Top 5 Best Are You Afraid of the Dark? Episodes

Walter counts down the Top 5 best of one of Nickelodeon’s best shows, Are You Afraid of the Dark?

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  1. I didn’t know that any episodes ever focused on the Midnight Society. Then again, everything I know about this show is from other people because I’ve never seen this show.

  2. What no Zevo the clown? I always thought he was way scarier than the crimson clown.

    “It’s the most fun in the park, WHEN YOU’RE LAUGHING IN THE DARK!!”

  3. My favorite episodes would probably go something like this…

    5. The Tale of the Sorcerer’s Apprentice
    4. The Tale of the Super Specs
    3. The Tale of the Phantom Cab
    2. The Tale of Laughing in the Dark
    1. The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors

    Nightly Neighbors was the first episode I ever saw as a kid and the one that scared me the most. I caught it while I was sleeping over at a friend’s house, and something about that ending where the kid smiles really freaked me out.

  4. A good selection. Here’s my brief reaction to each:
    5) I only just saw this for the first time yesterday. It was a good story with some nice use of reoccurring symbols and an effective character development. Not what I’d call one of my favorites though and yeah the title’s pretty bland. Not helped that drop it several times in episode
    4) This is one of those episode where you know exactly where it’s going, but it’s just so well done it really doesn’t matter. They had a lot of jerky side characters in this show, but rarely were they so good at writing a character this despicable. I not all that scarred of clowns either, but even watching those scenes now…(shudders)!
    3) One of the few intentionally funny episodes that genuinely works. I especially how the ending it such a deliberate, self-aware anti-climax.
    2) Not much I can say here that you hadn’t already said
    1) Hadn’t seen any of the episodes after it’s original run ended. This is probably the only episode from the brief revival I’d be interested in seeing. The straight line power walk looked awesome.

  5. Three of your honorable mentions I’d pick as my top five favorite Are You Afraid of the Dark? episodes. The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor, The Tale of Quicksilver, and The Tale of the Dream Girl. My other two would be The Tale of the Mystical Mirrors and The Tale of the Vacant Lot.

  6. I know you put it as an honourable mention, but my all-time favourite episode was most definitely “The Tale of the Dream Girl”.

    I don’t know what it is about it… whether it’s the story, the twist (despite knowing what’s coming), or the music that plays over the final scene, but it’s the only one that always puts a tear in my eye.

    Another, though for a different reason, I really enjoy is “The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner”. Not a great episode, but it’s one of the most memorable IMO.

    As for nowadays, I’m quite a fan of the darker stories, and ones with much darker endings… and it’s another of your honourable mentions… but my real favourite ending to any episode these days would have to be “The Tale of the Dark Music”.
    Just seeing the greed and evil in the kid’s grin at the end of it makes my cynical way of thinking happy…

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