Top 5 Best Johnny Depp Performances

These are Walter’s Top 5 Best Johnny Depp performances, what are yours?

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  1. I love ED WOOD and I respect you going for a less obvious #1, but I can’t agree that his Ed Wood is better than his Jack Sparrow. Thanks for giving ONCE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO its due.

    I also think SLEEPY HOLLOW should have got an honorable mention.

  2. you don’t see many Walter’s these days.

  3. I didn’t know that Johnny Depp was in Once Upon A Time in Mexico. I’ve never see Black Mass. I saw Edward Scissorhands. I’m not a crier but I cried like a baby at that movie. Although, that’s probably my favorite to be honest. I’ve seen all the Pirates of the Carribean movies, even … the fourth one. I’ve never seen Ed Wood or any of the honorable mentions.

  4. Jack Sparrow. Of course. One of his best roles.

  5. his performance in Blow was also really good, but yeah I love ed wood that movie made me cry mostly cuz i love his friendship with bela lugosi.

  6. I was disappointed overall by “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” but I think I would like it better now if I rewatched it.

  7. Johnny Depp as Ed Wood, like Jim Carey as Andy Kaufman, seems about as perfect casting as you can do for someone playing a colorful historical figure.

  8. My 5 are : Ed Wood , Donnie Brasco , Fear and loathing in Las Vegas , Edward Scissorhands and Dead man .

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