Top 5 Best John Williams Film Score

John Williams is considered one of the best movie composers with notable works like: Jaws, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, and so much more. Walter gives you his Top 5 picks for John Williams best scores.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve never seen Harry Potter and yet, I still know that music. I don’t know how I feel about the Hook music so I would replace that with his music from Jurassic Park. I agree on Indiana Jones even though I’ve only seen the first one all the way through. I definitely agree with you on Star Wars. Some of your notable mentions I had never heard of. I kinda figured you would put Superman (despite never seeing any of the original movies) as #1 since Star Wars was so early. My favorite is Star Wars. ^.^

    • Star Wars was released in 1977 and Superman in ’78, so yeah, really “early”.

      Very obvious Top 5, but can’t really fault it, apart from the top 2 spots: Star Wars should be #1 based on its impact and the sheer amount of well known music. I love Superman, but like Jaws, how many people know anything else apart from the main title track?

      As for honourable mentions, I’ll always have a soft spot for the 1941 March, especially since everyone seems to hate that movie.

  2. OK, so how many people were going, “Kiss a wookieeeee, kick a droooooid,” when the Raiders march started playing?

  3. YES!
    All through the list, I was basically saying that the Superman theme had better be on here. Seeing it at number one was great 😀
    And truthfully I do think it deserves it. It’s one of, if not the, greatest theme tune ever devised which runs the full gambit of emotion. The score is gorgeous and punctuates every moment it needs to with perfection on every note. There’s not one aspect of the musical score I’d change.
    It’s part of what made the theatrical version of Superman II such a disappointment to me; not only because it was clearly a cheaper movie that clearly didn’t put the effort into its story nearly as much as the first one did, but the music sounded like they cut half the orchestra out, and it sounded much cheaper as a result.

    I’ll grant you, Hook had a really great score, and very fitting for Peter Pan. I didn’t expect it to be on here, since it’s not a particularly popular film score to talk about, but yeah I’d say it certainly deserves a spot on the list.

    While I do certainly think it’s a good list, though I do wish you did these as a top 10 or 15 rather than 5. With 10/15, there’d be more room to surprise us with your picks. These videos have the tendency to be somewhat predictable in the main as a result of the truncated length of the list, since there’s not any room to talk about less obvious examples of good things. I’m not saying these videos are bad by any stretch, otherwise I’d not still be watching, just that some slight expansion in number would be nice, to give room for you to explore things we might not have thought about before.

  4. Great video, but to quote Worf, “a little obvious”. A much more interesting subject would be great scores that were NOT written by John Williams, because it forces you to think a little harder. I would recommend, for example, The Last Starfighter Theme, or John Barry’s Star Crash Suite, aka the Viable Alternative to the Star Wars soundtrack. Also, how about the music from Wrath of Khan?

  5. So glad you put HOOK on here (and that SCHINDLER’S LIST at least got an honorable mention), but one of my all-time favorite JW scores… is EMPIRE OF THE SUN. Was so hoping it’d at least make an honorable, but alas…

  6. I’m guessing there won’t be a “Top 5 worst” for this one – I mean – are there ANY bad John Williams scores?

  7. I own a 2 CD set of John Williams most famous soundtracks from 1982’s E.T. Adventures on Earth, to Dracula (1979) Main Titles/Storm. conducted by various unnamed conductors for some reason, but all performed and recorded by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra from the Czech Republic in 2009.

  8. My favorite scores are: 1. Jurassic Park Suite. 2. Raiders of the Lost Ark March. 3. Schindler’s List: Main Theme. 4. Superman: Main Theme. 5. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s or Philosopher’s Stone. 6. A.I. Artificial Intelligence: Where Dreams Are Born.

  9. John Williams is one of those musical legends. Can you do a Top 5 of James Horner film scores? They were also fantastic.

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