Top 5 Best Hey Arnold! Episodes

Walter is joined by Tamara to discuss their picks for Top 5 Best Hey Arnold! Episodes.

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  1. I literally LOL’d when Tamara showed up. I remember the Gerald’s Field episode, the Helga shrink episode, and the Arnold’s parent episode. I don’t remember the Mr. Hyrun episode or the Journal episode(s) though. O.O Plus, I didn’t know that the Hey Arnold movie (2?) was coming out tomorrow so now I’ve recorded it.

  2. I remember distinctly when the first Nicktoons premiered in the summer 1991 after a lot of hype, but Hey Arnold premiered right as we going into my second year of junior high. So it was the last Nicktoon I remember watching and even than it was only few episode. I remember enjoying them, but that kind of just day in a kids life story just didn’t fit my interest at the time.

    Which is too bad. Because recently I’ve been catching up with Hey Arnold on Hulu and I’m really amazed at what a wonderful job they did of fleshing out so many colorful characters. I’m really looking forward to Hey Arnold the Jungle movie now.

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