Top 5 Best Samurai Jack Episodes

With the new season of Samurai Jack coming to Adult Swin this weekend, Walter celebrates by giving you his Top 5 Best picks for Samurai Jack episodes. Did your favorite make the list? Find out!

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  1. Not even an honorable mention for Jump Good or the Three Blind Archers? 🙁

  2. I really hoped there would be some mention of the one with the ninja. The minimalist visual of black and white with the white diminishing with the setting sun was amazing.

  3. As a kid, I never watched Samuari Jack. I would play the games on Cartoon Network’s website but overall, I was more a Powerpuff type gal. Also, I unfortunately won’t be catching the new season since I’m too busy with my many other shows and things.

  4. Philippe GEORGES

    Never really watched Samurai Jack. I liked Dexter’s Lab and the original Powerpuff Girls and even if I’m a huge manga and anime fan I could never get into Samurai Jack.

    As for other top 5s, how about the top 5 lamest/most annoying cartoon sidekicks? There are a lot of those. Scrappy Doo (Scooby Doo), Orko (Masters of the Universe), Inspector Gadget (who, let’s face it, is Penny’s sidekick), Slimer (Real Ghostbusters), Snarf (Thundercats), Toadwart (Gummi Bears), T-Bob and Scott (Mask), Nono (Ulysses 31),…

  5. I love this show. As a storyboard artist Genndy Tartakovsky has always been a big inspiration of mine. I love his frequent use of extreme wide shots to convey a sense of place and the somewhat lonely, isolated, atmosphere the show has as times.

    Presently re-watching the series for the first time in awhile. Haven’t gotten through season 4 yet, but my top 5 episodes so far in no particular order,
    Three Blind Archers
    Jack and the Lava Monster
    Jack Vs. The Ultrabots
    Jack and the Haunted House
    Jack and the Creature

  6. I don’t remember the name of the episode, but there was one where Jack turns into a chicken. I remember that one being kind of fun.

  7. I can’t even really narrow them down. Here’s a non-sorted top ten.
    Samurai Jack: The Premier Movie
    Jack and the Three Blind Archers
    Jack and the Scotsman
    Jack and the Spartans
    Jack in Egypt
    Jack and the Traveling Creatures
    Jack and the Haunted House
    Chicken Jack
    Samurai Vs Ninja
    Tale of X-9

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