Top 5 Best DC Movies

Walter, Heather, & Aiyanna count down their Top 5 picks for Best DC Movies.

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  1. My list (before watching the video):

    1. Dark Knight.
    2. Wonder Woman.
    3. Batman Begins.
    4. Superman II.
    5. Burton Batman.

    • Only counting live-action releases, not animated. If animated is included, then Mask of the Phantasm, Return of the Joker, and Under the Red Hood would all be included.

    • I actually disliked Batman Returns. While not as bad as the Schumacher films, you can see it already heading that way. I didn’t like that they took two of Batman’s most mundane villains and gave them supernatural origins. A demon-possessed baby raised by penguins in the sewer? A dead woman brought back to life by cats breathing on her?

      And then there’s the Toy Batmobile scene. Holy Adam West!

      • Yeah.

        This is where we learned that giving Tim Burton creative control was the best and worst thing you do as a studio…basically a crap shoot if we’re going to get Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish Burton, or Planet of the Apes and Alice in Wonderland Burton.

  2. My List:

    1) 1989 Batman
    2) Wonder Woman
    3) Batman: mask of the Phantasm
    4) Superman II
    5) The Dark Knight

    While I love the original Superman, I might be tainted with a bit of nostalgia for Superman II, which I loved as a kid because it had a real super villain threat with Zod and his minions, while Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor was always played more as a caricature.

    The main issue I have with this list is: Batman Returns better than 1989 Batman? Really?
    The first batman film featured a tight story, great performances, and a weird mix of dark and campy. Keaton defied expectations and Nickelson re-defined what audiences could expect from a comic book villain. I honestly thought DeVito’s Penguin was a bit over the top, and the overall plot and pace of Batman Returns was a bit sloppy.

  3. Interesting list. I would have made Batman begins a top honorable mention for the reasons they gave. The camera work is really awful, and you can’t make out the action.
    V for Vendetta is a good honorable mention too. While it’s a crappy adaptation, as a film its pretty good.
    My List
    Dark Knight
    Wonder Woman
    Batman ’89
    Superman II

    Mask of the Phantasm
    Under the Red Hood
    Lego Batman

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