Top 5 Best Justice League Episodes

With the Justice League film coming out soon Walter counts down his picks for Top 5 best Justice League episodes. Did your favorites make the list?

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  1. From all Bruce Timm animated DC cartoons Justice League is my favorite but like most DC heroes are in shadow of the Batman so is this cartoon in shadow of Batman TAS. I love how with Justice League cartoon they managed to balance screen time with all members of Justice League without focusing too much to one over all others thus giving all JL members they chance to shine.

  2. Fun video. Is there going to be a top 5 worst episodes like in some other top 5?

  3. I used to love this show but I don’t remember any particular episodes because I was some single-digit age when it was out. I just remember the character designs.

  4. This one would have to be “stories” rather than episodes, unless you count the multi-parters as one each.

    My personal favorites include:


    A Better World. I love that repercussions of this story continue to play out throughout the series into Unlimited.

    Terror from Beyond, along with its follow-up, Wake the Dead.

    Savage Time.



  5. Excellent cartoon that introduced me to most of these characters besides supes and batman that is. The live action films should really strive to capture the tone of this series.

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