too often, it’s white people saying things are offensive to blacks/Hispanics/etc and we don’t hear actual black/Hispanics/etc complaining.

    and another bad thing about X-Men 3 is the portrayal of Magneto. at least when Wolverine and the X-Men killed his own people for a perceived greater good, he seemed to actually regret but consider it something that had to be done. X3 Megneto was callus about the whole thing.

    and Terminator Geniseys didn’t retcon the other films. while it was almost never mentioned, the Terminator series always worked on the multiverse theory of time travel, the new timeline created by a time traveler splits off into a parallel universe instead of overwriting the old history. it was even said explicitly in T3 when the T-800 said “My presence in this timeline has been anticipated” not “time period” but “timeline”.

  28. How can you have Troll 2 and not include the “classic” scene:

    “They ate her…and now they’re going to eat me! OH MY GOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!”

  29. *watching #11*
    Wait…(squints) Joe Mantegna?! Holy crud, Rossi’s part of the Mafia!

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