Top 5 Best Disney Animated Couples

Love is in the air so Walter is counting down the Top 5 Best Disney Animated Movie Couples.

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  1. Ugh, I only like 5% of couples the globe over so no opinion. Well… I agree with you on the Up couple. Maybe Belle and the Beast too but I actually like the Up couple better. Also, I’ve never seen Rapunzel so I can’t really say if it should be on this list or not.

  2. AmbrosiusAurelianus

    Good list! Personally I’d definitely put Mr. and Mrs. Incredible in one of the top 2 positions, alternating with the Up couple. Flynn and Rapunzel are nice, but are more an “honorable mention” for me. I also really like Nani and David from “Lilo & Stitch” — they seem really well-matched, and even David gets quite a bit of development. They don’t quite get together during the regular film, but the photos in the end credits indicate they do, so I think they count!

  3. My number 1 would be Jessica and Roger Rabbit, though they technically didn’t come from an animated movie (and, if you don’t include Touchstone as Disney, it doesn’t count).

    I’d also give a mention to Pongo and Perdita. They didn’t have a big backstory, but they make up for it just in how devoted they are as parents.

    Good list, Walter. 🙂

  4. I think my favorite couples would either be Belle and the Beast, Simba and Nala, or Lady and Tramp.

  5. Been reading the site for ages, but registered just so I could respond to this :).

    I was with you up through number one…but Belle/Beast? Ugh. No. Honestly, that’s…like, ANTI-romantic, for reasons that have been covered to death elsewhere. Give me Bernard and Bianca from The Rescuers over them any day. Another personal favorite of mine is Doctor Doppler and Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet — it’s not the focus of the movie, but it develops so sweetly over there off to the side. Others I’d take over Belle/Beast include Duchess/Thomas O’Malley from The Aristocats and Tiana/Naveen from Princess and the Frog.

    • I find the most recurring arguments made against Beauty and the Beast rather off base with little depth or insight. At times it leaves me wondering if a lot of people just fell asleep during the last act. This video breaks down whats wrong with these claims very well:

      • Having watched this video, I stand by my earlier statement. My objection had nothing to do with either bestiality or Stockholm Syndrome. It does have something to do with the Beast’s abusive behavior, but not necessarily specifically in regard to Belle. It’s more regarding his poor treatment of EVERYONE prior to Belle’s arrival — especially his imprisonment of Maurice, which, had Belle not arrived, would likely have resulted in his death. I feel this negates the video creator’s point about the movie not promoting the idea that one can “fix” one’s love interest — he had a long time to realize who and what he was, but it’s only Belle’s presence that makes this change. “See, girls? If you just press all the right buttons (whether that’s being nice OR calling him out on his bullshit), you CAN change him, even if nobody else could for his whole life!”

        Beyond this, there’s also a question in my mind about whether Belle’s developing feelings might not be born from the fact that she’s being given the thing she’s wanted for a long time (i.e., an adventure in the “great wide somewhere”), and that she’s falling in love with the SCENARIO rather than the person. HE is also pressing all of HER buttons, presumably inadvertently, but once the initial magic of the sequence of rescuing the distressed damsel, hurt/comfort, and so forth, what feelings will be left on her part? I suspect that the fact that he’s completed his transformation (on several levels) might leave Belle feeling restless after a while, and she’ll go off looking for her next adventure.

        Anyway, this is all obviously speculation. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the movie, and have watched it probably a couple dozen times with my wife (who was watching this video with me and had the same “Really? THAT’s your number one couple? Ugh” reaction I did). It’s just not romantic for us like (from the same era) Aladdin or even Hercules is, although moreso than The Little Mermaid or The Lion King.

        • Really, I don’t believe that you’re fair to neither Beast nor Belle. He was under a very specific spell, which made it necessary for a girl to turn up before it was too late. And as for what you said about Belle, that is just ridiculous.

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